Saturday, February 28, 2004

Okay it's rare that I get OVERLY political and ask for action of any sort but when ABC News named Rep Marylin Musgrave, author of the anti-gay marriage amendment, as their Person of the Week.


So if you want to life your voice up against this decision and let them know that it's not appreciated ABC's number is 212-456-1000. Push option 3 for a WABC Operator. When the operator answers, state that you want to leave a comment for ABC News with Peter Jennings. You'll be transferred and have the option to request a written response to your comment (option 1) or not (option 2). You will then have 30 seconds to leave a comment.

I did it and I think I went well past the 30 second mark but oh well.....they get the idea....

Friday, February 27, 2004

Quote of the Day

'I don't want to be an actress. I never did want to be an actress. And actually it's been very fun and silly and the fact that I've done as much as I have is just fun. I have retired. -- Pamela Anderson on E! last night

How will the acting world cope with out her?

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Just a few notes to catch up....

I started working on a one man show recently. Writing, as we all know, is very theraputic and putting these words to paper really is making a difference.

Thanks to everyone who sent their kind words following my unceremonious dump by SkiGuy...

I have a date tomorrow night with a new guy...what can we call him....well let's see....we'll call him Daddy if for any reason he's got 2 kids...yep...this guy used to have sex with women and actually went the full distance and actually married one and bred. He's 43, a very nice guy...and he's got a wicked sense of humor.

I have pending dates shall we name these....Doc and MusicMan. The reason these are pending is because we're working our schedules as to when we can get together. Doc lives out in the East Hamptons (on the beach no less) and MusicMan actually lives rather close to me...

I still am not sleeping well at night...

I need to clean the apartment tonight...maybe I'll do that after I watch The Apprentice.

SkiGuy LOVES The Apprentice.

There's this guy from Texas who responded to my ad on the site were SkiGuy and I met up and he said he was going to fly up THIS WEEKEND just to meet me. While I was flattered all I could think was, "Isn't that really expensive for a first date?"
Quote of the Day Odd Ways People Have Found This Blog of the Day

kristy mcnichols influence for girls to kick guys in the balls

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Not really anything to blog about today....I get paid tomorrow and rumor has it that my state tax refund will come in this weekend....that money, though, is for my trip to London so no spending it....
Quote Conversation of the Day

Female Friend: less than a week after SkiGuy dumped you, you have four new guys in some odd....I dunno....holding pattern to go our with you?

646Guy: I guess so...

Female Friend: You are such a slut...

646Guy: How can I be a slut when I haven't had sex with any of them...

Female Friend: I meant with your time....

646Guy: I don't get it...

Female Friend: (sighs) Men!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Last night I got, perhaps, the biggest compliment of my life...

My friend Andy called from Florida as he was driving home from work. Andy works for the local electric authority in Jacksonville and, dare I say, ten years ago, he was studying to take his supervisors test in order to move into a much more lucrative position.

Part of the test involved doing simple mathematics but as math isn't Andy's forte, his boyfriend (and now long term partner) and one of my former teacher's, David, had a bit too much wine and wound up falling asleep on the sofa, much to Andy's dismay. I happend to drop by that night as David was drifting off and volunteered to help Andy through some of the more basic concepts since it was fresher in my mind since I was just out of college than it was in his...

Well, Andy passed the test and was thinking back on that night on his ride home when he picked up his cell phone and called me.

That one small action of helping a friend had a profound effect on his life. Although he credits my help with getting him through the test, I refuse to take all of the credit. I just did what any friend would do in that situation -- help out. I definitely wasn't going to leave him hanging there...

I guess, for me at least, it was just a reminder that sometimes what we consider to be small, meaningless actions can have profound reactions on the rest of someone's life.
Quote Dubious Quote of the Day

The thing is, I found out later I could have used a butt double but no one even bothered to tell me it was even an option. -- Ben Stiller expressing his second thoughts about baring his butt in the film Along Came Polly.

Response of the Day

Um...hello, Ben! You work in Hollywood and you never realized that was an option? If Brad Pitt can have a LEG double for a film, you know you can get a butt double. -- Yours truly

Monday, February 23, 2004

Yep...I'm Carrie because I did what every good girl does when she gets dumped...


