Saturday, August 31, 2002

I went to the movies tonight. Normally I am not a movie person but I really wanted to see The Good Girl with Jennifer Aniston. The movie itself is just amazing (even if I did catch one entire scene where the bottom of the boom mike was visible). Jennifer Aniston was amazing in this film and she totally shed her Rachel Green image from Friends. It was truly an incredible role. John C. Reilly (who I am not a real big fan of) did an outstanding job in performing in this film. His emotional scenes were just phenomenal and I had a totally different opinion of him.

However, there was something about the entire experience of going to this film that left me somewhat empty. Granted I was with one of my very good friends who I love hanging out with because we make each other laugh so much and we talk about so many wonderful things. Nothing against her at all, but just sitting in the theatre, I wanted to be with a date. I wanted to have a man snuggling into me or vice versa or holding his hand or something. It made me realize that if I am going to get out there and do something in regards to my love life it's going to be on my terms and through my own actions. I have spent so much time telling myself and others that I wasn't looking for a relationship, that I didn't want one, that I had so much in my life that I wanted to do BEFORE I settled down with someone. In all honesty, I was lying to myself and to everyone. What good is an accomplishment in life if you can't share it with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? Yes, I am my own person with my own neuroses and my own crap that I deal with on a daily basis and I do believe that I am a person who stands on his own two feet and that I do not need a man by my side in order to make me feel complete as a person. However, there are times when I want to go to bed and have someone's arms to fall into.

Yes, tonight was a major turning point for me. And it's going to sound odd to say this....but I thank Jennifer Aniston for this....

Friday, August 30, 2002

Sorry that last part is supposed to read, please go to the Bloggys and give me a vote...but I screwed it up again....oh well....
Okay I crawled into bed at around two this morning. My entire body is still sore from last night. My feet and legs are throbbing and I just want to curl up in a ball and die. But hey, that's what working at the MTV Video Music Awards is all about...

Paula Abdul is without a doubt one of the nicest and sweetest people on the face of the planet. She graciously paused for pictures and signed autographs with fans and was just all around one of the nicest and most gracious people you could ever meet. I could devote volumes to my evening with her and say that she was perhaps the easiest person I have ever gotten to work with at any awards show, but I will just sum it all up with the following statement:

Paula Adbul, you are MY American Idol...

Other highlights of the evening:

Helping Gwen Stefani down the stairs (yes, that means she touched me...)

Holding Paula Abdul's hand when I was threading her through the crowd and getting stopped dead in my tracks by P. Diddy/Puffy/Sean John/whatever his name is now because they would not move at all despite hearing my very patient requests for them to give us some space to move through the crowd.

Justin and Kelly were precious. That is the only word for them...precious. They were so tired because they had taken a red-eye in from California the night before, gotten almost no sleep, were starving, and were still on top of their game on stage and the red carpet. Simon and Randy were cool. I really didn't get to spend much time with them (or any in fact). I do recall as Simon was trying to scooch in to his seat, Paula, who had the aisle seat, pulled him down to where he was sitting on top of her. Paula has a wicked sense of humor too....I would go into more detail but that's a private joke between the two of us...

David Lee Roth looked plastic. If he's had a facelift he should get his money back because his skin looked so stretched.

Axl Rose was outside the press booth when I was trying to get Paula and Co. to their cars and so forth. He didn't look that bad. I guess drugs and alcohol can make a great diet after all...

Pink got a piggy back ride from her bodyguard when they were coming back from press. She looked like she was having so much fun. Oh and for the record, the current stereotype for a bodyguard (as this fit, I would guesstimate about 90% of them there last night) is tall, black, 300 - 400 pounds, and the willingness to beat the crap out of anyone who gets in their way.

Shakira -- tiny, tiny, tiny.

Britney Spears -- looked like a dominatrix in her leather attire. For someone who claims to be a virgin (note I said "claims") she sure dresses like a slut!

That's all for now....just go over to the (646) Guy blog and read today's adventure when it gets up and to go to the No comments:

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Oh and I am working on a new episode of (646) Guy as well and I do find it funny that I included Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell in the story as they are all at the show tonight.

Oh, and for the record my dear roomie...Jimmy Fallon was tres hot!
If you are wondering where I am and why I have not written anything today, it is because I am working at the MTV Video Music Awards today and I am working with none other than Paula Abdul and the cast of American Idol. Paula has been very nice and considerate and is just the tiniest of people. She's really petite. Justin and Kelly were just the sweetest kids. Precious is the word that comes to mind. When they were leaving to get into their limo, there were already people across the street looking out for celebs and they went NUTS over them and those two kids were just in total shock. They didn't expect anything like this at all.

So, there will be more info tonight and perhaps tomorrow when I get situated and back to earth. I am one happy man right now.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

There are times when I swear my mother is dropping acid or shooting heroin or something.

Case in point, I called her yesterday to see how she was doing, catch up, all that fun stuff, and she comes back with, "By any chance have you seen my cell phone charger?" Now mind you, I haven't been in Florida for a month. This means one of several things -- either I accidentally packed my mother's telephone charger (which I know I hadn't done since I have already unpacked since I returned), my mother has lost the charger and thinks I either took it or lost it, I really did take her charger and have yet to discover the second charger, I lost the charger somewhere in South Carolina when we were there for my great-uncle's funeral, or my mother has completely lost it. (Most likley answer is that she has lost it.) Of course this also means that my mother has not charged her cell phone in a month. I have to do it every day.

So we made a deal...I would go home and ransack my apartment looking for her charger. She would grab the suitcase I used for the trip to the funeral and check there. Apartment did not have her charger and suitcase did not have it either. I even pull out my charger and read off the back exactly what it says which proved it was my charger. I get a phone call from her about an hour later.

"I called to apologize," she said. "It was on the dining room table."

"Okay, so let's hear it," I said.

"Hear what?"

"The apology."

"I just did it."

"No, Momma (that's how Southern I am), you called to say you were apologizing, I haven't heard it yet."

Of course we were laughing hysterically by this point..."No, you have mine. You lost mine. I didn't do it. It's all you. You have my charger and your charger. You lost it in South Carolina. Mine, mine, mine, mine. Stomps foot. Pouts. Holds breath until her face turns blue."

Ah parents....
Oy vey....the tales of (646) Guy has now turned into an episode of 24...the next twenty four posts there will chronicle one hour in the life of the (646) Guy as he works to save his sister from the evil clutches of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Simon Cowell from American Idol.
Tonight is the night of sheer campy's another edition of Big Brother 3 and we get the Miss Teen USA Pageant wrapped up in there as well. I'm telling much gayer could tonight get? Well, maybe if the Academy Awards were on (the gay Super Bowl) as well....but I can settle for a pageant just fine.

I remember back to pageants past when I my sister and I wanted Miss Guam to win over Miss Canada who ultimately became Miss Universe back in, I think, 1982 or 1983. I remember when Miss California won Miss America using the Wonderbra/suit/thing. I remember screaming in agony when Gretchen Carlson won Miss America because I just didn't like her and then I saw her on the CBS Saturday Early Show and she's adorable. Of course I have missed each year that a Miss USA has won Miss Universe so I think I should stop watching Miss Universe if any of our women are to get the crown.

Anyway, I also just realized that Labor Day weekend is THIS weekend and I have no plans. Maybe I'll just start packing up my room or something. I need too look into that book donation thing too...

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

US Airways is so on crack.

I'm sitting here watching the 10:00 news on Channel 5 and I start hearing about the new rules that US Airways is instituting since they have declared bankruptcy. Get a load of this --

Miss your flight? Too bad for you, you aren't flying standby anymore or being put on the next flight. You now have to buy a whole new ticket. This begs the question, what if you miss a connecting flight because your plane gets re-routed due to bad weather conditions and it takes a bit longer to get there. That's US Airways fault...not yours....What are they going to do then?

No more standby flights for restricted airfares. Your ticket is only good for the flight it is printed on.

