Thursday, September 30, 2004

Quote of the Day

Breeder bride of God! -- Him in an IM to me last night as I was told that my romance skills (which I've always thought were rather good) were along the lines of "heteros" and "nuns."

Heigh ho, heigh ho...

...back to physical therapy we go...

I have plantar fasciitis (go here for more info. It's a pretty common thing I've learned and apparently I've had it for a while. It's just that it's more aggravated now than before which kinda sucks and in the morning it makes it rather difficult to walk. Physical therapy will teach me the stretching exercises that I will need to do in order to keep the achilles in good condition as well as wearing a night splint to keep it stretched out at night as I sleep.

I'm most likely going to be buying some more of those OTC orthotics which I really don't like but since my insurance won't pay for custom orthotics I'm kinda screwed in that manner...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Quote of the Day

Firmness in politics is called obstinacy anywhere else. -- Unknown

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Belated Birthday Greetings

Last night I got home around 11:00pm and picked up my mail. The first thing I saw was a return address label bearing my grandmother's name and my aunt's handwriting. I knew it was a card but I figured it was one of those Hallmark cards of support (or something along those lines), I really didn't think much of it as I opened it up.

It was a birthday card and a check from my grandmother that she had apparently written out the day before her stroke and two days before she passed away. I made it back to my room before I completely dissolved into tears. I did get birthday wishes from her after all, even if it was a bit late.

I've put the card in one of my boxes where I keep some of my most prized possessions. I think I value this more than I do the things of hers I brought home from South Carolina.

Quote of the Day

In desperation, resort to the truth. -- Werner Ulrich

Monday, September 27, 2004

Short, Sweet, and To the Point

SkiGuy -- Still adorable as ever. And I got to see what he looks like in boxers (mind you nothing sexual) when I arrived. Not exactly sure of what he's thinking or what direction he is going in...are we friends...are we dating...are we...I dunno...what are we doing? Something tells me this talk is going to have to be done rather's been about six weeks shouldn't either of us know?

Dinner -- Very good...I forgot the actual fish I had but it was done in a passion fruit curry sauce. SkiGuy had the beef penang and conversation was flowing with talks about our family and, of all things, the Miss Universe Pageant (we were talking about our childhood and shows that we were allowed to stay up late to see when we were growing up).

Movie -- Sky Captain was pretty good. Very campy and visually very stunning. Predictable ending came and thankfully had enough of a twist on it to make it worth coming to such a predictable ending. SkiGuy and I kinda snarked our way through the previews.

Rugby -- Good match. Played a team that has beated us by a combined score of about 250,000,000 - 0 over the past two years. This year we did MUCH better with a showing of 42-10. As one coach put it, "They were thinking, 'Holy shit, the faggots learned how to play rugby.'" I did some play flirting with the 18 year old kid on the team by shoving a soft chocolate chip cookie into his mouth and then trying to wipe off the excess chocolate on his butt which only made it look like some other brown substance was on my hands.

Pain -- Apparently I have a bone spur in my right heel which explains a lot of the pain I have had in my foot (especially when I wake up in the morning or after I have been sitting for a long time). I called to get an appointment with the orthopedist today. Next available appointment -- OCTOBER 12.

I now have an appointment for tomorrow morning to see the orthopedist about my foot and bone spur. We'll see how that goes.

SuitMan -- Is apparently not happy with me and has told me I have to behave. Something tells me it has to do with the fact that I kinda dragged him into a stairwell to kiss him and some people got the wrong idea...we're talking tonight so I will let you know where that one goes tomorrow...maybe...he may tell me I can't write about it...we'll see if I listen...

Family -- Mom is back in Florida after spending about 2-3 weeks in South Carolina handing family issues surrounding my grandmother's estate. She got back just in time to be pummelled by the fourth hurricane to hit Florida in six weeks. Thankfully, they didn't lose power for as long as they did when Ivan hit and they had to rely on generator power.

Me -- Very tired. Spent Sunday rearranging the furniture in the bedroom so I have better utilized the space and can actually use the chair for it's purpose rather than holding things as I sit on the bed. Slept in very late after the match on Saturday which was needed but still think I am trying to do too much again and am trying to cut back to the most essential of tasks that I need to take care of so I don't get burned out.

You -- gotta tell me...