Let's see...after the $800 for glasses and contacts there was about $400-500 in rugby gear and uniforms and then another $200+ for my new leather coat and then some more money spent on making the jell-o shots last night (how could you people allow me to eat like 30 of them and then allow me to hit on Caleb's friend so blatantly)...another $600 or so on sordid odds and ends still sitting in bags at home....

Thank God for that refund check...otherwise I would be doing more window shopping than anything else....

At least I felt better afterwards...
Quote of the Day

I am someone who's looking for love, real love ... can't-live-without-each-other love... -- Carrie Bradshaw on the season finale of Sex and the City whihc means I'm probably more Carrie than I want to admit...

Friday, February 20, 2004


As I said...DOA and's DOA.... we go about 2 hours drinks with SkiGuy commence.

I've been advised by my handlers as to how to act, what to say, what to think, and to resist the urge to stuff my tongue down his throat...

And to remember that even if it goes badly, there are three other men waiting in the wings...
Okay I just realized something and, if it's true, then it makes me the BIGGEST ass in the world...

I just tried to email SkiGuy to pin down when we're getting together tonight and to let him know that a mutual friend of ours is having a happy hour get together in the event that he wants to meet up with him as well (because last time we talked, SkiGuy told me that it had been a while since he had seen him..)


I forwarded the invite to SkiGuy and it got bounced back to me. His address consists of three words and the first two are very interchangable...well the email bounced back to me as being undeliverable...

What if that e-card I sent him on Valentine's Day met the same fate and I've been stressing over him not reading it for NOTHING!!!
Quote of the Day II

You're a true rugger now. You think the Reebok is shite! -- The guy at when I inquired about new boots.
Quote of the Day

You so stupid. -- My coworker Debbie to...guess who???

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Thank you, IRS, for my new glasses and contact lenses. I've never paid $800+ for a new pair of glasses, but I thank you for the quick processing of my tax return. Who knew that super thin lenses would cost so much.

It's moments like this that make me love you so much.

Please don't audit me.


Brian, the 646 Guy
Quote of the Day

Are you a sexual person? -- Meredith to Chad on last night's The Bachelorette

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Well that's what I call karma coming to slap me in the face...

Okay quick wrap up and then I am going to bed...

When I called him he was at the gym.

When he got home, he started watching some TV and just got back to calling when I was blogging about calling the whole thing DOA.

We're doing drinks on Friday.

I don't think he sounded that enthused to see me, but who knows. Maybe it's because he was tired. He did yawn while we were talking after all.

(Yes, I'm probably reading more into that than I should.)

Now, just debating what to do or say when I see him...

Well I will be playing it cool for sure....still think I need to tell him how I feel.


Oh my....he just called....more in a moment....
I called SkiGuy.

Left a message. No call back.

Couple that with a few emails that have gone unanswered which goes contrary to his usual behavior.

Folks...I think we can call this one DOA.

Going to bed.

Not going to cry.

What's there to cry about?

Disappointed -- yes.

Cry worthy -- no.
Quote of the Day

Belief is not the beginning but the end of all knowledge. -- Goethe

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

WEll this is a first...I'm blogging drunk so you fuckers will just have to deal and listen and read and all that shit...

I shot SkiGuy anemail today based off of an article I read that tied into a conversation that he and I had over the weekend....

Not a word from him since...

Something tells me it's all over...

I'm not bitter or morose mind you..

Hehehehehe...I just wrote morose when U'm drink why would I use that could be worse I could have said melancholy...

Maybe I just need to go to a lesbian coffee house and watch a woman in a flat top sing out songs about her heavy menstrual cycles while accompanying herself on the acoustic guitar...

Not calling SkiGuy....I'm giving him pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenty of time to do that himself....

I's drunk, Mizz Daisy.....
Okay you Big Apple residents, you have homework....

My rugby team is doing their bachelor auction again this year and we are looking for a name host to donate their time to spend an afternoon auctioning our gents far two of our potential hosts have fallen by the wayside due to previous commitments...