Want a paper ticket? You had better be prepared to pay an extra $25 for that privilege.

Okay, I can understand the last two but that first's not going to fly with some people. Just imagine being told that you have to pay for a new ticket even though the cause of it the matter was US Airways' fault? What if you get held up in line to go through the baggage check? That's not your fault...are you going to make them pay for another ticket? There had better be a few exceptiosn to that rule because if something happened to me beyond my control and I had to pay for a whole new ticket, you had better damn well believe they would be hearing from my lawyer over it...I can be a bitch and trust me that's something you don't want to see!
I am so incredibly bored at work. I pretty much play Neopets all day long for the sole reason that there really isn't anything here for me to do. I sit here and work on the blog or on something for the store and really do nothing at the office and get paid for it -- OVERTIME even! And I feel so incredibly guilty about it! This week is kinda different since I am working at the MTV VMAs and am using the overtime to make up the hours I would be losing on Thursday -- but still....

I got some boxes at the corner deli last night for me to use to box up my belongings. I need to contact the Salvation Army about picking up the clothes I want to donate as well as some of the books...okay A LOT of the books that I have. I own A LOT of books and I swear I can get rid of a lot of them but I don't want to trash them. I'd rather donate them and have people read them or something like that...Now when I say a lot of books I have the following --

2 large bookcases FULL of books
2 small bookcases FULL of books
2 banker boxes FULL of books

And then there are the assorted books around the apartment that aren't even on shelves. It's lunacy! So despite what Rob says about me and porn...don't believe's books have too much of....BOOKS...
A new (646) Guy is up....and the story takes a decidedly odd twist...
I had this really weird dream last night and I wish I could remember the details because it was such a vivid dream but I know have had this dream before. It wasn't one of those cool, "I'm wrapped up in the arms of the man I love" kind of dreams but one of those disturbing dreams. Maybe it's all the stress I have been under the past few weeks just manifesting itself in my dreams. Maybe it's the Olsen Twins infiltrating my subconscious and making me feel bad for nasty things about them in my fake life blog. Maybe it's because I know that we are going to invade Iraq and I think it's the wrong thing for this country at this time and is nothing more than a case of Wag the Dog that our president is using to deflect attention from how bad our economy is really doing. Maybe it's because I don't know who put the bomp in the bomp-shoo-bomp-shoo-bomp. Maybe it's because Bloggys voting is almost over and I feel like I did in high school when I lost the Best Supporting Actor award at the Drama Club awards to the guy who was more popular even though I was repeatedly told that I gave the better performance (not that I am saying I am better than my fellow nominees just relating a story from my life...)

It's only Tuesday and I really want this week to be over with...

Monday, August 26, 2002

As some of you know I do some work behind the scenes at awards shows in NYC. This week I will be working at the MTV Video Music Awards and tonight we just had our first meeting for the upcoming show. Now, when I got the full (well there are some surprises that we weren't told about) cast list for the show I noticed two names in particular that cracked me up -- Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. If you don't know why this is so funny please get your skank (albeit nice) ass over to the tales of the (646) Guy immediately. They are prominently featured in the current story line...

My new favorite domain visitor supplanting is I am dying to know who you are! Email me at and let me know! It's cracking me up!
I have no idea what this means but it was pretty fun to do...

What's your FOTR slash pairing?


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
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I am so ashamed of this one...I need to be beaten...

If I were a boy band I would be...


This quiz was created by Krazy K. Take it here!

This one I disagree with but since I have been in a few of them I can't say it isn't me...I still want the real romance and dating and courtship thing...

What Kind of Relationship is Right For You?

And we have a new episode of (646) Guy hot off the press!
Today starts the US Open and part of my is a little bummed out. Since I moved here, I have attended the US Open every year either in a night session or on Labor Day with a full day pass. This will be the first time that I have not attended the US Open since I moved here since I am saving up the necessary cash for my impending move (more on that in a few minutes). This weekend though...well, it threw me for a major loop.

1) As many of you know, I am looking into an apartment in Bensonhurst that, if two other people move in, would reduce my rent by half and I could choose the people that I wanted to live with me. Even if two people didn't move in with me it would be $150 less than what I am paying now. The flip side is that my commute to midtown would double and there are currently people living there now that may not be out of the apartment by October 1. However, this weekend, I was made aware by a friend that one of his roommates was moving out leaving a vacancy in his apartment. His apartment in Washington Heights and would be almost $200 less than what I am paying now. The room I would have is rather large (or so I am told, I need to view it first) and my commute to midtown would be about 15 - 20 minutes. However, I am moving in with 2 other people -- only one of whom I know and it is available on October 1.

That is the first quandry.

2) There is a guy in my life (platonic for the record) who, for the sake of this blog, we will call Ken. Ken and I have known each other since, I guesstimate, 1994 when I was just finishing up my degree and he was still a junior or a senior (I don't remember). I was instantly smitten with him. There was just something about him that to this day I cannot explain. Anyway, he has had a succession of boyfriends and so forth and has been in a long term relationship pretty much since he moved to NYC about six years ago. Saturday afternoon he told me that he and his boyfriend are splitting up because it had become too much of a friendship than a relationship (or something like that). I was stunned. I was shocked. I was reliving all of the feelings for him that I put away years ago because he was in a relationship and I am not a homewrecker. To a certain extent, I can see me in a relationship with him but at the same time I think it would be weird of us to go from being friends to being more than friends -- especially after eight years or so of knowing each other.

So that was my weekend...please feel free to comment and also feel free to go vote for me in the final week of Bloggy's voting. I know they say it's just an honor to be nominated but I wanna win this thing! Also, to the left you will see my Guest Map. Please click on it and let me know where you are from because I know I have more than just NYCers reading this blasted'd be nice to hear from you!

