Friday, June 28, 2002

Here's that new game where you put your name plus the word "is" into and you come up with fun interesting facts about here goes nothing....

Brian is an avid believer in controlling one’s own destiny, daily goal-planning, hard work, and perseverance.

Brian is a star forward of the Columbus Crew MLS soccer team.

Brian is famous, and that makes us interested, and he's charming in print as well as in person.

Brian is the BEST!

Brian is off on the weekends, so there is plenty of family time available.

The life of Brian is fun.

Brian is an 18 year old Class of '97 graduate of Dedham High School in Massachusetts.

Brian is President of Carey Theological College and Associate Professor of Applied Theology.

Brian is British and lived in the East and South of England until he moved to The Netherlands in 1982.

Brian is enclosed in a pyramid when torches are inserted. It burns, falls apart, crumbles.

Brian is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of North East Milton Keynes.

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