So here's the question/favor I need to ask -- who do you know, would they be interested in donating their time to emcee a show (with me of course), and finally, I'll give you a really big hug if you do it.... :)

Thank you, sexy people....I love you....
Quote Conversation of the Day

Craig Kilborn: “Use the words ‘compassionate’ and ‘conservative’ in the same sentence while being neither ironic nor scornful.”

Actor/activist Tim Robbins: “That’s a tough one. Neither ironic nor scornful?”

Kilborn: “Yeah.”

Robbins: “Alright. Fuck compassionate conservatives!”

– Exchange in “5 Questions” segment on CBS’s Late Late Show, October 30. CBS bleeped the F-word.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Quote of the Day (with the following story to make it just one really big post...)

Would you be upset if I went home? I have an overwhelming desire to be in my own bed right now? -- Yours truly to a bedmate last night...

So yeah...after a conversation with SkiGuy that left me more confused than anything else, I, for some reason that I still can't explain, accepted the invitation of a former paramour to head over to his apartment for some mutual fun followed up by spooning together in bed and getting a somewhat good night's sleep.

Big mistake.

In the middle of all of it I pretty much realized that 1) I didn't want to be there and 2) what I wanted really wasn't in that room. Even after we finished and I opted to lay with my back to his chest so he couldn't see the pained expression on my face, I knew it was such a freakin' mistake and that I really...well...I didn't want to be there anymore. I wanted to be home.

All through the cab ride home I kept asking myself why I did it and the only thing that came back to me was because I was doubting my self worth after the conversation with SkiGuy and needed some sort of validation that I was attractive, desirable, etc. (Dating just fucks you up, you know...) I reached down to my cell phone and started flipping through the phone book trying to find someone that would be up at that time of the night and would be a fresh set of ears that would listen to what I had to say but would also force me to face some pretty harsh truths about myself.


I shot him a quick text message to see if he was around and he shot back with a message that he was at dinner and if my current state involved one of three of our mutual friends. I replied that he should call me after dinner when he had a chance and that, no, shockingly enough it wasn't.

One of the things that I ultimately decided upon was that I'm sick and tired of being told that 1) I'm such a great catch of a guy that it's only a matter of time before I find my Mr. Right and 2) that the moment I stop looking is when it's all going to happen. Well, you know, everyone, thanks for the pep talk but frankly, I don't find in logic in #2 since I wasn't looking for it in the past six, seven years and absolutely nothing happened then so why the hell is it going to happen now if I stop looking. As for #1 (see I do a lot of things with me people)...really and truly, thanks for the compliment, but really...I don't want or need to hear it because all it makes me (and probably everyone else who has been told the same thing) wonder that if I'm so great then why I am still single. Think about it people...

The second thing that Cody tried hard to hammer into my head was the fact that he felt that I was alterting who I am as a person to make things better between myself and SkiGuy. In fact, he's encouraging me to bluntly ask (well maybe not totally blunt but blunt enough) what, if anything, SkiGuy sees in our pairing. Does he see potential but wants to take it slow, does he see nothing and just wants to be friends, does he want to jump my bones the moment that he sees me? Of course we also got into the fact that I tend to go to the "worst place" when it comes to these lapses in sanity and, of course, it's just a protective measure to prepare myself emotionally from getting hurt.

And I think that's what it all really boils down to...I've found someone that I really like (after dating who knows how many people) and I'm scared that he's not going to like me in the same way. It's a very vulnerable position to be in and frankly I hate it but sadly it's a part of my psychoses. After coming on strong with a few guys and seeing how scared off they get by it I've been taking the opportunity to back off and let it grow organically. The trade off is that, yes, I'm suppressing a part of my personality in regards to the amount of contact I have with him, however, when I'm with him I'm not holding anything back. I'm exactly who I am (shocking and possibly scary, I know) and if I was reading the body signals right, then he's interested in me.

Of course, being that I go to the "worst place" in my mind I've traced my insecurities and and perceptions in how our budding relationship has changed to one thing -- asking him to join me for the ski weekend. Trust me I agonized over that decision (as we all know) and yeah, in the back of my mind, I'm wondering if I did the right thing. Hell, as far as I know, he hasn't opened the e-card that I sent him because I haven't gotten the confirmation from Hallmark that it's been read so with that and a whole slew of things running through my mind right now....

