Thursday, January 15, 2004

Random thought download time.....

I dunno if it's still snowing.

But it was cold last night.

And I was sleeping alone.

I wasn't supposed to be sleeping alone.

Mr. 63225 (one of my "harem" as Crash put it) was to come over for dinner and snuggling before he left for Florida but he cancelled at the last minute.

I took my laundry to the place across the street as recommended by the guy I am subletting for.

I will never take it to them again.

Their rates are through the roof ($43????) so I'll just take it up the street next time.

I should have taken it there to begin with.

Or just do it myself next time.

Yeah right.

I haven't done my own laundry since 1998.

The woman at the laundromat misspelled my name too.

She spelled it "Brien" even though I spelled it out letter by letter.

Uta Hagen died.

That made me sad.

Crash said he liked her ice cream. (Bad joke, I know, but this is Crash we're talking about here.)

I bought groceries last night.

Somewhere in my refrigerator is a wedge of port wine cheese.


I love dill pickles too (and not because they can sometimes resemble penises).

They were on sale last night.

I bought three jars.

My mother thought that was odd.

I also bought my favorite hummus in the world too.


I put together the ottomans that go with the chairs I bought at IKEA last night too while watching the news.

Carol Mosely Braun is dropping out of the presidential race and supporting Howard Dean.

Personally, I like her.

Never thought she stood a chance though.

No one at my office knows who she is.

I went to the gym last night.

It was a leg day. That means my legs are sore today.

And so is my butt oddly enough (well maybe odd for you but not really for me).

My butt is sore from working out not from some other sordid activities.

Where have you put Spaulding Grey?

Or maybe you have him?

Most likely it's you I bet.

I don't want to be at work today.

They're making Lime Diet Coke.

Gag me.

Kumquats. Just because.

Why wasn't I nominated for a SAG award?

Poodles....why do they exist?

For some reason I have the theme to the Foxwoods commercial running through my head and I can't get it out.

I put my underwear on inside out today.

I don't know what that means.

If anything.

I think I'm done.


Yeah...I'm done.
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