Friday, January 02, 2004

As compared to last year's New Year's Eve, this one was rather tame.

If you will recall, last year Wonder Twink slurped whipped cream off of my fingers and finally shoved his tongue down my throat during a really hot passionate kiss and I sank the nine ball off the break in a game of nine ball but was saddened that I was in an empty house and there was no one there to witness the shot.

This time we went to the pad of another rugger who has a place off of Bowery. It was a lowkey affair with people mingling and talking thankfully bathrooms for privacy instead of bathrooms where you can watch people having sex if you're standing in the right position. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, and you probably don't, then you need to read the post from January 2, 2003, to hear about last year's party.) I opted not to make jello shots this year since I was pretty much jello shotted out this year...

I drank more than I planned this year which at one point left me in a giggling fit that made more than a few people stare at me with a combination of fear and concern. Granted I was only drinking cider but since it was on a primarily empty stomach....well, you get the picture. I did eat a few things to put some food in the stomach to keep me from becoming totally blotto and I think that was one of my saving graces.

I did adhere to my tradition/superstition of not uncorking my bottle of champagne (Veuve Clicquot of course) until the stroke of midnight. For some reason I find the opening your celebratory bottle of champagne in the prior year to be a bad omen. There's some sort of symbolism of the uncorking at the stroke of midnight in the new year and then keeping that cork, etc etc. You get the idea. So again, I had people begging for the Veuve before midnight and I had to explain to them all the reasoning behind it which some met with a few beleaguered looks but hell, it's my superstition so if you want the good bubbly then you just have to deal with it. Sure enough, as soon as it went to New Year's I uncorked the bubbly and poured a few glasses before swigging some right from the bottle itself. I'm just classy that way.

Highlight of the evening -- Jay doing the entire "Proud Mary" routine in true Tina Turner style. Poor Joey, I love ya, man, but this is one number you just have to let Jay do on his own. Something tells me he practices it in front of the mirror when he's home alone.

After the party the effects of some meds my doctor has me on for my stomach woes kicked in BIG time and turned me a little moody (it also didn't help that I was rapidly getting tired) but I decided that I needed to kill time before getting into a cab and heading to the new apartment because I would be competing with nine million other people for the same single cab that was available. With that me and the ruggers went up to a bar called Slide to see one of our teammates who is a bartender there...I was told that it would be a seven or eight minute walk. It was much longer than that...

Now mind you before that we had gotten a call from Wonder Twink that he would be meeting up with us at Slide and I said, "Oh it will be good to see him again..." At this point, one of my teammates turned to me and said, "Oh yeah, you have a crush on him right?."

"Had," I stressed. "Had."

"Uh huh," was the response I got back.

So sure enough I got to see the Wonder Twink and didn't get the tongue down my throat this year. I did, however, grab him by the face and plant one big long one on him to which he responded, "Hot." Being the flirt that I am, I shot back with, "You don't know the half of it." Ultimately though the bar we were at (Marion's upstairs from Slide) was a little crowded, had a weird clientele (or at least weird to me) and some people decided to head over to The Eagle while I really wanted to go home and get into bed. I made some dinner plans with the Wonder Twink (which I failed to cash in on since I slept for the majority of Thursday) but am working on a rescheduling.

It took quite a while for us to get a cab and we kept seeing all of these cabs that appeared to be available with their "Off Duty" light on driving by us (and about three million other people). We had this same problem last year with MILLIONS of cabs passing us all with their "Off Duty" lights on. Hello? Do you people KNOW how much money you could be making. Thankfully one of the off-duty cars that was pulling over actually agreed to take us to our destinations which led to today's quote of the day. was still a good night ya know.
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