So what does this long as hell post really mean...I dunno...I just think I needed to vomit it all out. In my heart of hearts, I think I'm doing the right thing by backing off...I told him to call me before he heads out for his own ski vacation next week. If he calls, I'll be a happy man. If he doesn't...I think I may have my answer...

Ugh I hate how this has put me in a funk...let's change the topic....french fries! Aren't they just yummy!!!
Check out the new title change...

Right now I'm so Miranda-ish it's would think I would be Charlotte or maybe even Carrie...but, no...I'm really very Miranda...

Thank you, Cody, just for listening and bitchslapping can be my Samantha anytime...

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I am so freaking confused...

Sigh... I get home after my weekend upstate skiing and I drop SkiGuy a quick call and left him a message to call me back and inquiring to see what he was doing on his day off (tomorrow is, after all, a bank holiday). Anyway, so I check my email and I see that someone has left me a message via the online site where SkiGuy and I I figure what the hell and log on...not only do I see the message but I also see that SkiGuy updated his profile the day before...not that I can really tell what, if anything, he changed....

I'm trying not to act like a school girl about this but all of this is making my head hurt... :)

Anyway, he and I did talk and he is booked up for the entire day tomorrow (he's a very social person, I've learned) and as we said our goodbyes, I told him to give me a call and we can set something up before he leaves to go out of town on his ski vacation.

I have a sneaking feeling that he's not going to call though. I dunno...I know you may think I'm thinking the worst here but...well...maybe I am...if he calls I will be delighted to hear from him....I guess I'm trying to keep myself from getting hurt when it's becoming painfully obvious that I really like him and I have to continue to question what he thinks about me...


Dating sucks...

Friday, February 13, 2004

Hmmm I thought I had posted this in here but I guess not...a recent conversation I had with a friend in California...

Friend in CA: So tell me more about SkiGuy.

646Guy: What do you want to know?

Friend in CA: Well, is he serious about this relationship?

646Guy: Serious in what way? It’s really only been three days and some phone calls.

Friend in CA: Phone calls count.

646Guy: Whatever. It’s not like we’re rushing to move in with each other.

Friend in CA: But what is he looking for?

646Guy: In terms of…?

Friend in CA: Ugh you are so difficult sometimes. Does he want you for a friend or is he interested in something a bit more long term?

646Guy: I’m not a lease. I don’t know what he’s really looking for okay. His profile listed everything from friendship to getting it on within three seconds of meeting each other.

Friend in CA: So what do you want?

646Guy: You know what I want.

Friend in CA: Long term, right?

646Guy: Exactly.

Friend in CA: So shouldn’t you make sure that he’s after the same thing? Especially with you?

646Guy: Gee, you make me sound like such a catch.

Friend in CA: You know what I mean.

646Guy: Yeah I do.


646Guy: But is only three dates and a few phone calls enough to bring up something as heavy as that?

Friend in CA: You’re both probably wondering it.

646Guy: Yeah but the timing of it all…

Friend in CA: You gotta find out sooner or later.

646Guy: Yeah but I would hate for that to be our dessert conversation you know. What a mood killer.

Friend in CA: Listen to yourself. All you’re saying is “yeah but”! Enough with the buts!


646Guy: Well I am a butt man.
Sigh....I just don't want to go to work today...
Quote of the Day

I'd slap you stupid right now, but I'm only allotted one Knotts Landing moment in my life and I don't want to cash it in just yet. -- My friend Jonathan to me last night after going on yet again about SkiGuy...and yes, it's a bastardized Will and Grace quote...

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Quote of the Day

And if he needs you, I want you to be there with him, whether you want to or not. -- Lanny's freakishly psychotic super Christian mom on last night's The Bachelor

Wednesday, February 11, 2004 left contact lens ripped and I had to take it out...I'm down to wearing just one contact until I get home...ugh...
And then there was one...

63225 called last night. He and his ex have been talking and they want to give it another try. You know what though...I'm pretty fuckin' happy for him. He's a great guy and a total sweetheart.

