Friday, January 02, 2004

New Year's Eve/Day Conversation of the Day

RuggerJohnnyD: (to Taxi Driver) Okay, just let us out here on the corner. Then 646Guy's heading up to his place.

(Gang of intrepid ruggers depart the cab heading for yet another bar as 646Guy, not feeling all that chipper, remains behind in the cab. While this is going on, Whiny Bitch approaches the cab.)

646Guy: (politely, if that can be imagined, to Whiny Bitch) I'm not getting out, I'm heading uptown.

Whiny Bitch: You're not getting out? Why not?

646Guy: My friends are going to a bar and I'm heading home.

Whiny Bitch: Please??? I really need a cab right now?

646Guy: I'm sorry but I'm going home. It took me long enough to get this cab and I'm gonna keep it.

Whiny Bitch: But I have to get home soon or my....

(Cab Driver pulls away as Whiny Bitch pleads with now empty space for me to give her the cab I was just in...)
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