Friday, January 30, 2004

Some time today hit #100,000 will cross the Sitemeter below.

Just a reminder, if you're that lucky person who helps me cross that threshhold all you have to do is send me a screenprint of that lucky number and I will write a post about whatever you want.....within reason of course since I don't want to do mega research :). And of course if you're hit 100,001-100,005 you might want to get in there for potential runner up status)...
Quote of the Day

I've been on so many blind dates, I should get a free dog. -- Wendy Liebman

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Last night SuitMan and I went to the movies (as I already pointed out earlier). Actually Crash passed by me unexpectedly as I was waiting outside the theatre for SuitMan to arrive and had he waited maybe 45 seconds more he would have gotten to meet him.

When we took our seats in the theatre I either had my arm around him or we were holding hands for the entire length of the movie. It made some of the dance sequences really romantic between us (especially the number in the rain out in the park). There were times when either of us would squeeze the other's hand when it was a particularly beautiful or moving portion of the choreography. Like I said...visually stunning but the story line was nonexistent at all.

Maybe the through line was the constant playing of "My Funny Valentine" in various forms?

Anyway, after the movie we kinda hung around for a while and then shared a long........hug and a few short kisses outside the theatre. Yes...still trying not to get too emotionally involved....but I also think we're both holding back....
Whale explodes on busy Taiwan street.

I'm not making this up.
Quote Conversation of the Day

SuitMan: I have something critical to say of the movie. It was very beautifully done...

646Guy: But no real story.

SuitMan: Yes...

-- following the new Robert Altman film The Company.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Okay....we're not seeing Big Fish after all. Turns out SuitMan and I are both fans of Robert Altman.

And while I'm at it....I'm rapidly approaching hit number 100,000. Taking a page from her, should you be the 100,000th hit, send me a screenprint of the Sitemeter (located at the bottom of the page) and I will write about the topic of your choice (within relative reason...I mean it can't be something I need to do mega research on to discuss ya know) the following day.

Now, for those that are 100,001 and beyond...just in case hit number 100,000 doesn't come through within THREE DAYS of achieving said goal, person who send me a screenshot and is the closest to 100,000 will get the coveted slot.

My God that sounds way too much like The Price is Right...
Sigh. Why be sad? I had to what Poison's episode of "Behind the Music" on VH1 to make sure those fuckers didn't say anything about me.

Don't get me started people....don't get me started....don't get me started....
"Wait a minute," my friend Mark says to me on the phone last night, "you're going to go to a movie that you don't really want to see (Big Fish if you must know) just so you can spend time with SuitMan?"

"Well, it's not just to spend time with SuitMan. I mean we talked about going to the movies this week and this is the film that he really wants to see. I'm not going to take him to something depressing like Mystic River. If it was solely up to me then I would choose something like Lost in Translation."

"You know what this means, right?" Mark says after a short pause.

"No, but I'm scared you're going to tell me," is my pithy reply.

"You're in love."

Pause as we all digest this tidbit.

"WHAT?" is my pretty loud reply.

"You're in love. You're doing something that you really don't want to do because you know it will make the guy you're dating happy."

"That is not love."

"Dude, that is love whether you want to believe it or not."
Quote of the Day

Touch me! -- Some random person on the street last night to her male companion that I passed by last night.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Update to today's quote of the supervisor is taking my coworker to lunch to discuss this...and he's siding with me on it...
You know you're starting off to a bad day when you have to utter the following to someone:

Quote of the Day aren't my supervisor, you aren't my boss. If you look on the org chart you're sitting right next to me so get off of your power trip and let me get the work I need to do done so I can get you to stop bitching that I'm not doing anything and if you can't see the corallation in those two things then you're not exactly the brightest bulb in the box now are you... -- Yours truly to a coworker this morning because frankly...I had just had it and my real boss had done nothing about it...

Monday, January 26, 2004

Okay for some odd reason Fish and I have been creating a soap opera based on our blogging friends....

So far I am Miles Alexander Bainbridge, Esq., and Fish is Hayley Reese Thibodeaux.

You are Nicholas Ryan Cranston and you are not only his wife but also my sister (and law partner), Emily Michelle Bainbridge-Cranston.

You are fashion designer Hannah Truelove.

You are Bradley James Wadsworth. But we just call you BJ....

So far we have BJ breaking up with Hayley sending her into a drunken fit where she gets arrest for some DWI and I have to defend her...

It's working for me for some reason....
Weekend Recap

Let me see if I can get through the remainder of the weekend (plus other random thoughts going through my head) since the Saturday morning threesome offer...

Saturday, I spent most of the day in the apartment alternately cleaning and watching the Game Show Network. I'm sorry, there's just something about old Match Game reruns that get to me. I dunno if it's the fashions, the hairdos, Charles Nelson Reilly's toupee, or the ribald sense of humor...but it cracks me up.

Went to Marie's Crisis later Saturday night with some guys from the rugby team. It took us FOREVER to get a song that wasn't written back in the 1950s played. After a litany of songs from Oklahoma (one of the dreariest, boring musicals ever written, IMHO), My Fair Lady, and a barely tolerable montage from West Side Story (not really that the show isn't tolerable because it is but rather the people singing some of the solo parts that made me want to kill). Highlights from that excursion was running into my friend Scott who I hadn't seen since the Tony Awards, a lovely rousing chorus of "Ring Them Bells" by Maggie (who oddly enough I ran into the following night while walking home), and my big solo (if you can really call it that) during "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago. After wasn't really worth being there because there were way too many people in the very tiny bar and I just wasn't in the mood to take another elbow to the ribs so I went home. I did turn to one woman who was pushing me to get a better view/position/something despite there being plenty of room in her other direction and said, "Look I'm not moving so stop pushing."