This of course leaves SkiGuy as the lone survivor in the war of attrition. We talked last night and the reason, as far as I can tell, that he can't make it upstate this weekend is that our departure date conflicts with a party he had already agreed to go to and wouldn't be able to depart when I would be leaving. So we talked....and talked....and talked....and right as we were closing out the conversation (which had been going VERY well) I asked if he was available for dinner next week when I would be back in town (and in the throes of rugby again)....

He gave a very enthusiastic, "Absolutely!"


So now I'm going to have to be really good and try not to call him every other day. I do have an e-card scheduled to be delivered to him on Valentine's Day so...we'll see...I don't want to blow this one...(and I mean that truly in the non-sexual sense, you pervs!)....
Quote of the Day

Anybody but Bush. I'd vote for the devil. -- Charles Edwards, 50, of Falls Church, Va., who decided to vote for Kerry as he entered the voting booth.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Well if you thought my life was a soap should hear about the rest of the family.

Tomorrow, my sister is riding up to South Carolina with my grandmother to go through the majority of her belongings and determine what she is taking with her to Florida and what can be donated. My sister, who will be building a huge house on a HUGE plot of land they bought dirt cheap in Florida, will be taking pretty much all of the furniture from the house with her (but in a separate trip). My father pretty much abdicated any responsibility in the matter to my sister.

However, this is where it starts to get a wee bit nasty. My father is the only child in his generation of the family. There are plenty of cousins out there but, pretty much, he's the only child. When he went up to South Carolina with my grandmother earlier this year, he started getting...well...requests for items in the house after it's been sold, etc, etc. His response, "Talk to Melissa. It all belongs to her now."

Now mind you what these people are asking for isn't small sentimental stuff but rather large, valuable stuff. One relative wants some of the living room furniture (or has at least made great hints at it) while another wants a set of antique end tables. Even worse, one of the relatives has called my great-aunt (sister to the grandmother) and asked her what SHE wants from the house without consulting my sister on it.

My sister's take on all of this: "I don't care if I turn into the biggest bitch in the family, but they aren't going to come in and claim parts of her body before she's dead. She gave the contents of the house over to me and it's MY stuff. Once I've decided what I want, then they can come in and decide if there's anything they want. I don't care if I have to strip search them on the way out the door to make sure they haven't shoved something up their ass, but they aren't taking anything until I say it's okay to do so."

My sister's plan for her new home is to pretty much mimic what my grandmother had -- she had rooms painted blue, green, and pink (although my sister is going to opt for a nice yellow instead) and furnished accordingly. When we would travel to South Carolina to visit her, we would figure out who was staying in the "Green Room" or the "Blue Room" and so forth. Even though the green room got repainted white we still call it the Green Room.

Of course, the linch pin in all of this is my grandmother who is more than willing to tell someone, "Sure, you can have that," before consulting my sister. She's already done it with items before that she gave away and doesn't remember doing so or, even worse, who she gave them to...

Also the fact that grandma's trying to turn this final trip to South Carolina into one big huge hurrah of a social event when my sister is going there to (pretty much) work isn't sitting well either. She's already called up family members from as far away as Ohio to come down for that weekend. My sister told them not to bother since there will be no place for them to stay unless they use a hotel because she's breaking down the bedroom furniture and everything.

My sister...well...of all of the family member's she's the one you don't want to cross. When she has her mind set on something she goes for it full force, all out, and doesn't look back. There are going to be more than a few family members who are going to be upset at what is going to happen and the fact that my sister will be taking 90% of the inventory of the house with her (and definitely all of the valuable pieces as well).'s all drama....
Here's a thought (or as someone phrased ethical dilemma)....

You are driving along in your car on a wild, stormy night. You pass by a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:

1. An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.

2. An old friend who once saved your life.

3. The perfect partner you have been dreaming about.

Which one would you choose to offer a ride to, knowing that there could only
be one passenger in your car? Why?

I know my answer...what's yours?
Quote Wisecrack of the Day

Co-worker (to boss): You're in a good mood today.

646Guy: It's the lithium.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Final update....