Friday, August 23, 2002

100 Things About 100 Bloggers as inspired by The Yankee Blogger and Rob...I'm NUMBER 17!

1) I have way too active of an imagination. If asked to give an example, I would have to refer them to my fake life blog or to the woman at work who misplaced her glasses and couldn't find them. I told her they were stolen and shipped to Madagascar where they would be uysed by needy nearsighted people.
2) I have only been in love twice -- lust many times. One of the men I have been in love was in a relationship and is now single. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that just yet.
3) Some people may think I am very extroverted, but I can be rather shy -- especially when it comes to asking a guy out.
4) I am finally happy with who I am as a person, but there's a part of me that always strives for more.
5) My signature drink, if I could have one, would be a Long Island Iced Tea. There's always something about it that I like.
6) I used to work for a Broadway producer and got so drunk at an opening night party that I felt toxic the next day and was praying that I would just throw up and be done with it.
7) I was a nerd in high school and probably could qualify for one now.
8) When I was young I always wanted to be an actor. I did the acting thing and decided I wanted to direct. I did the directing thing and decided I wanted to write. Then I wanted to act, write, and direct but I stopped with just the writing.
9) I once took voice lessons to train to be an opera singer.
10) I have serious delusions of grandeur.
11) I have lived in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and New York. I don't plan on any major moves any time soon.
12) I came out when I was 19. I had major issues with reconciling my religious beliefs and my sexuality.
13) My parents do not talk about me being gay. My sister is more open to it.
14) I spend more time on the internet at work than I probably should.
15) While on a long extended business trip, I got so mad at my job that I organized an orgy in my hotel room just so I could have the sexual relief I was craving.
16) I am the only Democrat in my immediate family. My sister, brother-in-law, and parents are all Republicans.
17) British Hip Lit has become one of my favorite literature genres as of late. There's something decidely wicked about the way the British write.
18) A man with a British accent really turns me on.
19) My nickname is Hannibal and it comes from the play I did in high school called The Curious Savage where I played a character named...well, Hannibal.
20) I would love to settle down and be in a long term relationship.
21) More often than not, I am attracted to friends more than complete strangers. It has always my belief that in order to have a great relationship with another man, he must be my friend as well as my lover.
22) Currently, I operate my own online store, but I do not expect it to make me rich.
23) My goal for the next year is to take a hiking tour of Italy to celebrate my birthday. Following that, a tour of Thailand for my thirtieth.
24) I am a sucker for reality TV. There's something so "stop and look at the car wreck" about it that just makes me laugh. I would so suck on Survivor though.
25) I firmly believe that iced tea is the house wine of the South.
26) I am my own worst critic and will be harder on myself and my accomplishments than anyone else. It doesn't matter how well of a job I have done I will always think I could have done better.
27) My record for living in one place is 12 years -- Jacksonville, Florida. Those were 12 long years.
28) For me, the brain is the sexiest organ of the body.
29) I have one nephew -- Robert Glenn. He calls me Bi-an because he can't pronounce his R's yet.
30) One day I would like to be a father with a child that is genetically mine. Artificial insemination is a wonderful thing.
31) Regardless of what I may say in a drunken rant, I am not a sucker for man-woman sex.
32) I once created a sitcom (in my mind at least) for Showtime called "Sluts and Bitches." It was to star myself and one of my coworkers as loft-mates in New York City. I was to be Josh (The Bitch), the independent film maker. He was to be Alex (The Slut), a former gay porn star. Hilarity ensues when...
33) I used to find porn erotic and exciting. Now it just bores the hell out of me.
34) My first boyfriend was black. Imagine taking him home to meet my Southern family.
35) My family is probably more prejudiced than they care to admit.
36) When I was in high school I used to "collect" unique ways of killing people as a hobby. I have always been fascinated with serial killers and murderers and a good courtroom drama. Some of my more favorite ways of killing people -- knocked over the head with a frozen leg of lamb, run through with a swordfish, stabbed with an icicle, clubbed over the head with an Emmy Award.
37) My favorite TV show of all time -- Law and Order, Six Feet Under, and Murphy Brown (even the bad years).
38) When I was young, my ultimate goal was to be the male celebrity guest on the $25,000 Pyramid. I have no idea what would have gotten me on teh show but it was my goal as a child.
39) I was a contestant on the Bill Cosby helmed game show, "You Bet Your Life." I won $1,062.50 which helped purchase books for my final semester in college. I have also qualified to be a contestant on Jeopardy and the shortlived 21. The Weakest Link interview as a travesty.
40) The last books I read -- The Deal by Sabin Willett and Sellevision by Augusten Burroughs.
41) I have worked backstage at the Tony Awards for the past four years. In those four years, I have worked with Anne Heche, Dixie Carter, Lily Tomlin, and David Shiner.
42) I have crashed the Tony party for the past four years under the auspices of those four celebrities.
43) I was raised in two different churches -- Southern Baptist and Methodist (with a larger leaning to the Southern Baptist). I have since renounced both religions and have my own set of beliefs that I hold based on a wide variety of teachings.
44) I believe in reincarnation and have had multiple past life regressions to learn about my past lives (lawyer, archeologist, poet/British Lord, conquistador, etc). Interestingly enough, I have been gay in two of my past lives. If I had the time, I would do some major research to learn if these past lives actually existed.
45) I started to read tarot cards when I was in high school. I wish I was better at it even if I have given a few, quite spooky, dead on readings.
46) In college and afterwards, I have dabbled in going to therapy. In both cases it was an okay experience, although I find keeping this blog to be better (and cheaper).
47) When I was much younger I was far too concerned with having the best clothes and being very well dressed. Now, it's not as big of a deal.
48) I have expensive tastes but not the budget for them.
49) I wish I had the courage to ask a guy out on a date and not fear rejection as much. More often than not, if I had acted on my feelings, my life would have taken a different route.
50) Sometimes I wonder if I will be alone in life.
51) I love my vintage brown leather coat and am still kicking myself for leaving my other coat in a taxi.
52) I have lost two cell phones in cabs. Now I make sure I have it in my hand before I leave.
53) Once when I was in a production of The Man Who Came to Dinner, I had four cameo roles. In the final scene I had to come on twice as two different people. During one change, I ran backstage and could not find my jeans. I was in a panic screaming, "Where are my jeans?" I was wearing them at the time.
54) I want to live every day as if it was my last day on Earth.
55) Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I stayed in Florida and not moved. After about five seconds, I stop thinking about that.
56) I was once in a "fuck buddy" relationship with a guy that I later found out was married to a woman who worked on the same floor as me. We ended it shortly afterwards.
57) If I was allowed a pet in my apartment, it would be a pug dog that I would name Bailey.
58) I do not consider the words "queen," "queer," or "fag" to be insults. The power comes in knowing that they are only words.
59) The best advice I have ever heard is that hate only hurts the person that is doing the hating because either the object of your emotion doesn't know about it or doesn't care.
60) I still hate some people though.
61) Tales of the City is one of my favorite reads. Not a year goes by that I don't pull out the two omnibus' and revisit characters I consider old friends.
62) I have been a consultant for over three years now. I need a permanent job.
63) Last year I spent almost $3,000 to get my teeth fixed. Sadly, I haven't learned my lesson yet.
64) I have never had any broken bones or been placed in a cast.
65) When I was 21, I put my hand through a window while trying to open it. No one told me it was painted shut. I almost slashed the vein in my wrist and had to have seven stitches to close one of the two wounds. The second wound could not be butterflied or stitched shut. It looks like a suicide attempt when it really isn't.
66) I am rather clumsy but consider it to be a part of my charm. I swear though if I was more coordinated I would have gone out for figure skating.
67) Some of my nearest and dearest friends I met on the Internet before I met them in real life.
68) I really do have a major crush on Ben Affleck and sometimes wish he would just admit that he and Matt Damon have been lovers all the way back to the sandbox days.
69) My father has had two strokes, one heart attack, triple bypass surgery, and was diagnosed as being diabetic. I am planning not to wind up like my father.
70) Rollerblading has always been a wonderful way for me to meditate and focus. I just wish I didn't fall down as much.
71) Sometimes I remember my dreams and sometimes I don't. I have had this one dream twice where I am on a cruise ship and I find a man's severed head in the microwave. I have no idea what this means.
72) I know some evil things to do with a billiard ball that I can't repeat here so use your imagination. Let's just say someone enjoyed it.
73) Ella Fitzgerald singing Gershwin is perhaps the greatest music in the world to me. Although, hearing some of Sade's songs while I am having sex is another thing altogether.
74) There are people in high school that I credit for my successes. Not that they helped me accomplish anything but I was determined to prove that they were not going to keep me down.
75) I may joke about being an evil person...but I mean it most of the time.
76) Contrary to the stereotype, I love watching sports. Sports are more homoerotic than people realize. Just don't talk to me about football. You'll never watch it the same way again after that.
77) I would love to retire to Vermont. Montpelier would be a great place to live.
78) Sometimes I take my shampoo bottle and pretend I am accepting an Academy Award for Actor in a Supporting Role. I always did better in supporting roles than leads.
79) When I was younger I would play "Barbara Walters Interview" and answer odd questions about my "career" and being in "the press" all the time.
80) I find a man with a furry chest to be highly erotic.
81) Once, just once, I would like to go on a "ghost hunt."
82) I scream like a little girl in scary movies.
83) I have seen the musical Chicago over 80 times. I am very embarassed about that.
84) In college, I worked both in the library and in the campus department for drug, alcohol, and AIDS education. My job was to distribute condoms and conduct safe sex seminars in the dorms. When I graduated, they gave me the red vibrator I used to show people the proper way to put on a condom. I still have it and, no, I have never used it.
85) I still have the two teddy bears I grew up with. Once I thought I had lost one of them and I went into a major panic. I would consider both of them my most valued posessions.
86) I received a formal invitation to attend the 1996 presidential inauguration. I was pissed that I didn't get to go.
87) I would rather make love than have mindless fucking.
88) Life is an adventure that is meant to be experienced.
89) I hate the normal question that people ask about being gay. For the record, accepted it at 19, never had sex with a woman, never want to have sex with a woman, never interested me to sleep with a woman. I did try to convince myself I was bisexual but that was a ruse.
90) I still have over 250,000 baseball cards sitting in my parents' house.
91) My favorite restaurants -- New World Grille and Joe Allen. There's something unpretentious about them. Favorite dive restaurant to go to -- McHales, just for the burgers.
92) I tried being vegetarian once. I realized I liked meat too much to give it up.
93) I am a classic overachiever. Failure is never an option.
94) I've thought about running for political office when I get but I realized that I don't know as much about our world, economy, etc etc as I probably should.
95) My secret Sunday evening ritual is to give myself one of those facial masks.
96) I have very few true friends but many acquaintances.
97) I still think All About Eve is one of the greatest movies ever made.
98) Straight men that hug other straight men as a way of greeting them makes me very happy. It's nice to see straight men who are not uptight about being friendly with other men.
99) My cell phone will either play the Theme to Rocky, The Muppet Show, Eleanor Rigby, or Oh-Bla-Di by the Beatles.
100) I was once told by a very good psychic that I was destined to be important. Oddly enough, I felt this way prior to being told that. Odder still, another psychic two years later who had never met me or knew the woman who gave me that reading said the exact same thing to me using the exact same set of words. I got chills.
A new episode of (646) Guy is up for your enjoyment.

