Monday, June 24, 2002

The Supreme Court decision to allow only juries to decide death penalties is going to cause a logjam in the court system in many states.

With over 160 people on death row, the state of Arizona is going to have to retry many of their death row inmates because a judge, not a jury, sentenced the person to death. This also means that that piece of trash Thomas Capano will probably get a retrial for murdering Ann Marie Fahey -- something he tried to pass on his lover at that time Debbie MacIntyre by stating she accidentally killed Fahey.

Maybe he can get Nedra Ruiz to represent him this time. I don't know of any lawyer who would risk his credibility by defending that piece of swine.


In other news, I have some theatrical themed eBay items up for auction to help make me some money to get me a new pay rent...I'm sure I will have more up soon. I mean how much do you think I can get for a framed and double matted invitation to the 1996 presidential inauguration?
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