Hi Brian,

Thanks so much for the invitation; so nice of you. However, i can't take you up on it and hope you have a great time. Let's chat soon.


Oy vey....what have I done? What does this mean? I am so confused....

Of course I know I need to talk to SkiGuy to find out what's going on and make sure that I'm not totally blowing this all out of proportion and hopefully do something with him this weekend.
Update to the update....

No message from him yet...part of me is dying to pick up the phone and call him and get an answer right now so my heart/mind/soul can be satisfied with just getting an answer but I know that will also most likely kinda freak him out as well...I've promised myself that I wouldn't call him until that too late???

I hate playing it cool with men sometimes...
Update to the Sunday post...I wasn't able to get Javier on the phone so I dropped him an email inquiring to see if he would like to head upstate this weekend and if not, I would like to spend time with him in the city this weekend and confessed that I've enjoyed the time that he and I have spent together and how I look forward to getting to know him better...and...oy vey...what's come over me.

Someone -- QUICK! -- bitch slap me now!
Quote of the Day

Satire is great, but for Nazis you use baseball bats and broken bottles. -- Woody Allen

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Opinions needed (even from you Donna who just tends to read this blog and doesn't even have the decency to leave a comment...harumph....) so prepare to click away...

Depending on the weather and the amount of snow upstate, there is the chance that I will be invited for a ski weekend in upstate New York this coming weekend. (Of course, there may be an invitation to go upstate regardless of the amount of snow but we shall see.) Now, as we all know SkiGuy has zoomed to the lead out of the remaining two men that I'm dating. I brought up SkiGuy and wondered if it would be okay to bring him should everything work out for the upcoming weekend. The answer was a "yes" -- a rather encouraging yes since they've never met SkiGuy.

So here's the it too soon to ask SkiGuy if he wants to come on an out of town trip when we will most likely be expected to room together (although I will be more than willing to sleep on the couch or even the floor if need be)? Granted we will have been out on at least one more date by that point and it may be a little more romantic to spend Valentine's Date upstate in a little snow chalet.

Basically I have a very good idea that SkiGuy is, at the very least interested in me (if I'm reading the body language properly). He doesn't seem to mind standing very close to me (regardless of who initiates it) and there are several times when he touches me during conversations and vice versa. When we left the museum Saturday night and I was walking back to the subway (in the same direction as his apartment incidentally), he suggested getting coffee and then gave me a nice kiss (on the lips this time -- we've moved from cheeks to lips). I kinda stared at him for a moment after the kiss before he went in (and he did invite me up but I knew he had a party to get ready for so I opted not to make him late being the nice Southern man that I am). Anyway, there I was staring at him for a second and I kinda called him back and hooked my finger in his sweater and pulled him in for another peck on the lips (no major saliva swapping yet) and he didn't resist when I did it although I did wonder for a while if I had overstepped my bounds by doing that but I'm thinking I didn't. Sorry, Fish, but we didn't make it to the rain forest section of the musem for that promised kiss although I was tempted to plant one on him at least twice during our time there.

Basically, I don't want to push this budding relationship faster than it needs to go so I'm concerned that asking him for an out of town date where we will be forced to spend a lot of time together and who knows what will really happen then...we may realize that we're not right for each other. Then again, we could truly fall madly in love with each other....

After a nice afternoon with SkiGuy all I have to say is this....

I'm definitely smitten.

When asked about SuitMan in talking with a friend this evening my reaction was as follows....


Friday, February 06, 2004

So last night SkiGuy came out and met some of the guys from the rugby team for what I like to term "The Friend Test."

I'm glad to say that my friends past the test. :)

Actually, it was kinda nice to get some outside opinions on SkiGuy from my friends who all liked him (and thought he was cute as hell) so that's a good thing. He's become a huge fan of the show The Apprentice so although I was sad to see him go around 8:00 - 8:15, it was just nice being able to spend time with him. Even scarier, we both have the same taste in TV shows beyond reality TV and he seems intrigued about one of my favorite movies, Class Action, so there's the possibility for yet another date for us as well...

He and I are getting together tomorrow for some museum touring on the Upper West Side and then dinner and who knows what afterwards...I've been told by her that I have to at least kiss him in the rain forest section of the Museum of Natural History.