Quote of the Day

Making fun of born-again christians is like hunting dairy cows with a high powered rifle and scope. -- P.J. O'Rourke

Friday, September 24, 2004

Boring Day

Tonight...dinner with SkiGuy and then maybe a movie afterwards. Have to go buy a new polo shirt or something (Old Navy here I come again) as I opted for a bit too much balsamic vinagrette on my sandwich and well...guess where it landed???

Hmmmm maybe I'll try the Gap first...they may be having a close-out sale..

Quote of the Day

A true artist will let his wife starve, his children go barefoot, his mother drudge for his living at seventy, sooner than work at anything but his art. -- George Bernard Shaw

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Return of Nasty Mess

Last night I took in my first ever performance of a show through the the New York Musical Theatre Festival. It was doubly cool because I got ot hang out with my friend Lisa for the first time in almost 2 years since our schedules never seem to coincide to give us the time to actually SEE each other and because the director of the show is a friend/performer that pretty much dropped off the face of the planet and the last time I saw him was in an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

[title of show] is pretty much about 2 guys who are trying to put together a submission for the New York Music Theatre Festival (or whatever it's called) and is pretty much just rife with insider theatre jokes (of which I am scared to say I got most of) and some pretty clever tunes ("Die, Vampire, Die" being one of my favorites mainly because I loved watching pretty much everything that the actress singing that song did (yes, even Retarded Girl, which I'll get to...well I'm getting to it now...)

The only part of the show that I didn't like involved the "Retarded Girl" reading. Basically, they were reading through an old performance piece that two of them had done years ago (whether or not that part is true, I dunno, but part of me wants to say it is true since all of the cast was being called by their own names...well sorta...I can't explain that last part)...the performance piece was about a retarded/mentally challenged/whatever girl who had fallen down a well and went through a "journey of time and space." Now, mind you, I wasn't really into the whole thing because I think making fun of such people isn't right but what made me giggle was the voice used by the actress playing this character. My friend Lisa really didn't find this funny at all and when I would giggle at the voice being used, she would tell me to stop laughing. Well I couldn't help myself. I find odd things funny. Sue me.

There was another reason why I didn't like this entire section was because it brought down the entire action of the show. What was light and funny became...well...just wrong and slow and dragging...and, at times, a wee bit uncomfortable. What made it even worse is that the next scene was more "dramatic" shall we say and it just seemed that was a fun frolic through the world of writing a musical in three weeks for a festival turned into a rejected scene from Rent. But when it finally got back on track to the point of the show it was pretty good.

The highlight for the majority of us was hearing one actress' name mentioned in one of the songs. This actress has a habit of taking on roles that really and truly just don't fit her or that she really can't play that well. She's a good dancer and singer but she's taken on parts where...for the most part...she's just not right. We've come to name her "Nasty Mess" and whenever we would see her name listed on the replacements board before a show, we would all groan with, "Oh great, Nasty Mess is in tonight. This should be fun." Lisa would even take her understudy slip from from the program and rip it up during one of her numbers (and would still do it after she learned that the actors could see what we were doing in the front's just one of the many reasons why I love this woman).

Of course, seeing my bud who directed it was pretty good (although he never seems to remember my last name given the last time he opened in a show I sent him a gift basket and he actually had to confirm it was from me since he couldn't remember my last name...then again maybe he just thought I was stalking him and was opting not to remember my last name...hmm...something to think about) was great seeing him since he had pretty much just dropped off the face of the planet but it seems that everything is back on track (which is a very good thing) and his super fine butt (which is what all butts should aspire to look like) is still in prime condition. I would love to have him star in the play that I'm working on now because he would be perfect for the son role and I would get to see that butt on a more frequent basis. I'm telling you it's a butt of have to admire it because it's just that damn beautiful. Nothing sexual at all I assure you (even though he's a very attractive man)'s a butt to behold.

As for me and Lisa...well...I adore this woman. It's odd how you are just drawn to people and how you connect, etc. That's how it is with me and Lisa. We have our own language where all she has to say is one thing and it immediate invokes a response from me...almost Pavlovian if you will. Everyone else can say the exact same thing but it only works when Lisa says it...don't know just does. I mean, who else on this planet could I do a huge fake orgasm groan on the street with? No one. Just Lisa. No one knows how special the phrase, "Ooh, baby, ooh, baby, ooh. I'm just a sucker for man-woman sex," is to the two of us...

God I love that woman....

