Saturday, June 01, 2002

Okay....I'm sitting here in my living room having just completed writing up the annual RATM ( Golden Flame awards for theatrical excellence. Congrats to Urinetown for their record setting year --yep...the even beat last year's megahit Producers in awards won.

Anyway, I have my tux, I need to give my vest a quick pressing and put that in the bag. Right now I have on a mint julep facial mask so my skin will be all nice and gorgeous for tomorrow. There's a good thing and a bad thing about doing masks. The good part is that all of the toxins in your pores comes flushing out and your skin is nice and pretty and smooth and all that fun stuff. I mean it shrinks your pores and dries up your zits and it feels great afterwards. However, the bad part is that as it dries, your skin starts to itch and it's not really comofrtable. Mainly because you can't breathe too well and you can't move your face. I normally finish this off with a nice shower at the same time. I guess it's a case of the end justifying the means.
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