I'll probably try at least once... :)

Well after SkiGuy left, I hung out a bit longer with some of the rugby guys and so forth until my friend Suzanne called to let me know she was finally in town and would call me back when she was ready to head out for dinner. Suzanne was on the second edition of The Bachelorette and is even better looking in person than she is on TV. As soon as we saw each other, I had already picked her up and swung her around in a big circle a few times to the delight of some German tourists.

We went to McHales for dinner (because dammit she had to try the best burger in all of NYC) and spent the next three hours just talking and gossiping and everything in between. Considering how long it's been since we've seen each other it was just nice to have a night out with friends to remind you why you don't go on a mass murder spree.
Quote of the Day

He's so cute! -- mouthed to me last night at Barrage by one of my fellow ruggers in regards to apparent attractiveness of SkiGuy...

Thursday, February 05, 2004

SkiGuy and I are getting together again tonight. I know we're supposed to get together on Saturday but I really wanted to see him before that and he will be joining me and a few ruggers and bloggers tonight at a midtown watering hole...

And again...huge grin plastered on my face knowing that he's coming along tonight...
Quote of the Day

Sigh...why are all of the cute ones gay? -- My friend, Traci, after seeing a picture of SkiGuy

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Just curious here but what is it with Latin men and their inability or lack of desire to wear underwear?

On the phone with SkiGuy last night (we talked for about an hour and are getting together again this weekend), I mentioned that I had changed into what my mother refers to as my "lounging togs" (which is basically very baggy pajama bottoms and a t-shirt) when I got home. SkiGuy said that he was in similar attire except that he wasn't wearing underwear. This of course harkened back to when SuitMan and I got together one night and he was wearing pajama bottoms with no underwear as well. For the record, SkiGuy is of Argentinian descent and Suitman of Colombian.

So what's the deal...I'm really intrigued right now....
Quote of the Day

In political discussion heat is in inverse proportion to knowledge. -- J.G.C. Minchin

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

God I need a new job.
I just realized that Valentine's Day is next weekend and I might actually have a date for the first time in YEARS on that cursed day.

Valentine's Day was never my favorite holiday because I swore it was just centered on women getting flowers at the office and guys buying skimpy lingerie for their girlfriends and lots of sex that night. I mean hell, sex you can have any night, right? Why do you need a special occasion.

I guess I always was an anti-Valentine's Day kinda guy because of how my last serious relationship ended (very very very badly) and he and I split up a few weeks after a really romantic Valentine's Day together. So for the first time in who knows how long (more than I care to count or admit) I actually, conceivably, could have a date on Valentine's Day this year.

It makes me kinda happy. I mean sure there's the chance that 63225 and SkiGuy won't be available but just the possibility is enough to make me smile just a bit.

Quote Words of the Day

Teetgate: The Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Halftime Peep Show

Nipple Shield: What Janet had on her exposed nipple.

Wardrobe malfunction: What Justin said happened

Monday, February 02, 2004

Monday Meltdown

Congrats to Sherry and her boyfriend Dan, both from the UK, as being the 100,000th hit on my blog. Sherry has given me the details on what she wants blogged about (a nice piece of fiction it appears featuring you and you -- *rubs hands together gleefully with just the tiniest hint of evil*)

Super Bowl -- Loved three commercials: 1) The guy getting his balls bitten by a dog causing him to toss his beer into the air to be caught by the other guy; 2) The potato chip commercial with the fighting old people; 3) NFL superstars singing "Tomorrow" from Annie off-key followed by a Jerry Jones stand-in doing back flips all the way down the field. I won the game score box (thank you for finally getting a field goal you freak!) and took home a hundred bucks for my troubles. It was just a simple night with the ruggers (although the one that I had/have a crush on -- and not the wonder twink -- was there and I was on my best behavior) but a lot of fun...