Quote of the Day

Betty Buckley? Isn't she one mad box of crazy? -- From last night's theater offering [title of show]

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Thanks to him for this link...can you believe that our entire election, if held today, would hinge on Arkansas and Maryland???

P.S. Forgot the link...and of course, in one day it flops over in Bush's favor 273-255)

Quote of the Day

The Amazing Race taught me that you can't quit...She cried tears of joy. That's my happiest time when she does that. It makes us even stronger to know that nothing is impossible. -- Amazing Race 5 winner Chip McAllister on winning the fifth edition of the race and his relationship with his wife who ran the race with him.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bible Thumpers vs. Showtunes -- The Donnybrook

This has been one of the lone bright spots of my least I now know what to do when one of them invades my subway car...

So what's the point?

Last night I did a little shopping with the money that my mother gave me for my birthday. Since I haven't really bought new clothes in what seems forever, I went to Old Navy to stock up on a few of the basics starting with pants that actually fit me rather than have me swimming in them followed by a few more long sleeve shirts for work. After that, I stopped by the Duane Reade before heading to the chorus rehearsal where I picked up a Diet Dr. Pepper and some deoderant since my latest stick kicked the can that morning.

Now, normally, my shopping exploits are of no interest to you but something happened at both stores that really made me wonder, "What's the point?"

At both store, the door alarms that are used to prevent shoplifting went off and the "guards" did nothing. Hell, one guard was even standing next to the door when one lady went through and the alarm went off and he didn't even budge from his position.

So really now...what's the point in actually having these devices which are supposed to prevent shoplifters from absconding off with merchandise if you're not going to be doing anything about it? Hell, I feel like heading back to Old Navy and picking up a few more shirts and pants and just walk out the door with them. Maybe I'll get that nice jacket I saw as well...too bad they don't have any leather there just would be interesting to see what Old Navy leather would be like...

Quote of the Day

Sometimes I feel like I really hate her which is pretty extreme for me, beacuse I don't hate anybody. She's always trying to spread stories about me, but hte funny thing is, I know so many stories about her that I could tell you right now, but I'm not going to because I don't think that people should know. And you know what the funny thing is in all this? I just want us to be friends -- that's all. -- Hillary Duff on rival Lindsay Lohan, our teenage starlet version of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Birthday Bash Breakdown

So, yes, I did turn 30 on Friday as compared to the 34 that he claimed I turned. Frankly, the only reason he said I turned 34 is because it would put me closer to his own age and not make him feel so old. Which is actually kinda sad when he's actually 44 and not the 36 that he claims (or whatever age he claims).

Anyway, I made it to Siberia a little after 7 and found her on the couch. Within seconds, I was surprised to see SuitMan emerge from the downstairs performance space. Now SuitMan had told me it was somewhat possible that he could make my party but I shouldn't count on it. But, sure enough there he was and within seconds I had a beer from him and from Caryn in my hands and I was drinking from both of them. (For the record, I consumed only three Red Stripe Lagers that night which, I have to admit, was pretty good on my part.)

A few minutes later, Daniella showed up followed by one of my rugby teammates (and was later joined by him, him, and, quite belatedly I might add (although it was still great to see him since the last time he saw me I was naked wrapped in Saran Wrap), him). I must say that Daniella was using her mammary assets to their best effect with her nice tank top. We tried to do a little dance to Donna Summer's "Last Dance" but that ultimately failed because the heels she was wearing that night were not conducive to big disco spins. Now, mind you, this was also the first time that Caryn, Daniella, and others had gotten to meet any of the men from what Crash termed my "harem." Mind you, I had to tell them which person he was but they were all very intrigued I can assure you...

Now the kicker of the entire night was when I learned that SuitMan in fact had found my blog and read a part of it before realizing that the situation described in one entry was eerily similar to a conversation that he and I had earlier that week. I was totally horrified about him finding out about it because I had taken great pains to 1) not tell him about it and 2) never use his real name in any of the entries, and, doubly certain that I had never used my last name in any of the posts on here. Caryn kept telling me that I needed to chill because the only person making a big deal out of it was me. Frankly, I still think I would have liked to have been in the closet (so to speak) on his knowledge of this site. Oh well...if you're reading this now, SuitMan, well...HI!!! :)

SuitMan did, however, give me a series of very short, quite hot, make you melt kisses before he left as he had tickets to the Phil Collins concert. Now, to the normal person, this would not be a big deal, but considering the fact that when he and I were...well I don't know if you can call it dating...but whatever we were doing last year that involved a lot of sexual tension but no sex whatsoever included no kissing at all. I mean there were the hello and goodbye kisses but nothing with any heat behind them. Let me just say there was some heat here.