SuitMan called during the festivities at Marie's Crisis. I invited him to come along and left him a message on his cell phone while I was cabbing down that I was heading for some merriment with the ruggers. He didn't get my message until close to midnight and as he lives on the Upper East Side, getting down to Chelsea would have been a bit of a hike for him. He really wanted to join us but given the weather (really cold) and as he's about 90% recovered from his illness he didn't want to risk it and frankly I don't blame him.

We made plans to get together the following day which bombed out. He knew I was attending a book reading (more on that in a moment) that evening and really wanted to spend some serious time together. However, with me getting to bed way too late and him having to run some errands that took longer than expected it just never happened. I decided to take the plunge and ask him if he would want to see a movie or something later in the week and he said that sounded perfect.

You have to understand the implication of him agreeing to this -- I've asked him this a few times before and he's always turned me down. I'm taking this as a good sign but tempering it with the fact that I know he's most likely moving back to Colombia. I know, I know...I'm most likely setting myself up for a big heartbreak should he ultimately move, but what's that line about the best way to love is to love as if you've never been hurt...or will never be hurt. Okay...not saying that I'm in love with him but you get the picture. I think the best part about this (if this can even be considered the best part) is that I know what the most likely outcome is going to be but I'm still willing to take the risk and isn't that what life is supposed to be about -- taking those risks?

So...back to the non-philosophical part of the weekend recap...I went to a book reading last night at the Revelations Theatre. It was for Dennis Hensley's book "Screening Party" (link to it on Amazon on the right). Now, this book came out in 2002 and I went to a reading for this book around the time that I started playing rugby. My friend Maev was with me that evening (as well as last night) when he both starting uproariously laughing during the reading's more humorous moments and were declared by the author as his favorite audience members ever. I found pictures of the two of us that he took at the 2002 reading (one of which I posted somewhere on this site with a followup after pic) and was just shocked at the difference. I even shot the author an email with before and after pics to show the difference and got a very complimentary note back from him.

Well, guess who else was shocked -- the author! I purchased a new copy of both of his books as mine are so beaten up from continuous re-reads (because they are just that damn good) and he said to me at the table during intermission that he would sign them for me after the show (which was fine with me) and I settled in for the second half when I wished he was doing the Flashdance chapter but we got the equally satisfying Glitter chapter at the end. I only wish he had kept the "Mama's Family" reference in there. Then again, I probably would have liked them to do the Sound of Music chapter as well but we all can't have what we want.

After the show, I dutifully stood in line to get my books signed with my friend Maev when it registered in his head who we were (because hell, I wasn't going to say, "By the way do you remember me?") and he was grabbing cast members from the last reading to remind them of us (which I don't think they did but seeing him that happy kinda made me happy so oh well). I only wish he had grabbed the guy playing "Ross" because I thought he was cute in 2002 and he's still cute in 2004 ("In your pussy?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....oh you just have to read the strippers chapter to get that reference people...). Anyway, I got some nice inscriptions in both books and a hug from the author (who wanted to see a "before" pic if I had one on me -- my work ID of all things) with the promise that he would send me the file to have my own Gregory Harrison iron on (again, go to the strippers chapter).

With that I walked back to the apartment where I ran into Maggie from Marie's Crisis and I chatted with her for a moment (she was walking her dog at the time) before dashing home to watch the remainder of the Golden Globes (which wasn't nearly as entertaining as Dennis Hensley's reading -- which incidentally is happening again tonight as well) and eat a very late dinner before curling up in bed and going to sleep.

So...that was my was yours?

Oh then I took this quiz....and here are my results...I'm kinda happy since I think he's kinda least it wasn't Carson...

Kyan: Grooming Guru

Which Member from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is your type?
brought to you by Quizilla
This guy either just linked to me or I just noticed a hit from a link on his site for the first time. My friend Tina's reaction is today's Quote of the Day....

He's too cute to link to you... -- Tina, seconds before I bitchslapped her. Okay so I didn't slap her. I just wanted to...but instead we got the Response of the Day

What...only ugly people are allowed to link to me? -- Yours truly

Saturday, January 24, 2004

So....your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated....

I logged onto my computer Saturday morning and was reading through my emails when this IM popped up. I looked at who it was and it turned out to be one half of a couple I know that live down in Chelsea. It's been a while since we talked so it was kinda nice to hear from them. Then I got this message (and please note this is not their handle nor their names):

2GuysinChelsea: So...we're both kinda horny. Wanna come over?

646Guy: Ha ha early in the day? Didn't have your morning J/O yet?

2GuysinChelsea: Nope not yet. :)

646Guy: So what are you waiting for?

2GuysinChelsea: You to get your hot ass here.

646Guy: Eh...just wake up John. He'll take care of it for you.

2GuysinChelsea: Oh he's up alright.

Pause in the conversation as the realization starts to dawn on me.

2GuysinChelsea: We're serious, you know.

You have to understand something about this moment...maybe three, four months ago I would have jumped at the opportunity to have a threesome with this couple. They are incredibly hot men (at least to me) and we've joked around about getting together but we were never really serious although there was that one evening where the opportunity was more seriously talked about (at least on their end) and I thought it was more joking until we were talking about a week later and I learned they were serious about going back to their place. Of course I tried setting up something with them once before and it just never panned out. Lots of flirting but never got together.