I was watching the Today Show this morning (actually I was more listening to it) and they were talking about this professor at the University of South Florida who they Board of Regents is attempting to fire due to some anti-Semitic and ant-Israel comments he has made and calling for a people to take up arms against the country and its citizens. What cracked me up was not the guy or what he said but by a question that Matt Lauer asked. Now, after I heard this I knew that he had this question up his sleeve this entire time and was just BEGGING for the opportunity to use it.

The professor guy said that what was being referenced was a speech he made to support orphanages in Palestine and yadda yadda yadda. So here comes Matt Lauer and he said something like, "Okay, but how does calling for the killing and murder of Israeli citizens help support orphanges." The poor professor's lawyer looked like he was about to crap his pants when he heard that question.

I swear to you...sometimes the news is funny without even trying to be funny.

LOTS more stuff was added to the store so please take a look and BUY! New items include our Pagan and Tarot line of products and our upcoming World Cup line. Also, if you need a special order done, we can do that for you as well at no additional charge. I just had my first special order completed today so I am VERY happy!

Oh and if you have voted for me at the Bloggys, please do so. One more week to go!
I am ready for the weekend. I am ready to relax. I have lots of work ahead of me and little time to do it in. Still searching for a new apartment which means I am still waiting to hear about the place in Brooklyn. If you know of any apartmets please let me know...I need to move and soon because it's getting pretty damn weird around my place...

Thursday, August 22, 2002

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The store has gotten a MAJOR revamp and is not much better than what it was before. Stop in now, enjoy the sale, and enjoy the FREE SHIPPING on purchases of $50 or more!
I am so furious right now. There are times when I just hate reality TV. Okay, not hate, but hate the fact that I can't see EVERYTHING that went on in a certain scene or know all of the information because it makes some people look really stupid. So I hate reality TV show editing.

Marcellas on Big Brother 3 will be branded the biggest idiot on the face of television if he has not put together the fact that Roddy is using Marcellas' crush on him to secure a better place in the house. Watch as Roddy strips in front of Marcellas down to a pair of boxer briefs and shows off his great body. Watch as Roddy slides into the hot tub and gets nice and wet all over his hard muscled body and then scoots over closer to Marcellas. Watch as Marcellas gets too transfixed at what is going on and loses his entire focus for the evening and perhaps the rest of his time in the house.

Marcellas is not thinking do I put this...the right head. He is so transfixed in his adoration for Roddy and whatever may or may not happen with him that he is allowing himself to get thrown into a position that, frankly, isn't all that great. Danielle suspects him of being a double agent and not really working for either side but playing both ends against the middle. She now knows that he is not to be trusted on any level and I think that Roddy knew that if he went to Danielle and used the exact same terms and phraseology on her that Marcellas used on him then it would serve nothing more than to bring Danielle's ire to the forefront and have her temporarily abandon her mission of getting him out of the house in favor of getting rid of someone she now totally knows she can't trust.

Marcellas, snap out of it you dimwitted hair stylist. You are not doing facials anymore. You are trying to win a game and right now you are not doing a good job of it. If Danielle gets Head of Household something tells me that your bum is going to find itself on the chopping block for the third time. This time I don't think you will be so lucky in sticking around though. You are going to get so blinded by Roddy that if he even touches you, you are going to cream in your pants or something. If he kisses you (which I don't think will happen) then I hope the entire house has everything nailed down because you are going to go nuts.

Don't even get my started on the American Idol outcome. I am horrified.

I am so sure that there is something in this show that will put a new item in my store.

Anyway, I am still a nominee for the Bloggy Awards so go over there and give me a vote. Yes, I plan on reminding you about this every day until August 31.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

We've been having an interesting discussion here at work today regarding September 11 and what it will mean in years to come. One of my coworkers said that she would not be surprised that if within the next few years, legislation is passed to make that a federal holiday. That then prompted one of my coworkers to ask what should be done about Labor Day which can fall as late as September 7 during some calendar cycles. My suggestion was to move Labor Day into August which is the only month without a federal holiday. That way companies and employees will keep the holiday but it will in a different month.

Some people didn't think that was a good idea and I brought up the fact that if Labor Day does fall on the seventh of a month, employers aren't going to be happy about giving their employees another day off four days later. My second suggestion was to somehow use that new holiday in the same manner as Martin Luther King Jr's birthday. Some companies recognize it as an official holiday and take the day off. Some alternate between that and President's Day.

It will be interesting to see how this day will be observed not just this year but in future years as well.
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Thank you...sigh.....
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I've been waxing nostalgic as of late. One of those ponderings of where I was, where I had come from, where I was going and the people that got me there kind of moods.

There was a guy named Cyrus that I met when I was in college. He lived in Cleveland and I, at the time, was living in Florida. He had this wonderful deep voice and was fluent in French and had a nice furry chest. We met a couple of times and the last time we saw each other was in 1996. I'm not sure what we had an argument over, but we had this very intense, mean argument and I never spoke to him, emailed him, or called him again. Despite all of this, I still wondered what had happened to him in the past few years and made a few attempts to get a hold of him. It was a difficult proposition given the fact that I didn't know if he still lived in Cleveland, didn't have an accurate phone number for him, or even an email address.

I had searched off and on for about the last three or four years trying to locate him. Finally, a coworker suggested I try and VOILA! First try and I had an address, phone number, and email address. I so sent an email, left a voicemail, and crossed my fingers. Last night, we talked for the first time in over six years.

There's something comforting and refreshing to go back and find the people who, despite whatever transpired between you, made a major difference in your life. It was somewhat odd for us to learn that he had frequently come into New York over the past few years and even owned a condo in Woodside which is not very far from where I live. We compared notes as to where we both were on September 11. We talked, I estimate, for about an hour catching each other up on all we could remember.

However, due to the long phone call and the lateness of the hour, I overslept and missed my appointment for my blood test which means I have to reschedule. Not really happy about that but it's what I have to do. Anyway, all I ask is that everyone wax nostalgic for a moment, come on you know you want to, and think about the people that you have lost contact with and would like to talk to one more time to re-establish a connection. Then make it happen. I don't regret it at all...

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Hmmm so the latest cast of Survivor includes a man who did soft core porn. Having seen the pictures of him at I have to say is...he does have a nice butt...

Here's what I've wondered about soft core porn. We all know that basically they don't show anything or what they do show doesn't include oral, vaginal, or anal pentration. So here's my simulated is all of this? Are they actually having sex and just not showing it or is it all..well...simulated. And if the answer is simulated then why bother even watching. The man really isn't getting any pleasure (other than visual and maybe some frottage) but other than that...really...I would be concerned about having sex with a person that had done soft core porn because if it's all simulated then I would never be fully sure that what *I* was doing was having any real effect on them. I would be doubting my own peformance.