Thankfully SkiGuy wasn't there at the time otherwise I would have never let that happen. And since we're on the topic of him, SkiGuy did show up and gave me a gift -- a really nice black and silver picture frame. I introduced him around to everyone and let the gang in on his other secret identity as SkiGuy. One of the best parts of him being there was watching him at the bar doing a little dance to whatever was playing on the jukebox. Technically, he was doing what my high school chorus termed the "Tennessee Tush Push" which was the little dance I did with my butt when I served as student director the men's ensemble. My butt would move with the rhythm of whatever we were singing and get the image. So there was SkiGuy at the bar, Tennessee Tush Pushing away and I have to say, he does have a great butt -- something in which Daniella and I found immediate agreement. At one point, I was very tempted to grab a handful of that butt and blame it on the three Red Stripes but I was a good boy. Sadly, SkiGuy, too had to run off and we did share a nice longish kind of hug and a sweet kiss before he had to go. Not the heat and passion of SuitMan but just enough to really make me miss him after he was gone.

Ugh, what a whore/slut I am...and what a quandry to be in...

Anyway...ultimately, I had to run out around 10:00/10:30 or so as I had a rugby match the next day in Montauk to go to and that required me to get up at the crack of ass to get on the bus for the incredibly long trip out to the opposite end of the island. Mind you, everyone thought it was rather lowbrow that I was leaving my own party but considering that I had the trip ahead of me the next day, I think it was a little warranted that I get some sleep. Of course, I knew it was going to rain but who knew it would be that hard. Granted, I did ask our coach if we loaded the ark two by two when I arrived, we were still able to get out to the pitch okay, weather the storm which we were ever so slightly ahead of throughout our trip to the match, and by 2:00 we were able to play.

I did get to play in my first match in almost a year as I took in the first half of the B side match before letting one of the rookies come in for the second half. My scrumming technique needs improvement or I need more experienced locks behind me or both as I got hammered in the scrums way too much and had an inexperienced lock pushing on me before we had the "engage" call in some scrums. No matter how hard I pushed back I never felt I was holding him off as he just pushed even harder. I did stand up at one point before a scrum engaged and turned to him and said, "Don't push." That seemed to do the trick although I never did feel fully comfortable in the scrums. But that was just me...

So that was the the fuck was yours?

Quote of the Day

You've all made wonderful choices in shoes and dresses tonight and you all look absolutely beautiful. - James Spader, who won best lead actor in a drama series for "The Practice."

Friday, September 17, 2004

If you were born on this day...

From the NY Post:

Everything will come out right for you this year. Everything in your life will just fall into place. An excellent sun-Saturn aspect on your birthday means you are about to reap what you sowed in previous years. All the effort and all the pain will at last seem worthwhile to you. What you have learned will be of even more value to you than what you earn in a material sense.

From NY Daily News:

You have your own way of doing things this year, and it's the right way for you. Career opportunities include ways to make much more money while you're providing a service you can be proud of. Your love life picks up in November, when you'll be giving yourself lots of pampering, intellectual stimulation and leeway to do what makes you happy. Love signs are Taurus and Leo. Your lucky numbers are 2, 22, 35, 49 and 50.


At least one of your dreams ought to materialise during this fortuitous year. You can create favourable circumstances for yourself by visualising progress and success. Dream your dream and the reality will become easier to realise.

From the Macon Daily Online:

Most of the day will run as usual but this afternoon could be full of interruptions from well-wishes and happy birthday pleasantries. Your mind tends to settle on issues of security, home, family, etc. Your communication skills are at a high and you will enjoy the attention you receive today. You can be original and may be drawn to take some risks in the professional field. You will want to break new ground and explore new possibilities, which you will eventually find successful. This afternoon your friends may have a lot to say about what you do and where you go--they want to celebrate. A renewal of a past friendship is possible. You may find yourself enjoying a carriage ride in the park or some other old fashioned fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Everything will come out right for you this year. Everything in your life will just fall into place. An excellent sun-Saturn aspect on your birthday means you are about to reap what you sowed in previous years. All the effort and all the pain will at last seem worthwhile to you. What you have learned will be of even more value to you than what you earn in a material sense.