So here's the opportunity for me to have some hot sex with two incredibly hot men...something that's been hinted at for quite some time in various forms and now it's being bluntly presented to me on the proverbial silver platter and I found myself actually pausing to think about it before I answered.

2GuysinChelsea: Well?

Here I am staring at the screen wondering what to say since I have to say something. I can't just leave him sitting there.

646Guy: Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....

What the fuck do I say to this? And why am I pausing to answer? Why am I not jumping at the opportunity? Why am I not already in a cab and heading down to them? I could be one third of a sweaty trio, rolling around experiencing the heights of physical pleasure and I'm hedging on it? What is wrong with me?

646Guy: Ya know...I don't think so.

2GuysinChelsea: That's cool, man. How's it going otherwise?

From there the conversation went to normal "So what's new in your life?" conversation. But in the back of my mind the previous conversation is still playing in the back of my head. I said no? How could I have turned them down? What was I thinking? If I get a second chance to join them I might just change my mind and go down there and have some fun. Yeah that's what I'll do. I'll just head down there and live it up. I deserve it right? I had a long week (if not a long month or two) and it's been quite some time since I've had that kind of fun. Why the hell not? Why not head down to Chelsea and wedge myself in between two guys and get off? Why not head to Chelsea and just throw all of my inhibitions away? So yeah....if they ask again I'll just say yes....or hell, why not even ask if the offer is still on the table? I'm entitled to some fun right?

2GuysinChelsea: Okay Brian, have to run. Last chance to join us?


646Guy: Thanks man, not today. I have a lot to do.

2GuysinChelsea: I know how that is. Talk to you later.
2GuysinChelsea has logged off.

So I said no. Again.

My God. Am I actually looking for more out of life than just a casual fling? Something more than a one night stand? Something permanent for a change?

I think I'm growing up, people.

How fucking scary is that?
Quote of the Day

This man is dancing even when he's standing still. -- Ken Goldstein, Siberia....soon followed by, Twist you dancing fool. Twist!

Quick breakdown of last night's festivities...

Do not go to AZ. That place sucks. The people there are rude. The bartender REFUSED to serve our group. Now we're talking a group that would easily average about 70 people on hand during a given hour and given our propensity to drink....well....they got screwed. Siberia, though....better choice. You gotta love a place that has no sign on the door telling you it's a bar and has just a red light over the door to let you know it's there. My thanks to her (my dancing partner) and him for letting me cab over with them to Siberia. Now, if one of them happens to broadcast a picture of me in a disco diva spin....I was so on crack....

First person I saw...Zeebah looking smashing as ever. She was with Pitchaya (who didn't bring cookies) and Mike. I had just come from the gym so my body was a little battered from the hard workout but it was worth it.

Of course when I saw Ms. Solly, I had to go run over and see her since she's my diva bitch. (Honey I would link you but I don't know your new URL). She, amongst many other people took to rubbing my shaven head. Poor Jim seemed to be absolutely giddy about it since he was bringing people over to rub my head at random intervals. Also, he gives pretty good hugs too...he showed up with Jane who really showed that she knew how to shake her groove than when the time came. I was half expecting her to start smacking Jim on the ass at one point...

This woman looked fucking awesome and makes a great disco dancing partner -- especially when you're picking her up to twirl her in the air.

Oh...the official 646Guy "How Gay Can We Get? Music Block" took a while to kick off but when it did we had a five-in-row hitfest of "Last Dance" by Donna Summer, "Respect" by Aretha (no last name needed), "Dancing Queen" from the Mamma Mia! cast recording, "Time Warp" from the revival cast recording of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and finally, the gayest of the gay, "You Can't Stop the Beat" from the cast recording of Hairspray. The best moment came when Liz (aka Zeebah) came up to me to report that her girlfriend Lauren thought that "You Can't Stop the Beat" was the gayest song that had been played so far that evening.

My butt was grabbed and I got to grab the butts of three people (one of them male and straight no less -- but he shall remain anonymous) of hte grabbers was a little astonished that my butt was as firm as it was. Squats, I tell ya. Squats.

When he showed up, then the party truly got started. Of course we got on a random tangent of "cock blocking" and provided me with today's's just not a night until he shows up.

And of course....this man...well he just knows how to throw one heck of a party....

Friday, January 23, 2004

And then there was good father who was laid off in the middle of last year now has a job.

Personally I think the impetus for him to find work came when he finally decided to move Psycho Grandmother (yes, it's his mother) down to Florida. After all the time he spent in the house with her it would be good for him to be away from her. On the bad side, it most likely means that my mom will be spending more time with Psycho Grandmother. On the bad side for PG, she will be alone during the day and not really knowing a lot of people in the area. Part of me thinks that won't be good for her....
Bad dinner conversation topic:

70 year old men getting fisted for fifteen hours.
Quote of the Day

I am confirming the reports that Jennifer Lopez has ended her engagement to Ben Affleck. At this difficult time, we ask that you respect her privacy. -- Jennifer Lopez' spokesperson.

Response of the Day

Yeah right. As if that will happen. -- Yours truly

Thursday, January 22, 2004

One of my coworkers brought this news article to my attention and said although she understood why people were upset by this "campaign" of sorts, but thinks that the school district got it wrong.

"South Africa is part of Africa right?" she said.

"Well, yes..."

"So that makes him African, right? Even if he's white he's African. He's from Africa."

"Well, yes..."