I dunno...just found it a little odd and I wonder about things like this...really...I do...
There's a new (646) Guy blog's time for another lawsuit...this time with the Olsen Twins!
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It's a nice rainy day here in NYC and it is the perfect way for me to start off the rest of my week. Today I have an interview with a headhunting firm that I went to about 2 years ago (maybe less) but I have a wonderfully revamped resume so we shall see how that turns out. Also, tomorrow I have my appointment for my AIDS test which is a good thing for everyone to do as well as a pretty scary thing as well. I have played safely but there is always that nagging "what if" factor that is in the back of my head. So that is tomorrow morning's fun activity at nine a.m. I am sure I will have plenty to write about when I get back from that part of my day.

I am looking at that hiking trip to Italy that I am dying to take. It's next year and just after my birthday. Part of me would like to be able to take the money and run off to make a deposit for the trip but I have to be more sane than that...for once in my life at least.

Monday, August 19, 2002

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The Arm: Strong and protective.

Good for slave labour too...

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There are some times when I swear I am Michael Mouse Tolliver from Tales of the City (the namesake upon which I have based my blog). I remember him telling Mary Ann about wanting to find a guy to buy a Christmas tree with blah blah blah. But what made me think of this today was when I was sitting on the subway and there was this absolutely gorgeous man sitting across from me. Okay, for me at least he was gorgeous, he might not have been other people's cup of tea.

I spent the entire subway ride into the office imagining me and this guy in domesticated bliss from picking out the china pattern to our nice commitment ceremony (complete with someone singing "It Had to Be You" in a nice throaty jazz style) to curling up under a blanket watching an old black and white movie on the TV to possibly even adopting (if not convincing a female friend to have) a child, to our first fight to vacationing in Switzerland, hiking along a nice mountain stream, getting a little frisky and taking a little rough and tumble in the wild European outdoors, him holding back tears in the audience when I go up to accept my Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series...

Then it was time for my stop and I got off of the train so it was time for the divorce which was a messy affair all on its own...

Oh well...that's just me I guess...

Sunday, August 18, 2002

What I am about to say is probably going to piss people off. Frankly, I don't care. Today I was walking back from the grocery store and I heard a mother tell her child that if he didn't stay by her side, he was going to get kidnapped like "those girls out West." The kid burst into hysterical tears.

I am really getting pissed off with all of the abducted children stories in the news today. The media is treating this as if it is a major epidemic in our nation today. This is not the case at all. People (not just children) are being kidnapped all over the country and a large majority of them are not covered as extensively in the media. Yes, it is a truly horrible and truly tragic thing to happen to a family to hav their child kidnapped. Some are found safe and sound (if not a little traumatized) and some are not going to be so lucky.

Do not get me wrong here. I am all for the media getting involved in helping find missing people but the way it is being treated in the media, I believe, is misrepresenting the true statisics of this crime. It is reminiscent (for me at least) of the numerous shark attacks that made media waves not too many years ago. When people looked at the statistics, it was revealed that in fact that shark attacks were on the decline for the year in question. I think the media is treating this as if it is a national epidemic that is sweeping the country and courting virtually every missing child related story with increased vigor.

Yes, kidnappings happen. Yes, the media has every right to publicize whatever information they can in order to help bring back these children safely. Yes, they can bring about awareness to help parents better protect their children. But they should not be allow to instill fear in families and force them to totally alter their lives. Yes, we should be more cautious and take that extra step. If anything, these kidnappings have forced us to take a second, extra step in order to ensure safety. However, it should not be used as a tool for parents to scare their children into doing things. Talk to your children, warn your children, and always have a second set of eyes in the back of your head to remind you to look after them. But using this as a tool to scare your children....just wrong....
Can I just say that I am totally smitten with Handy Andy from Changing Rooms on BBC America -- my new favorite channel with my new favorite talk show, "So Graham Norton." If I ever had a talk show I would want to do what Graham Norton does at the start of each of his shows. He starts off by having the entire audience stand up and have them remain standing if they happen to fit a certain category -- llike have you ever lied to someone in order to just have sex with them or if your parents did something that completely screwed you up for teh rest of your life.

In response to the second one, there was only one woman standing and she said that her mother told her and her sister that their father was Steve McQueen.

I've also been doing some work this weekend in the store this weekend designing new items, and looking for some public domain clip art online. Let's just say that, hopefully, by the end of this month, I will have two new "lines" of products ranging from World Cup-ish items to Joni's requested Pagan line.

I'm currently watching Agnes of God on TV and all I have to say is WOW...oh holy heck was this one emotion charged movie...Jane Fonda -- excellent. Anne Bancroft -- magnificent. The other nun whose name I don't remember.....oh holy heck....

Anyway back to Handy Andy on Changing Rooms...he's just too adorable for words and he has the cutest smiles. And of course he's very handy...ah....just smitten with him....

Friday, August 16, 2002

From the U.S. Senate to Law and Order? Well, it's true.

Senator Fred Thompson who has appeared in notable films like The Hunt for Red October and In the Line of Fire and lesser notable films like Feds, will use his retirement time from the Senate to take over for Dianne Wiest on Law and Order. This kinda pisses me off since I really liked Dianne Wiest's character and how no nonsense she was while not miring herself in politics or some of the other antics of her predecessor. I mean, we finally had close to something of gender equity on the show and then this happens. I love Epatha. I love Dianne. I hate the new girl whose name I cannot remember. Bring back Angie Harmon! Or get someone new!
It's Friday which means the weekend has already started. I made an appointment last night to get an AIDS test done. It's been a while since I have had one so I figure I need to be the responsible gay man that I am and make sure that everything is okay. I am really surprised that more people don't get tested more often.

Let's think about this for a second. AIDS has been considering for quite some time to be the gay man's disease when in actuality the person they first believe contracted the disease was a woman and a lesbian at that. Yes, they were able to track down a large majority of the infections in the early 80s back to one Canadian man who was having wild rampant sex with lots of men. But, by and large, the majority of the people in the world who have this disease are heterosexuals. Additionally, I am forced to wonder why heterosexuals dont' get tested more often. I mean, really. They are just as susceptible to it as anyone else is.

If you don't know, you should know. Get tested. Even if it's for your own piece of mind. I'm doing it and I feel rather safe but you never know and that's what scares the crap out of me.

Oh...and there's a new (646) Guy episode up as well...

Thursday, August 15, 2002

I have to wonder sometimes if people get disappointed when they look things up online, stumble across a link on or something and then get my website. I mean all of those people who are looking up the Olsen twins having lesbian sex acts or voodoo shrines in New York or naked pictures of Vern Yip or naked pictures of this person or that person. So far people have stumbled across my site by looking for naked pictures of the following people:

From the cast of Trading Spaces alone: Vern Yip, Paige Davis, Genevieve Gorder, Doug Wilson, and Ty Pennington.
Colin Farrell
Ben Affleck
Those pesky Olsen Twins
Tim Henman (the British tennis player)
George Bush (gross, I know)
Britney Spears

...and countless others....I mean don't they read the link before they click on it?
Just added some new items to the Tales from the City online store new bags and sweatshirts!

And a new (646) Guy is up for viewing...
I got to thinking while parking myself at a copier machine and making a ton of copies so the folks at the SEC will have something to do and not annoy us today. I was thinking about my friends and some of the unusual ways that I have met people.

Now, I have met people through the normal channels: work, volunteering with organizations such as the New York City Gay Men's Chorus, various social engagements. However, some of my best friends have come through more unusual circumstances. My friend Lisa and her daughter Bianca I met while waiting for rush tickets to the musical CHICAGO. We struck up a conversation and voila! Instant friendship. My friend Fran I met while sitting next to her at the show CONTACT. She and I both had a great love of the theatre and we had a fabulous conversation about it and voila! Instant friend.