The September 17th person has a drive system and the stamina to go for the long haul. The challenges in this persons life come from Saturn, the ruling planet for today. In a work setting these are the ones that enforce policies or laws and at home can be so serious and pressing that their love ones run for cover. Although if they logically agree to love someone they mean it. They tend to agree with the masses.

A look ahead; If you force your opinion of someone they will in turn feel that you want them to be like you. MAKE A SERIOUS EFFORT TO LIGHTEN UP, IT WONT HURT A BIT !!!

Quote of the Day -- Birthday Style

You know, I'm still twenty-nine in Guam. -- Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green on Friends...and yes, I turned 30 today....

Thursday, September 16, 2004

And I'm back...

I flew down to South Carolina for my grandmother's funeral on Sunday. The viewing at the funeral home was also that day so I had to first pick a flight that would get me down there in time to be picked up, change (if needed), and head to the viewing.

It was a little weird going into a situation like that as pretty much all of the family members who were there had been present at the hospital and for the previous twenty-four to forty-eight hours been living and, I guess, grieving as well. When I arrived, I was already dressed to go directly to the funeral home for the viewing and was updated on the latest family dramas so I would be aware of what I was getting myself into before meeting the family full on.

When we got to the funeral home, my mother, sister, and myself made our way down to the casket first. They were there to check out how my grandmother looked (and I must say she did look very good) while I was there reeling just a little bit. For the days prior I was trying to remember my grandmother as she was when I last saw her so part of me wasn't prepared to see her. I did get to have one private moment with her when no one was around where we "discussed" things and I told her how much I loved her and was going to miss her. At the end of the viewing, my aunt requested that one ring be retrieved from the body as it was something she had given to my grandmother and was to be passed down to her daughter. In its place went my silver ring which she wore when she was interred the following day.

But what can I tell you about my grandmother...

The pastor at her church called her mischievous. That, of course, was more accurate than he realized. The running joke in the family over the past few days (pretty much so we can keep things light) was that my grandmother was an exhibitionist. The last two times she was taken to the hospital via ambulance she wasn't wearing underwear.

What I really learned over the course of the last few days is what a real friend my grandmother was to so many people. While receiving visitors at the funeral home, we were repeatedly told what a wonderful friend she was by so many people. Over and over throughout the evening people would come up and regale us with stories of my grandmother and one of her adventures out on the town. One woman whose name escapes me called my grandmother the best friend she has ever had. I spent some time talking with her as the visiting session was closing down and we were just drawn to give each other hugs as if we were letting each other know that it was okay to be sad, cry, or do whatever we felt necessary to get through this time.

Tomorrow I turn 30. As I never really knew where I was going to be celebrating my birthday, I took to calling my grandmothers in the afternoon the day of my birthday to speak with them then. Tomorrow, I'm not going to be able to do that with her and it's going to feel odd. I was allowed to bring a few of my grandmother's possessions back with me -- namely a few knick-knacks from her kitchen to go into my bedroom (I don't have enough space to put anything major) and all with their own 40s and 50s style flair to them. So, in a way, I have a bit of my grandmother with me. Lord knows, I already share the same political beliefs with her so that's not going to change.

When I arrived in New York, I reached for my cell phone to call my mother (who is still in South Carolina) to let her know that I had made it back to the city safely. In scrolling through the phone book feature, I passed my grandmother's name and paused there for a second. I couldn't bring myself to delete her number just yet so I scrolled down to my mother's cell phone number.

One day I'm going to have to delete that number but for's fine as it is...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Quote of the Day

Damn that woman has a fat ass. -- My grandmother, who passed away last Saturday

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Leavin' on a jet plane...

I'm off tomorrow to head to South Carolina for the funeral which will be held Monday. Due to Ivan heading in their direction after hitting Florida, they are trying to get things taken care of in advance.

My thanks to everyone for their prayers, thoughts, and best wishes.

I'll be back...most likely...late Tuesday, early Wednesday.

3:56 am

It's odd how one date can carry multiple meanings for people. Not only will this be the anniversary date of the attacks at the World Trade Center and Pentagon but it will also be the day that my grandmother passed away.