"Charlize Theron is from South Africa. She's African. Just because you're white doesn't mean that you can't be African. If you're from Africa, then you're African."

"Well...I guess..."

I wasn't sure of what to say to my coworker.

Incidentally, the coworker who brought this to my attention is black.
Quote of the Day

Holy shit that hurts... -- One of the guys from The Apprentice last night as he was getting his legs waxed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Clicking here will cause you to become immediately addicted to this game. My best is 323.5...

I apologize in advance...
So there's something good about this Series 7 training helped explain the finale of the movie Trading Places for me...

You see for the longest time I never really understood how they bankrupted the bad guys in the stock market. I mean I knew that they had bought positions at a way high price but I never really got how they made all of the THEIR money. I remember asking my dad what really happened at the end and all he could say was, "They just made a lot of money." I asked how and he said, "Um...through good business." This of course was the first sign to my young mind that my dad really didn't know it all...
Quote of the Day

Oooh maybe next time she does that we can have Bellvue come get her and put her through electroshock therapy. That would be fun, wouldn't it? -- My lovely delightful and totally twisted friend Lisa

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Quote of the Day

Do you sound like that when you're having sex? -- Yours truly to SuitMan last night throwing a question he asked me on Friday night back at him.

Monday, January 19, 2004

So let's talk about Friday night....

(Let me preface all of this by saying that SuitMan and I have never had sex or seen each other naked)

SuitMan and I had talked about doing dinner and we got together at his place where we were going to watch a movie and order in some dinner. I did the shower and change thing and since he told me to come over in something comfortable (he recommended sweat pants), I took over a pair of rugby shorts with me. I probably shouldn't have been wearing boxers that allowed you to see right up them when I'm laying down or sitting in certain positions. It wasn't a conscious decision to wear that it just happened to be what I had on...we agreed that it would be an early night for both of us since he had to go to work and I had various things to do the following day including waiting for the cable guy to come and install my new cable (swoon....cable)....

We talked for a long time about our lives and background (and his ex). One of the funnier moments came when I said, "Thank God nothing about me resembles your ex." He looked at me with a look that said, "Oh really?" He showed me a picture of his ex...shaved head, goatee, hazel eyes. We also learned that we both have incredibly sensitive nipples. I think I'm cuter though. Anyway...about an hour after being there, we finally ordered dinner (whcih was good since I was STARVING by then) and we popped in the movie, Strictly Ballroom, and curled up together. He had never seen the movie before so there were a few minimal explanations that had to be made. Well he loved the movie and we rewatched the final climactic dance sequence a few times because...well it's just an amazing scene.

After the movie was over we tried to watch some TV but as his cable sound was out for some odd reason and we ran across Didi Cohn in the 1977 classic You Light Up My Life and we had fun creating dialogue to go with the movie. My version treated the scene where she first sings the song as a trip the the gynocolegist's office and then we got that big scene where she croons the song which had me saying things like, "Oh wow, the orchestra all knows my song without ever having rehearsed or seen the sheet music before!" and SuitMan saying things like, "Oh wow, I'm going to cum in my pants right now!" But the really nice part was he actually had a copy of Debbie Boone's version burned onto a CD and we actually slow danced to it in hs apartment which was kinda romantic and kinda sappy all in one moment. I would have danced closer, but it was rather obvious that he was aroused and well...I'm not THAT slutty. Hell, considering it's been nearly a month since I've had sex...I can't even be considered a slut.

Curling back up on the futon, we looked at some pictures of his family and friends (with the occasional shot of the ex thrown in) and spent some good time just talking about things including his impending move back to Colombia which I have vowed to myself I am not going to talk him out of or even attempt to change his mind through any action on my part. It wouldn't be fair or right to him. I would feel horrible if I kept him from moving back to be with his family and it turned out that our relationship wasn't going to work out or anything like that. I would feel like total shit for doing something like that.

But anyway...I digress....

So about 2:30 in the morning ("So much for an early evening," SuitMan said...) he turns to me and says, "So....are you spending the night? Yeah you should, you won't get a cab here for a while." So with that we both made our trips to the bathroom and I let him pick what side of the bed he wanted to sleep on and we curled up in bed together. Now, I remembered he made a comment about how he normally sleeps naked so I made the comment about how he was still dressed in bed (in silk pajamas no less) and he took my hand and alerted me to the fact that he wasn't wearing anything below the waist anymore. So not being one to be the fully clothed one, I joined him and, sure enough, with thirty minutes, we were both buck naked but just sleeping side by side. No sex. Just laying there with my arm draped over him and he was holding my hand. There were a few occasional gropes on both of our parts but for the most part we just curled up and slept.

Morning came and I gently woke up SuitMan as he had to go to a follow up doctor's appointment and I had to get home to wait for the cable guy amidst several other projects I had going on. We sat on the edge of the bed for a while really not saying much before I started getting dressed again then I rejoined him on the bed. I finally left giving him a nice kiss and grabbed a cab home. He called me later that day and we talked very briefly about the previous night where be both agreed that we had fun but he said that we could never do it again. I know he was more or less referring to the groping that went on that night but I believe that he was also referring to establishing any deep emotional connection prior to his departure to Colombia. We're going to be talking about it again tonight I am sure....

So that was my was yours?

Amusing moment of the night -- going to the bathroom and seeing resting on the towel rack in the shower. I brought it up with a smirk on my face when I got back to the living room and asked him about it (in a teasing way of course) and he turned about nine shades of red. His only response, "At least you know I keep my toys clean..."
Quote of the Day

Last can never happen again. -- SuitMan on Saturday morning

Friday, January 16, 2004

And now there are two......