There there are my friends I met while I was part of a fictional "abbey/convent" in celebration of the character of Dana Scully of The X Files. (Yes, can say geek because it is kinda geeky). From this large group (over 500 people) I met some of the most wonderful people in the world. Some of them I consider to be some of my nearest and dearest, I would run into a burning building to save your life, yes I will give you my sperm so you can conceive a child, kind of friends. I love each and every one of them and I revel that twenty to thirty people from different parts of the WORLD (we have people in Australia, Wales, and Canada as well) can band together and have so much fun and come together as a unit.

Then, of course, there are my new friends that I have met since I started blogging. These people inspire me to be a better writer, to be a little more forthcoming, and to use this powerful new tool for purposes of good and not evil (which for me, as some people can attest, is a hard thing). They make me more in tune to the world around me and with my feelings and to not be afraid to open up and share. I think it's making me a better person.

To all of you, I am grateful.
Sigh....I'm kinda bored today. There's not much going on and for the most part I am getting into a weird funk. I can't explain it. I won't even try this time.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

The first edition of Reality TV BlogGear is now in the store. The first two items belong to my favorite reality TV show, The Mole. Enjoy!
I've done some updating in the store and added some new merchandise to each of the "departments." We now have backpacks, unistrap bags, metro bags, briefcases, messenger bags, black caps, and hooded sweatshirts. If you don't see an item you would like, let me know and I will custom design a job for you!

Heck, I just learned that there are special sale prices on some items too (tank tops, some t-shirts, baseball jerseys!) plus free shipping if you spend over $50 otherwise it's $5 shipping for as much as you care to buy!
It is so hot in this damn city. I am schvitzing like I have never schvitzed before. Of course today was different in the fact that I had to head down to 42nd and Park to pick up my paycheck before making my way back up to 52nd and 6th. Next time I am taking a cab. I feel nasty and sticky all over. You would think I just had good sex when I was only walking (and for those that know me, they can attest to the fact that I walk pretty damn fast).

Anyway, I passed the Today Show on my over to work. They were doing their summer "let's host a wedding" thing and I have to take back everything bad that I have ever thought about the couple that won. She is absolutely GORGEOUS and he ain't so bad looking himself.

But back to my Bush/O'Neill bashing...

I enjoyed this article on MSNBC that pretty much summed up what I thought about the entire Presidential Economic Summit/Love-In -- it's on big PR thing to make it seem that the president and his entourage know what they are doing when in fact stocks are still slipping, the jobless rate isn't receding, and people like my friend Graham went from making over $50K a year to delivering groceries because that is the only job that he could find (and oddly enough he likes it) and he can't cash out his stock portfolio because they have all taken a nosedive thanks to Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, and the declining leading economic indicators.

Wake up and smell the Starbucks. You really want to know what the American public is thinking and what we want done. Pick 250 people that you don't know -- people whose political affliation is unknown to you and let us have at the president and Mr. O'Neill. I am sure they will hear things that they don't want to hear...

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Okay....I'm taking a stronger more proactive approach with my job hunt. I've done a major update on my resume and reloaded it to several online databases. It doesn't show all of my work (and I'm not lying in hiding some jobs) but it should present a better picture to prospective employers....time to get a little badass here...
It's time for a visit from everyone's favorite Irish friend...Waste O'Time....

I went to my interview. I sat down. I filled out the application. They called to say that I was there and filling out the application. A few minutes went by and I was busily telling my life story to the piece of paper and hopeing it would be enough to impress these people.

Well apparently I impressed them in the wrong way with my resume. No, it wasn't that I was a bad candidate...I was too good of a candidate. I was more "senior" of a candidate than they expected and of course my headhunter and his people were trying as hard as they could to get a hold of me to tell me NOT to go to the interview but too late because I was already there. Mind you there were no calls on my cell phone prior to leaving for the appointment and there were no messages on my voicemail at home. Therefore, I made an ass of myself heading down to this interview. Am I happy about this? Absolutely not. It's embarassing to me and to my headhunter.

Anyway, just as I was finishing up the application, the receptionist looks up and asks me to follow her. She takes me to a conference room where I am told to contact my headhunter. No explanation as to why, just to contact him. This is now when I hear the story of me being too good of a candidate for these people. Anyway, I expressed a definite interest in the position and that I did not think that the job description contained anything that was below my skill level and my man is going to "fight" for an interview for me.

Personally, I think one of three things (out of the possible number of things that I have thought of) has happened -- 1) I really am just too damn good for them. 2) They have already filled the position and this was their way of giving me a brush off. 3) They haven't filled their position but they have changed their mind about hiring me and not beacuse I am that damn good.

Anyway....I am pissed. And rightfully so....

But here's the odd part...I had a premonition that something like this was going to happen. It wasn't a vision but more or less a very strong feeling. Odd.
I squeezed in a short (646) Guy to my interview...
Today is the day of the interview with the law firm. I plan on leaving the office in about an hour to walk down there. I must admit that I think I look a little snazzy in my suit but I fear I am about to poop my pants. I really want this job.

Monday, August 12, 2002

Okay, I am totally pissed. I am just may copy this blog entry to U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill who I think is pretty much a useless individual who does not seem to care about the economy or those of us who are suffering through this incredible downturn in the economy -- it started well before September 11, 2001, so don't even try to blame it on that, Mr. O'Neill.

So here is what he said at GWB's recent "economic forum" he assembled during his vacation to Texas.....Mind you this forum was deemed by the economic advisor to GWB's father as something that was completely useless and he should have just taken a vacation rather than actually doing something like this....

``I see this as an opportunity to have a concentrated engagement with 200-250 people whose opinion I respect,'' Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said in an interview with The Associated Press.

So my opinion doesn't count? Is that what I am hearing? MY opinion doesn't count in your mind, Mr. O'Neill? You are DAMN wrong. If it wasn't for a still controversial Supreme Court ruling (and Lord knows how many factors that we don't know about) you wouldn't have your job. Lest I remind you, you do not work for work for me. You work for your secretary who sits outside your office. You work for the woman who sits beside me at the office. You work for every person who is sitting on the unemployment line. You for every person that has been laid off by a company that has been revealed to have unscrupulous banking and accounting practices. You work for every person that is about to be laid off from their job because this economy is in a shambles it is currently in. And let me remind you one more time, you work for me -- a guy who has been temping for about three years now because the economy has turned to pot and I can't get a real job because there are no more real jobs.

Wake up, Mr. O'Neill. Don't listen to your high priced, high falootin' economist, Republicans, and assorted other people whose opinion you seem to give a damn about...people who, despite the downturn in the economy and the stock market still have plenty of money to pay their bills and live in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed (even if they ahve to get something other than the Beluga to serve at brunch next week). You need to look at me, at my neighbors, at my coworkers, at my friends, at my family -- all of whom are voters who have no problem voted out the man who put you in your position. When he goes, so will you....if you don't go sooner.
All I have to say is that this guy may become a new love interest in the (646) Guy saga. And even if he does....I would love for him to be a new love interest in my life...HELLO!
A new episode of (646) Guy is up and ready to go...
I watched Sex and the City last night. It's not one of my favorite programs (although I think Samantha is just wonderful and I am more in tune to Miranda than I ever thought I would be) but here I was watching it last night as Samantha proceeded to blow her UPS-esque guy (who was also the title character in the indi-hit "Kiss Me, Guido") and Stanford hooked up with a male dancer in the Radio City male dance corps. Anyway, Miranda joined Weight Watchers to help lose the weight she gained during pregnancy (although I thought she looked fabulous as she was) and there she met Tom, a guy who I am guessing is around 6'1 - 6'3 and about 230-240 pounds -- and attractive. Miranda and Tom bonded over a shared glazed donut and then they decided to work off some "activity points" in the bedroom.

This was cause celebre (or however you spell it). Finally, they were giving the notion that people do not have to be razor thin or overly buff to be attractive. And this guy Tom...he was attractive. He's the kind of guy that I do find attractive. Okay, a nice buff body is okay to look at but I would rather my love interest have more interest in who I am as a person than what my body shape is. No, I am not a gym bunny. No I am not carved muscle. But I am a person who is worthy of love and attention too...just like Tom.