At 3:56am, my sister called me to let me know that my grandmother had peacefully passed away in her sleep and was in no pain. I don't believe much in organized religion but I do believe in prayer. The one prayer that I made over and over since learning what happened was that if this was her time to go that she not be in any pain or discomfort and that it be as merciful as possible.

She is really going to be missed.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Prayers, Good Voodoo Vibes, Something, Anything

I just got word that my grandmother (the one I adore, not the psychotic one) had a major stroke some time yesterday, is unresponsive, and is currently on life support.

To get this info while I'm at work...probably not the best place for it but really and truly, is there ever a good place to learn something like this.

Anyway, as I digress....any good voodoo vibes or prayers you can spare or pass on would be appreciated.

Update....about an hour ago (approx 730pm), they took my grandmother off life support apparently she had been hanging on for a while on her own but the prognosis is not good. I was asleep when they called and I have a sneaking feeling that I woke up at the exact moment when my grandmother passed. It wasn't one of those groggy wake ups but a quick start. Call me crazy or something but I really think that's what has happened. I will update more as it comes in.

T-Minus 7 Days and Counting

My sister was pretty evil when I as growing up.

When we were living in North Carolina, my sister and I attended the same elementary school. One day I thought it was supposed to rain but my mother told me that it really wasn't so I left my plastic raincoat on my bedroom floor. When I got home that afternoon with my sister, I noticed this huge puddle in of liquid in the middle of my raincoat.

"The roof leaked!" I said.

"Are you sure?" my sister said.

With that my sister encouraged me to dip my finger into the liquid and taste it. And, for some reason, I did.

It was cat urine.

Our cat had peed in my raincoat.

Quote of the Day

Don't remember what you can infer. -- Harry Tennant

Thursday, September 09, 2004

T-Minus 8 Days and Counting

So I turn 30 next Friday and I decided to regale you, my readers, with stories of my pained childhood. These are the classic tales of my wrought existence that keep me from bringing any potential relationship home because 1) these stories are sure to come up and 2) they will only serve nothing more than to drive any love interest away. I've seen it happen to my sister and her boyfriends...I can see it happen to me.

Anyway...a classic tidbit from my childhood...

One night when I was young (figure maybe four or five years old), I was going to bed when my mother came into my bedroom to ask me what I was doing. I was in the process of putting the piece of gum I had been chewing all day between my toes and then putting a sock over said foot.

My reason for doing something so asinine -- I was trying to save it so I could chew it the next day.

They have never let me forget that...

Quote of the Day

Thanks for vomiting and running away. -- Anonymous

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Frances is a bitch

So Hurricane Frances (or what's left of her) made an appearance in NYC today and flooded a few subway lines. I had to ultimately take five trains and got to work an hour late. Psycho Freak Coworker Gloria called in crying that she waited for TWO HOURS for a train at her station before heading home to which my boss and I had to wonder why she didn't try going to another train line as there were several that were running and announcements were being made all over the place about line disruptions.

Anyway...I got off the phone with my father a few minutes ago. Apparently up until last night, they were without power since Sunday afternoon. Thankfully my mother got lucky in the hardware store and was able to get the generator she was waiting for so the food in the freezer and refrigerator wouldn't spoil. She was number 24 on the list and got VERY lucky to get one.

My sister, however, is still without power but thankfully she has a generator as well to keep her food okay. I think I can stop bitching about my bad commute given what they are dealing with.

Too bad that bastard Ivan seems to be heading their way next.

Advertising Slogan of the Day

Give us a ring at 1-800-CALL-DHL, and like a true New Yorker, tell us where to go. -- DHL ad I read on the subway this morning.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Quote of the Day

I was going to be playing a guy from Boston, who was part of a boy band at one time. I was going to see some friends who are gay, and I was gay. It was like me coming out of the closet, but I'm not in the closet. I've never been in the closet. I don't know what goes on in the closet. If I was gay, I would have no problem admitting that I was gay, but I'm not gay. -- New Kids on the Block alumnus Jordan Knight getting pretty defensive about his sexuality.


For the third time this year, I have misplaced my ATM card. Normally this would not be a problem but considering that last time I had them send me a new card it took about a week to get to me.

I have ransacked my bedroom and clothes trying to make sure that it's not SOMEWHERE in the vicinity of what I call a life and I can't locate it at all. So I've called for a new one and tried to gauge how long it would take to get to me. A week. To have the card overnighted would cost me $35 out of my account.