He's wavering slightly but with about 98% authority, SuitMan is moving back to Colombia in June.....(Union Girl you tell anyone and I'll shoot you!)

I just got out of my Series 7 training class. There is no way in hell I am passing this test. There is just so much information slammed into a little bit of time that it is so overwhelming. I have a lot of reading to do over the weekend along with a lot of studying of my notes and a few practice tests I have to take to see where I stand...

I just got out of the class and my head is throbbing and I could barely stay awake for the last thirty minutes or so.

Ugh. Sometimes life just really sucks....
Quote of the Day

I've got a six bedroom life and a studio apartment. -- Crash

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Random thought download time.....

I dunno if it's still snowing.

But it was cold last night.

And I was sleeping alone.

I wasn't supposed to be sleeping alone.

Mr. 63225 (one of my "harem" as Crash put it) was to come over for dinner and snuggling before he left for Florida but he cancelled at the last minute.

I took my laundry to the place across the street as recommended by the guy I am subletting for.

I will never take it to them again.

Their rates are through the roof ($43????) so I'll just take it up the street next time.

I should have taken it there to begin with.

Or just do it myself next time.

Yeah right.

I haven't done my own laundry since 1998.

The woman at the laundromat misspelled my name too.

She spelled it "Brien" even though I spelled it out letter by letter.

Uta Hagen died.

That made me sad.

Crash said he liked her ice cream. (Bad joke, I know, but this is Crash we're talking about here.)

I bought groceries last night.

Somewhere in my refrigerator is a wedge of port wine cheese.


I love dill pickles too (and not because they can sometimes resemble penises).

They were on sale last night.

I bought three jars.

My mother thought that was odd.

I also bought my favorite hummus in the world too.


I put together the ottomans that go with the chairs I bought at IKEA last night too while watching the news.

Carol Mosely Braun is dropping out of the presidential race and supporting Howard Dean.

Personally, I like her.

Never thought she stood a chance though.

No one at my office knows who she is.

I went to the gym last night.

It was a leg day. That means my legs are sore today.

And so is my butt oddly enough (well maybe odd for you but not really for me).

My butt is sore from working out not from some other sordid activities.

Where have you put Spaulding Grey?

Or maybe you have him?

Most likely it's you I bet.

I don't want to be at work today.

They're making Lime Diet Coke.

Gag me.

Kumquats. Just because.

Why wasn't I nominated for a SAG award?

Poodles....why do they exist?

For some reason I have the theme to the Foxwoods commercial running through my head and I can't get it out.

I put my underwear on inside out today.

I don't know what that means.

If anything.

I think I'm done.


Yeah...I'm done.
Quote of the Day

You have to regard everything I say with suspicion - I may be trying to bullshit you, or I may just be bullshitting you inadvertently. -- J. Wainwright

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Sigh....nothing to say today....just sleepy....
Quote of the Day

If at first you don't succeed, well, so much for Russian Roulette. -- Unknown

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I feel so sorry for my brush. It just sits on my sink counter and never gets used anymore but I'm too attached to it to throw it away.

I know it's just wrong, but it's how I am.
Quote of the Day

Booze may not be the answer, but it helps you to forget the question. -- Lieutenant Henry Mon

Monday, January 12, 2004

Just when I had reconciled everything with myself about the Kik'e situation, I get a litany of emails and comments putting the blame on me...sigh....

Here's the story for those of you that haven't been paying attention: He knew I was dating other people. All of the men that I am dating KNOW that I am dating other men. (Please note that DATING doesn't mean that I'm having SEX with them. If you want to get technical, I've only had sex with TWO of them.) They accept that fact (or if they don't they haven't told me). I don't lie about the fact that I am dating other people. I'm upfront about it and should the relationship get serious then, yes, I am willing and prepared to break it off with the other people.

This whole dating thing is a new world for me. After my break up with my boyfriend in Florida (really bad, thrown/broken items, major drama, etc), I opted to pull back and not date for a turned out to be over six years before I had a date. The first date I had in NYC was last year and I've been living here since 1998. I'm still working out what the hell I want in a guy since what I wanted when I was 21 or 22 isn't the same as what I want now.

Do I accept my part in all of this...yes, I do. I fully do. However, in whatever relationship you are in, it is a two way street. Part of me would have at least liked to have known that Kik'e had started seeing someone else and it had turned somewhat serious. Actually, I'm happy that he found someone that can give him what he needs emotionally, physically, etc. If it works out for him, I have no complaints. He and I will probably wind up being good friends through all of this as well...

As for me...yes, I'm starting to focus on one person now -- SuitMan. Hopefully, I will be seeing him tonight and can hopefully make something work out.

It's a weird this dating attempt to connect to people and hope that there's something more than just the see if the inner matches the is one thing but love is another. I'm not expecting miracles as my sole resolution for 2003 was to put myself out there more to meet new people and start dating again (something I think I more than accomplished). I guess for 2004, I'm looking for love now...I'm looking to get serious. It's kinda scary....but I think it's going ot be a lot of fun finding out who is a good fit for me...
Quote of the Day II

Hookah's not like weed, is it? -- Britney "Married for 55 Hours" Spears
Quote of the Day

Cat philosophy: When in doubt, cop an attitude. -- Unknown

Sunday, January 11, 2004

As many of you know, I don't post over the weekend but there was just something that happened tonight that has compelled me to return to the keyboard over the weekend...

The five guys I was dating....