Of course, it had to end badly for Tom and for those of us like him (and those of us who liked him). While performing some cunning lingual skills (I'm sure you get the joke), he arose with, as Miranda put it, "He had me on his face..." So basically now they've gone from making Tom (who despite leaving the bed was not shown naked) into the everyman nice guy-slash-love monkey to an overeater to is sloppy in bed.

So here's my question...why couldn't Miranda have dated this guy for quite some time before letting him down. Why would Miranda have to let him down? Granted, if you want to get technical, Tom left her but still...he could read it on her face. Finally Sarah Jessica Parker's character said something that no only made sense but didn't make me want to throw something at my TV -- they are getting older and should be getting wiser otherwise they will just be left all alone. So why couldn't Tom be a nice guy for Miranda. I don't get it. Is it because he's overweight? Is that not an option for these women?

It just really irked much for progress...

Sunday, August 11, 2002

I just saw this commercial for Trojan condoms that are branded as "Her Pleasure."

Now let's be honest here for a second. There is no way in hell that a man is going to buy these condoms. Most men in the bedroom probably do not care very much about how much pleasure their woman is having. And, if they do, this condom is not going to be a high priority on their list. I can see women buying it and giving it to their boyfriends but even if they did that wouldn't you think that would be a bit much of an insult for a guy? It's almost like saying, "Honey, I love you and you're not that bad in bed so therefore I want you to use this for me so I can enjoy the experience, too." Like I said, it just a really bad way of telling your guy that he can't give it to you like you want it. Then again, as I said, most men might not care about how much or how well a woman wants it.

Sigh...if this becomes a big seller I will be pretty damn surprised...

I'm all for women getting all the pleasure they ant in the bedroom, however, this really isn't that great of an idea and it may just turn your man off rather than on. Now, if it was a reciprocal condom where there was something INSIDE the condom that helped the man experience more pleasure as well then maybe, just maybe, it would be a big seller. Also, why is this a condom just for women. Can't gay men enjoy this condom as well?

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Okay, I've done some research on the law firm that I will be interviewing with on Tuesday. Apparently, the interior decor is frightful and in major need of an upgrade. Space is at a total premium as there are some associates that are doubled up offices well into their third year with the firm. There is also something about a gym at the firm which would be great as I could get back to working out and I think I read something about a foosball table but something tells me that is just wrong. However, if it does turn out to be true it would be highly cool.

Anyway, according to, the IT department is in shambles, some people say that it's great, some people say there is the high turnoverk, some people say that bonuses are tied to the number of hours you bill or log in or something like that. They also say that some of the departments get shafted in terms of bonuses because other departments suck it all up. All I know is that a good bonus will get me to Italy next year!

Friday, August 09, 2002

Oh holy the headhunters that called me last week that wanted to send my resume out to a firm here in midtown called me. I have an interview on Tuesday and they appear to be upbeat on interviewing me so that is a very good thing. My interview is next Tuesday at 11:00 am...keep your fingers crossed.
Munich (dpa) - A German sprint coach on Friday confirmed an old adage that men shouldn't have sex before competition, but added the twist that sexual intercourse before the sprint helps women run faster.

"We can confirm scientific evidence that shows women who had sex shortly before competing have better results,'' German national sprint coach Uwe Hakus said in an interview in the German magazine Fit for Fun.

The coach said women's testosterone levels increase after sex, helping them in competition. Their male counterparts, however, should abstain from intercourse, as Hakus said: ``Their testosterone levels decrease after an organism. Besides it's been proven that men's ability to contract their muscles also decreases.''
The finale of the Trading Spaces murder mystery on (646) Guy concludes today...
I am finding Big Brother 3 more and more humorous with each episode. Eric got the boot last night and part of me was just wondering if he was going to propose marriage to her on the spot. Of course in his little interview he made it clear that the first thing he is going to do when Lisa gets out of the house is to get down to some serious booty-smacking.

It just smacks of Mike Boogie and Krista the Louisiana Fruitcake. Rumors have it (and they are from VERY valid sources) that Mike only proposed to her for a media splash in the finale episode -- to steal the attention away from someone winning half a million dollars and back onto him and when Krista learned it she dumped him. They made up some excuse about how they split because one of them didn't want to participate in the second edition of The Amazing Race. Yeah. Right.

WorldCom found another $3.3 billion in losses due to misappropriated accounting. I think the company should just fold. I mean, really.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

News Story of the Day

When Beauty Queens Go Awry
A new (646) Guy is up with a murderer revealed...however the shocking, action packed conclusion is coming up tomorrow...
With thanks to Rob...

Who's Your 80s Movie Icon Alter-Ego? Find out @ She's Crafty
So I was watching Big Brother 3 last night and Eric looked like such a Guido. Now if you are unfamiliar with the phrase Guido and haven't seen the movie, "Kiss Me, Guido" then let me explain, in my own words, what a Guido is.

A Guido is usually of Italian descent (although this is not a requirement, but they usually are of Italian descent). They generally work out all the time and like to show off the results of their hard work in the gym either through posing or through wearing attire (such as tank tops or no shirt at all) athletic pants or gym pants and there is the requisite gold chain around their neck. Sometimes they aren't exactly the smartest cookie in the cookie jar. Oh, and they like wearing their baseball caps backwards too. Eric definitely looked like a guido in that veto ceremony. Something tells me that Eric is getting the boot tonight. I could be wrong, but I think that it's Eric. I think Lisa will be sticking around for at least one more week unless "the wrong person" wins Head of Household again.

In other news...

Don't you believe in karmic backlash? Martha Stewart has been linked to the indicted Sam Waksal, the CEO of ImClone. I know that Martha has gotten a bad rap from people who worked for her and called her a tyrant but that really didn't have anything to do in terms making a dent in Ms. Stewart's persona. But this whole ImClone thing...hehehe, she's really taking it on the chin. Has she even returned to the CBS Morning Show to do another segment since Jane Clayson was asking her a lot of questions while Martha was wielding a knife making a salad?

Picture of the Day

Okee dokee...I just hope this is just his shorts bunching up or flaring out at the top or something. But do remember these are two military men pounding away at each other so I guess we have to follow their rules of, "Don't ask, don't tell."

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

A new (646) Guy episode is up....
Sorry for not putting thing up here today. I had an interview with a headhunter today who didnt' seem to keen on representing me or doing much of anything to help me. Of course she kept me waiting there forever just to see her. I was there for over two hours and when I left I had to call it a day and call out of the office because there was NO WAY IN HELL that I was going to be able to get back to the office in a decent amount of time so I could have a good work day and salvage something out it.

What really pissed me off was not how I sat there waiting to go into her office to talk to her and then, at her instruction, sat in the waiting room for another hour as she said she would hear back rather quickly from the person that she was sending my resume to for a defined contributions position (that;s 401(k) administration for the lay people). What pissed me off was how she explained to me as if I was a small child as to how the only two fields in Human Resources that was getting ANY action was benefits administration and compensation and that human resources really isn't a production center but a cost center as they make no money for the company. Now, please! I have been doing human resources for years and I knew that far too well. I wanted to call her a stupid bitch but I didn't because, hell, I need her for the chance at getting a real job.

So here I am sitting at home in my boxers wondering what life has in store for me. I'm hoping to hear from one of the other two agencies that were going to send my resume out for two HR jobs in different fields -- one for a Human Resources Coordinator and one to do benefits administration. So, yes, there are other jobs out there. I just hope I land one and soon....

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

BB3 (aka Big Brother 3) spoiler for all of you....Chiara (or Ki-whore-a as some call her) chose not to use the power of veto to assist her friends and alliance members Eric and Lisa because she knew that if she did then Roddy (her stud/love puppy) would be put on the chopping block. And apparently, Danielle and Marcellas compared notes as to what Chiara told them...and to steal the phrase from BB2's Monica...