I look at my wallet. Around sixty bucks plus a check from my grandmother for another hundred that I've had in my wallet for almost two months that I haven't deposited yet since I have a shite bank when it comes to deposits but great when it comes to interest rates. Considering that my bank is one of those evil investment empires I used to work for and not a traditional bank, even cashing a check with them isn't an option....

What to do...what to do...

Order the new overnight service...I can live off of $60 for a week considering that I have nothing in the refrigerator to eat or anything in the cupboards to call mine right?

I can do this, right?

I'm going to have to...

Monday, September 06, 2004

Match Game Question of the Day II

The bank guard said to Bertha the stripper, 'Lady, I don't care how valuable you think they are. You can't keep your BLANKS in our safety deposit vault.

Match me....I dare you....

Friday, September 03, 2004

Why I Always Failed Reading Comprehension

I was looking at Yahoo News and saw a headline that grabbed my attention:

"Bush and Kerry Hit Road, Trade Blows on Jobs"

Except when I read it, I left out one key word....and didn't pluralize one of them either...

I disgust myself...

Match Game Question of the Day

The sheik said, "Having 100 wives is terriffic! What's terrible is only having one BLANK. -- question from the classic game show Match Game...can you match my answer?

Thursday, September 02, 2004

SkiGuy. The Date.

So...I think I've waited long enough to go into my date with SkiGuy this past weekend...and I've resisted the urge to call him all week and look incredibly desperate...then again knowing he's up in Canada doing work right now kinda makes it easier to NOT call him :)

Anyway...Saturday, SkiGuy and I decided to get together and head off to the movies. I met up at his apartment which I had dropped him off once before after a date but never been inside. He has a very minimalistic, European style going with very sharp lines, etc. We talked for a while and I was a little sweaty since 1) I had gone to the gym ahead of time and 2) it was more than a little humid outside. Also, I had chosen to wear jeans over shorts which wasn't that smart of an idea. It was, however, the first time I had ever seen SkiGuy in casual clothes as he was in a t-shirt and shorts. Damn he has nice legs. We talked and chatted for a while as he tended to a few last minute things he was doing before I arrived. When we sat on the couch together, though, I did notice he was sitting a little close. I took this as a good sign.

We saw Garden State which we didn't think was as great as the critics had said and totally hated Natalie Portman (although we both did find it amusing that she wore a scrum cap in some scenes -- can't explain why as it would give away part of the plot but it was amusing to me)...we then went up to a sushi restaurant near his apartment and split an appetizer of shrimp and vegetable tempura and a huge platter of sushi. Lots of talk about the movie, our lives, etc. He's so freakin' animated sometimes and has so much energy you just have to let him go and go...

Ultimately, we went back to his place (because I had left my bag there) and we both got a drink and he had to return a call from his new job so I took to looking through an old Sotheby's catalog of his focusing on South American art which was kind cool. Expensive, but cool. Finally, we wound up sitting on the couch watching the Olympics. Now, you have to understand how we were sitting. At one point, he was standing up and the only way that I could really turn to face him was to put my arm on the back of the couch. Let's just say he wasted no time snuggling into me which allowed for a little stroke on the arm or shoulder and time for us to get a little more comfortable with each other.

Around midnight, he apologized and said he had to ship me out so he could get some rest and get back to work the next morning. I picked up my bag and at this point we started doing some light kissing, nothing major, and just a hint of tongue at one point from him. There was a small potential it could have gone a little farther but I don't think either of us wanted to push it that much...

He returns from Canada tomorrow...we'll see what happens....

Quote of the Day

No one is allowed to touch my eyebrows. Someone once plucked them on the set, and it hurt like hell. -- Actor Josh Hartnett

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Well, at least that was the subject of the email that had a link to this picture.

Just to warn you that while nothing major is visible in this picture just kinda be careful who is around you when you click on it.

Quote of the Day

The thing about D.C. is it’s not Miami or New York where there are all these hot people everywhere,” she said. “I’m cute by New York standards, but when I came here, my stock just shot up fast. -- Jessica Cutler, former aide to Republican Senator Mike DeWine who "who scandalized the beltway by posting details of her sex-for-hire escapades on the Internet" (

You can read more about Washingtonienne by going here or here or how about here. The best place to go, of course, is to Wonkette.

All I have to say is....THIS WOMAN IS ROCKIN' MY WORLD!