....down to four.

Sadly it's one of the 2 guys that I could really get serious about too....

What's even worse....I had to find out he has been seriously dating someone for the past two months....something that he hasn't told me about. (For the record, we're talking about Kik'e, not about SuitMan.)

So here's the conundrum I am in: How pissed can I really get over this? I mean, we weren't seriously dating so to that extent I really can't get too upset. But I thought I had pretty much made it clear that I was interested in him and would like to see where it went so part of me is saying that I can get a little mad.

I guess what I'm really more upset about is that I had to hear about it from a third party and not from Kik'e himself. Here I was hearing about his new relationship for the first time and I was in complete shock. I mean I know he's been away and out of the country and in Hawaii and all and he did call me around Christmas to wish me a great holiday but...ya know...can't you just tell a guy when it's not going to work and instead lead me on to believe that I still have a chance. I mean all of our conversations involved me saying at the end something to the extent of getting together and seeing each other and he's always responded in the positive.


Men...why do I put up with this....

I'm gonna curl up in bed....alone....and go to sleep now.....

Friday, January 09, 2004

I took both of these tests very seriously....hmmmm think there's a trend here???

Why I Like Having a Gay Doctor

Exceprts from today's appointment

Doc: (in reference to my very shaved head) What did you do? Can I touch it? (touches it) Have you rubbed it over someone's naked body?


Doc: So...I take it he's hung?


Me: So enough about me...what about you? What do you think of me? (And yes...I actually did say this as a joke....)

Doc: I think you're looking hot!


Doc: So she'll be in to draw your blood in a second and don't worry I've warned her about your fear of pricks. (pauses) Well...being pricked. (pauses again) You know what I mean...
Last night was our first fundraising bash of the year held at the Balls, Boards, and Blades event at XL. We brought in around $377 just from selling raffle tickets alone for some nice prizes and the place was packed on the second level with people milling about, drinking, and generally having a great time.

One of the more interesting moments of the evening came when two of the guys I've been dating arrived a few minutes apart. Thankfully in this case neither of them knew each other unlike Halloween when I stressed over the Kik'e/Chad meeting and then even more so when I realized they knew each other and then three beers later I was over this case it just involved some successful maneuvering from one portion of the bar to the other. No, the other man wasn't SuitMan even though this guy was in a suit as well. SuitMan, sadly, is still sick but at least he's sounding better.

I did get to see Crash's new love interest. Didn't get to see the kissing he alluded to on his blog but the guy is very cute and I didn't do anything evil (at least that I remember) in front of SoccerBoy. For the most part, I was on my best behavior.

About midway through the event, I got really nauseous. I don't know if it was because there were so many people crammed into the small upstairs space or because I haven't been feeling well for a while or what have you but about halfway through I really needed to get away and sit down. Sadly, all of the couches in the upstairs area were taken or covered with coats (um...COAT CHECK PEOPLE???) and the bar stools are so oddly shaped and so small (after all it is a Chelsea bar) that only one butt cheek could comfortable fit on it which meant that I ultimately had to go downstairs and sit on a bar stool for a while and just chill. I don't think it was an anxiety attack or anything but all of a sudden I had this overwhelming desire to sit down. Sadly I didn't stay sitting for long enough because when I was leaving to catch a cab my hamstrings were tight and I could barely run let alone walk to the cab and poor Jorge had ot stand there with the door open until I could run up and get in. This morning my legs are so incredibly sore -- more than normal which makes me think that I should do some more stretching or something and see if that relieves some of the pain. At least I'm hoping it's a stretching issue...

Last night, though, I did get a good night's sleep for the first time in a while. Yeah I woke up once I think but compared to the past few months that's a good thing.
Quote of the Day

Why do blessings wear disguises? If I were a blessing, I'd run around naked! -- Estelle Getty as Sophia Petrillo on The Golden Girls.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

You need to use Crash's appropriate tone of sarcasm when you read this quote from a recent phone conversation:

"Ohio Woman Admits Lying in Lottery Case. Well that's a shock."
To steal from Crash for a moment...consider yourself invited as well...2 for 1 drinks, raffle prizes, hot men in rugby's all for a good cause....

Rugby Party
XL -- 2nd floor mezzanine level
16th St. btw 8th and 9th Ave.
Thursday, January 8th
2 for 1 drinks from 7-9

Be there!
Quote of the Day

Dedicated to him...

[Terrance:] Shut your fucking face uncle fucka
You're a cock sucking ass licking uncle fucka
You're an uncle fucka, yes its true
Nobody fucks uncles quite like you

[Phillip:] Shut your fucking face uncle fucka
You're the one that fucked your uncle, uncle fucka
You dont eat or sleep or mow the lawn,
You just fuck your uncle all day long

[farting noises]

[Terrance:] Hmm!

[farting noises]


[farting noises]

[Some Guy:] What's going on here?

[farting noises]

[People:] OOOoooooooooooooh
Fucker fucker uncle fucka uncle fucka fucka fucka fucka

[T & P:] Shut your fucking face uncle fucka

[Terrance:] uncle fucka

[Terrance:] You're a boner biting bastard uncle fucka

[Phillip:] You're an uncle fucka I must say

[Terrance:] Well you fucked your uncle yesterday

[Everyone: (laughing)]

[People:] Uncle fucka... thats

[Everyone:] U-N-C-L-E fuck you Uncle
Fuckaaaaaa tonight...

[Phillip:] Suck my balls!

-- from the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Welcome William Lee to the world!

With my mother...