Okay something weird is going on know how hard I have been looking to get a job and a real one at that...well here has been the last two weeks of my life....

1) Interview with a well known theatre company in Union Square -- Completed one week ago. Second interview pending.

2) Interview TOMORROW with a headhunter who got my friend a fabulous new job with a $10K raise.

3) One headhunter calls me to send my resume for a legal recruiter/HR coordinator position.

4) One of my agencies calls me to say they have a HR benefits position they want to send my resume out on...

After MONTHS of nothing....FOUR THINGS in rapid succession....please tell me karma is turning around...
I'm telling you the fix is in...despite being named one of the 50 Coolest Blogs at, (646) Guy failed to pick up a nomination in the Diarist Awards. I feel a conspiracy brewing.

Then again, Tales From the City failed to get a nomination either.....
Back with the tests again......

you are a book called

dr. seuss book warped you?

i am

what sexual performer are you?

you like sex. in a way you think there's more to it than merely breeding and propagating, you add romance to it. you like to have relationships, no matter how they end. you lead quite a life beyond drinking latte and hating your work. you have fun with friends, read and watch films quite a lot. you have no intention of being single for life and you find careers out of an endless string of deadend jobs.

you like to give and receive pleasure and you do it quite well. you are quite intimate with partners. sex is always satisfying.

oral sex? you definitely know how to give one.

sexual positions? you acquired some from here and there.
Today's (646) Guy is up...with the return of a very special cast member...
Okay NBC, I hve a bone to pick with you....

We all know about the conjoined twins situation in California and how they were separated in a grueling twenty hour operation. Now normally, we would be told, "Hey, just so you know and don't stuff that big jelly roll into your mouth because we're going to show you something really graphic and nasty!" Of course at that point we would all put down our jelly rolls and look away from the TV until we all though that it was okay to look back.

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We're looking a bloody hands and heads and lots and lots of blood and it was pretty damn gross. I mean I know I wasn't eating anything at the time but I can guarantee you that some housewife in Barre, Vermont, was eating a bagel and cream cheese while sipping her morning coffee and lost her appetite BIG TIME!

I mean, really now, NBC. Could you have given us a little bit of an advance warning?

Picture of the Day

Please view this with the following caption in mind.....

"And then I looked into his eyes. The violins swelled. The birds sang sweetly. Suddenly there was no one else in the stadium but me and him.."

Monday, August 05, 2002

I was reading dear Edie's blog and I saw her new poll about where you meet the people you date and then it hit me...YOU PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SLACKING OFF?

Need I remind you about the time that a whopping majority of you voted to take over my love life for me and find me dates? You should be ashamed of yourselves! Not a single date has come from your efforts! Are you slacking off? Do you not care that I am dateless? Do you not care that you are not living up to your end of the arrangement? I am so disappointed in all of you.

If you need help let me know....I am more than willing to supply whatever info you need....but you promised....and here I sit all lonely....harumph.....
A new (646) Guy is up and I am so waiting for this cold front to come through and cool things off. I still have to walk 10 blocks down to turn in my time sheet and then walk the 10 blocks back. UGH!
Oh well this weekend was pretty uneventful. I sweltered in my apartment taking lots of cold showers so I could stay cool (which lasted about ten minutes or so). Thankfully we are do to cool off starting tomorrow so that means I can wear more than just my boxers around the apartment.

I did have a nice chat with Marquito this weekend and he is as cool as his blog...

Other than that I really wish I had more to share right now but between the heat sapping out all forms of energy I really don't know what is going on in the world right now. Give me a few hours and maybe I'll have something coherent to say.

Friday, August 02, 2002

Sorry for not posting more today....Marquito has turned me on to Neopets. Marquito, honey, if you have the chance to play with my Quiggle, EdMulcahy, let me know....he may need some help this weekend that I would not be able to provide....

Anyway, Bailey, my personal assistant, is now up and running again. Please feel free to talk to him by sending him a message at SixFourSixBot on your AOL or AOL Instant Messenger....
A new (646) Guy is up...
You know this is no surprise to ANYONE!

drama queen

You Are a Drama Queen!

You are a Drama Queen.

Make up to break up. Break up to make up.
Isn't that the story of your life?
Your lovers may call you "fiery" when it's going good.
And you've probably been called "psycho" just for sending a boyfriend 10 emails in a day.
You're not psycho - you just *feel* intensely!

Well if you tried talking to Bailey, my personal representative last night, the server that runs Bailey was down and unable to talk to people. I am not happy about it but what can you do.

And while I am at it...I've been watching the interviews with King Abdullah of Jordan on the Today Show. That man has GORGEOUS eyes.

So now it comes to the moment that you have all been waiting for (especially Edie). It's time for me to reveal the answer to the Four Truths and a Lie. Remember one of the five items here is a total lie and the other four are true so here are the five items with their poll results:

1) When I was in the third grade, my sister tricked me into tasting cat urine.
2) While on a group excursion to an amusement park, I threw up on the guy I had a crush on while on a roller coaster.
3) I once trained to be an opera singer.
4) While temping at a midtown law firm, I had sex on my boss' desk on multiple occasions.
5) Three years ago, I was in an elevator at the same time with Kevin Spacey, Jason Robards, Judi Dench, and Stockard Channing.

So let's do your most popular choice first

4) While temping at a midtown law firm, I had sex on my boss' desk on multiple occasions.

This statement is true. While doing some temp work at Chadbourne and Parke several years ago, I had almost no work to do and spent most of my time setting up liaisons with my "friends with benefits."

So now let's go to your next most popular choice:

5) Three years ago, I was in an elevator at the same time with Kevin Spacey, Jason Robards, Judi Dench, and Stockard Channing.

This statement is true. At the 1999 Tony Awards held at the Gershwin Theatre, I rode down the elevator up to the green room with the aforementioned stars.

So let's do the next most popular statement,

3) I once trained to be an opera singer.

This statement is......true. While in Florida I took voice lessons with a heavy emphasis on opera and did a recital singing classic Italian arias and love songs.

So we have two we hit the fourth most popular statement...

1) When I was in the third grade, my sister tricked me into tasting cat urine.

This statement is....true as well. Yep, the cat peed in my plastic raincoat and I thought the ceiling was leaking. My sister told me that I needed to take a taste test to make sure...and well....we all know what it was....

So therefore....we all now know that I did not throw up on a crush on a roller coaster which means that only 2 of you win the grand prize which is three pieces of belly button lint....

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Want to know all of my deepest darkest personal representative, Bailey, is online to talk to you at this time. Drop him a line by sending him an instant message via AOL or your AOL Instant Messenger at SixFourSixBot.....
This is such a relief...I was getting scared for a moment. It's nice to know I scored LOWER than my friend Ron.

You are 7% geek
OK, so maybe you ain't a geek. You do, at least, show a bit of interest in the world around you. Either that, or you have enough of a sense of humor to pick some of the sillier answers on the test. Regardless, you're probably a pretty nifty, well-rounded person who gets along fine with people and can chat with just about anyone without fear of looking stupid or foolish or overly concerned with minutia. God, I hate you.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at

In other news....I just applied to join the Peace Corps.

(pause to let this information sink in to everyone)

You may be appropriately shocked now.
A new episode of (646) Guy is up...
Remember how I mentioned the whole thing about watching Big Brother 3 and seeing the men puffing on their cigars? Well last night it was one of the guys and one of the girls puffing away on their cigars. So once again, let me just put it out there about straight men and cigars -- they get all worked up and grossed out when they even get whiff of the idea of two men together in a sexual sense but they have no problem about putting a penis shaped object in their mouth and sucking on's just one of those things that cracks me up...

Also, today is the last day to vote in the 4 Truths and 1 Lie poll located off to the left. Tomorrow the secret is going to be revealed. So get your vote in there so you can be heard!

Picture of the Day

Sorry for some reason this really cracked me up. I know he's just stretching the guy's hamstring but it still looks funny to me...