With my brother-in-law's sister, my other nephew (Rob) holding him, and my brother-in-law. Doesn't my nephew look so happy...
Brian's First Really Bad Stereotypical Joke of 2004

With my apologies....

Q: How many Jewish mothers does it take to change a light bulb?

A: (Sigh) Don't bother. I'll sit in the dark. I don't want to be a nuisance to anybody.
I'm an uncle again.

William Lee (or Will as we will be calling him) was born this morning via C-section just after 8:00am. He was 19 inches long and six pounds, ten ounces. He was to be delivered at the end of last year but the doctors determined that his lungs weren't developed enough for them to proceed with the operation.

Mother and child are doing well.

Pics will be forthcoming as soon as I get them.
Quote of the Day

I don't wanna. I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna. -- Yours truly this morning right before I left for work.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I've been thinking a lot about my love life as of late. I've poked fun about dating multiple men at once and, for the most part, not having sex with them when I'm really trying to pursue something serious rather than something temporary (shocking I know but you can only be a slut for so long).

Yeah, I've been dating/seeing a few guys. Only two really measure up to the point where if they asked me to go exclusive I would readily agree. The others...part of me wonders why I'm really dating them when I know that there is probably very little chance that anything would ever really come out of it except maybe the occasional sexcapade. Last year, I made it my resolution that I would work towards making my love life much better and take a few chances on dating some guys. I didn't expect that I would close out the year with more than enough men to make my life seem like the latest episode of The Young and The Restless.

Maybe I should have been a bit more specific when I decided to take a few more chances and risks in my love life. Maybe I should have said something to the extent of "being in a relationship with someone" rather than just "dating someone." I think of my friend Michael who got out of a long term relationship late last year and is already living with his current paramour that he met towards the end of last year. He's never really had a problem find a date or dating someone (which has always secretly pissed me off to a certain extent) but he always seems to be the lucky one in love between the two of us.

So what do I want....God if I could only answer that question. I guess I want the simplest thing of find love. How does that song line go..."The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

That would be nice and I would make it my resolution for 2004 but....well....why put unnecessary pressure on myself ya know...if it happens, it happens....but God I want it to happen.....
Quote of the Day

The joke's on me. -- Former Miss Missouri Larissa Meek on last night's episode of Average Joe 2

Monday, January 05, 2004

Monday Meltdown

Okay let's his the meltdown trail. There's a lot to cover and I've got a little time to do it in so here goes nuthin'....

Pete Rose finally admits he bets on baseball. Good. I still say keep him out of the Hall of Fame. It's bad enough that he bet on baseball but it's even worse that he lied about doing it, denied it for so many years, and is now only coming clean when he's on the tail end of his eligibility to be voted into the Hall of Fame (expires in 2005) before he has to get voted in through the veterans committee. Personally, I think that's all he wants. I think he could care less about anything else. He's lied about it ever since it happened and just because he comes clean now we're supposed to go, "Oh, that's okay Mr. Rose. Here's your plaque for the Hall of Fame that we've been storing in our warehouse just in case something like this happened." Fuck that.

I went to The Donkey Show on Saturday night with my friend Gina. It was good because I hadn't seen Gina in a while and it was just a night to let loose and have some fun despite all of the hell I had been going through in the month of December. For those not in the know, The Donkey Show is a disco version of A Mid-Summer Night's Dream. THe show starts off with you dancing for about 45 minutes or so with the "fairies" who are basically these really buff guys in disco hot pants and boots. One of them was this really humpy Latino guy with these chocolate brown eyes that made you just melt when he looked at you. Well...most of the people in the place weren't in the dancing mood I guess because no matter how hard they tried to get the audience involved there were some people who were just standing around doing absolutely nothing. But there was me and Gina just dancing like we were on Dance Fever and hoping Donny Most would give us a 75. The fairies were coming up and dancing with Gina who passed off her purse and bottle of water to me each time because hell...she got to get in and get physical with the guys and frankly I was a little jealous. The highlight though came when they played "It's Raining Men." During one moment, I dropped down to my knees while in beat to the music and started doing some dancing at Gina's feet including me arching my back to wear my head was maybe two inches from the floor and gyrating like a mad man. Gina's comment -- the dancing fairies had no idea how to handle that moment but over Gina's screams of delight, I could hear someone behind me going, "Yeah, boy! You go!" That night legs were killing me for that move....

Steve Irwin -- WHAT A FREAK! First he takes his newborn child out to a crocodile feeding and then says that it was just being a good parent since he lives in crocodile country. He's on the Today Show this morning and was just freaking out and demanding that Matt Lauer play the alternate footage of the same scene but no matter how hard Matt Lauer tried to get him to shut up so they could play the clip Steve Irwin WOULD NOT SHUT UP. He kept going on and on and on and would not admit that was even a remote possibility that something bad could have happened if for any reason the animal made a sudden movement or he fell. Matt made the great point that Roy Horn thought he had the tiger under control that mauled him as well and it turns out he didn't after all. I guess what really gets me here is that Steve Irwin was acting pretty much like an ass during his interview and really and truly didn't come off that well at all.

Britney Spears getting married. She says it was a joke that just went too far. Hmmm...yeah a joke. Not a publicity stunt. I mean when you hear that you have to get a marriage license when you first go to explore the possibility of this "joke" and then you actually go and get the marriage license...well that's when it's really not a joke anymore. You're actually going to go through with it. A joke gone too far? Yeah the joke is you thought you could tell that lie to the media and get away with it. Puh-leeze Britney. We're smarter than that....

I need to get back to the gym. I'm under doctor's order to stay away for one more week before getting back into the groove and it's gonna drive me nuts if I don't get back in there sooner. Sigh. Oh well...what can ya do?

I start my Series 7 licensing classes today. It's three weeks of intense study in order to take a test that 1) I don't really want to take and 2) I will most likely fail. I've never really tested well to begin with and frankly it's not like I really need the Series 7 license to do my job but should I get laid off it would help me get a job in the financial industry should I pass the test. I'm not really enthused on taking the class or the test but I'll make it work.

No news yet on the impending arrival of my nephew. My sister went to the doctor and the amnio came back stating that his lungs needed to develop more before they could do the C-section.

I want sleep.
Quote of the Day

I don't know how you did it. I don't want to know why you did it. All I saw was you drop to the floor on beat and start dancing at my feet and all I could think was, "Doesn't he have bad knees?" -- My friend Gina to me following a night at The Donkey Show

Friday, January 02, 2004

As compared to last year's New Year's Eve, this one was rather tame.

If you will recall, last year Wonder Twink slurped whipped cream off of my fingers and finally shoved his tongue down my throat during a really hot passionate kiss and I sank the nine ball off the break in a game of nine ball but was saddened that I was in an empty house and there was no one there to witness the shot.

This time we went to the pad of another rugger who has a place off of Bowery. It was a lowkey affair with people mingling and talking thankfully bathrooms for privacy instead of bathrooms where you can watch people having sex if you're standing in the right position. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, and you probably don't, then you need to read the post from January 2, 2003, to hear about last year's party.) I opted not to make jello shots this year since I was pretty much jello shotted out this year...

I drank more than I planned this year which at one point left me in a giggling fit that made more than a few people stare at me with a combination of fear and concern. Granted I was only drinking cider but since it was on a primarily empty stomach....well, you get the picture. I did eat a few things to put some food in the stomach to keep me from becoming totally blotto and I think that was one of my saving graces.

I did adhere to my tradition/superstition of not uncorking my bottle of champagne (Veuve Clicquot of course) until the stroke of midnight. For some reason I find the opening your celebratory bottle of champagne in the prior year to be a bad omen. There's some sort of symbolism of the uncorking at the stroke of midnight in the new year and then keeping that cork, etc etc. You get the idea. So again, I had people begging for the Veuve before midnight and I had to explain to them all the reasoning behind it which some met with a few beleaguered looks but hell, it's my superstition so if you want the good bubbly then you just have to deal with it. Sure enough, as soon as it went to New Year's I uncorked the bubbly and poured a few glasses before swigging some right from the bottle itself. I'm just classy that way.

Highlight of the evening -- Jay doing the entire "Proud Mary" routine in true Tina Turner style. Poor Joey, I love ya, man, but this is one number you just have to let Jay do on his own. Something tells me he practices it in front of the mirror when he's home alone.

After the party the effects of some meds my doctor has me on for my stomach woes kicked in BIG time and turned me a little moody (it also didn't help that I was rapidly getting tired) but I decided that I needed to kill time before getting into a cab and heading to the new apartment because I would be competing with nine million other people for the same single cab that was available. With that me and the ruggers went up to a bar called Slide to see one of our teammates who is a bartender there...I was told that it would be a seven or eight minute walk. It was much longer than that...

Now mind you before that we had gotten a call from Wonder Twink that he would be meeting up with us at Slide and I said, "Oh it will be good to see him again..." At this point, one of my teammates turned to me and said, "Oh yeah, you have a crush on him right?."

"Had," I stressed. "Had."

"Uh huh," was the response I got back.

So sure enough I got to see the Wonder Twink and didn't get the tongue down my throat this year. I did, however, grab him by the face and plant one big long one on him to which he responded, "Hot." Being the flirt that I am, I shot back with, "You don't know the half of it." Ultimately though the bar we were at (Marion's upstairs from Slide) was a little crowded, had a weird clientele (or at least weird to me) and some people decided to head over to The Eagle while I really wanted to go home and get into bed. I made some dinner plans with the Wonder Twink (which I failed to cash in on since I slept for the majority of Thursday) but am working on a rescheduling.

It took quite a while for us to get a cab and we kept seeing all of these cabs that appeared to be available with their "Off Duty" light on driving by us (and about three million other people). We had this same problem last year with MILLIONS of cabs passing us all with their "Off Duty" lights on. Hello? Do you people KNOW how much money you could be making. Thankfully one of the off-duty cars that was pulling over actually agreed to take us to our destinations which led to today's quote of the day. was still a good night ya know.
New Year's Eve/Day Conversation of the Day

RuggerJohnnyD: (to Taxi Driver) Okay, just let us out here on the corner. Then 646Guy's heading up to his place.

(Gang of intrepid ruggers depart the cab heading for yet another bar as 646Guy, not feeling all that chipper, remains behind in the cab. While this is going on, Whiny Bitch approaches the cab.)

646Guy: (politely, if that can be imagined, to Whiny Bitch) I'm not getting out, I'm heading uptown.

Whiny Bitch: You're not getting out? Why not?

646Guy: My friends are going to a bar and I'm heading home.

Whiny Bitch: Please??? I really need a cab right now?

646Guy: I'm sorry but I'm going home. It took me long enough to get this cab and I'm gonna keep it.

Whiny Bitch: But I have to get home soon or my....

(Cab Driver pulls away as Whiny Bitch pleads with now empty space for me to give her the cab I was just in...)