Love life check-in: SuitMan out. BankerBud out. SkiGuy in. That's right...two guys have left the ranks and one has joined. How exciting. Here's the breakdown of what happened: SuitMan and I talked and pretty much it came down to the fact that he is in fact moving to Colombia and therefore neither of us want to get too emotionally attached to each other so we're going to stick with just being friends (albeit friends that have slept naked together and groped each other amongst other things). BankerBud...well he just wants sex and frankly casual sex just isn't doing it for me anymore. Okay that came out bad...basically the thought of having just meaningless sex for the sole purpose of having sex isn't appealing to me. So of the originally triumverate of SuitMan, BankerBud, and 63225 is just down to 63225.

And now there's SkiGuy. How do I want to talk about SkiGuy? Well he's Argentinian although he's lived in the US all his life. His parents live half of the year in DC and the other half in Argentina and he also works in banking. We to get into this....okay we all remember my resolution last year was to get more into dating (which I think we can safely say I more than accomplished) and I started off the year by following the lead of my forebearers (yes, I'm talking about you and you) and decided to give online dating a whirl. Well, it sucked. The only person who ever really contacted me was SkiGuy and for a variety of reasons he and I never got together. Last week, I was going through my email inbox deleting out some emails that had been there forever when I ran across one from him. I figured "What the heck?" and sent him an email and sure enough, he's still single, unattached, and available for dinner that weekend.

Fast forward to Saturday night and we opted to go to VYNL for dinner. It's one of his favorite places and one I hadn't been to in a while. The main plus was that it is near my apartment should the date be a disaster and I need to make a quick getaway. Thankfully that didn't happen. We had a great dinner (massaman chicken curry for me...I forget what he had) and some great conversation of getting to know each other. The only bad part is that really lacks in the romance department since we were so close to the tables next to us. However, I think it worked well for a first date since I wasn't really going for a romance mood as much as it was a "getting to know you" kinda mood.

With dinner going well (and I do love the food at VYNL) we opted to head down to Posh, a bar on West 51st, for drinks and some more conversation. Well, I have never been to Posh before so I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into with a new establishment but it was actually a nice place with some really weird artwork on the wall but I could forgive them for that.

Dinner took maybe an hour or so which got us to Posh around 9:00-9:30 and we proceeded to drink (well he drank as I had water...I'm on doctor's orders to watch my blood sugar after not so great results on my most recent blood work) and talk about everything under the sun from triple-tax free municipal bonds (how exciting I know!) to my college senior thesis on variations on the spoken Spanish language as a hindrance towards effective communication (again...the excitement there) to another college class I took regarding feminism and my paper on feminism and beauty pageants (because I had to explain how I knew that Kimberly Santos from Guam was Miss World 1980) to movies to politics to everything. It was actually pretty cool to have such a varied conversation with the same person over the course of an evening and when we finally parted about midnight, we hailed him a cab back up to the Upper West Side and he gave me a nice hug and a quick kiss before he hopped in and drove away. I walked home (just a few blocks away) with this huge grin plastered on my face.

I guess what really got to me as I was thinking about that evening the following morning was that I was finally able to pick up on the "cues" or "signs" or whatever that not only was he having a good time but, at the very least, he was interested in me. You have to understand, I have been clueless at this for YEARS. I mean I wouldn't know if I was getting cruised even if the guy walked by me, stared me in the eye, and even said to me, "Hey, Bozo, I'm cruising you!" As Posh started to get crowded, we had to lean into each other a bit more so we could hear and he would put his hand on my shoulder or my upper arm as he talked. We were forced to sit a little closer to together and it didn't seem to bother either one of us. Before I headed out to last night's Super Bowl party I shot him off a quick email thanking him for last night and telling him what a great time I had with hopes of seeing him soon. When I got home, he had responded in kind with the same we'll see where it goes, huh? Especially now that there's only two is like The Bachelor just without the roses.

Quote of the Day

I find it a bit sad that there is no photo of me hanging on the walls in the Berlin Museum at Checkpoint Charlie. After my appearance I hacked away at pieces of the wall that had the black, red and yellow colors of the German flag on it. I kept the big piece for myself and gave the smaller pieces to colleagues at ‘Baywatch.’ -- David Hasselhoff reflecting on his part in bringing down the Berlin Wall. Apparently he sang a song that night called "Looking to Freedom." Well, after all...German's love David Hasselhoff....
Hmmmm how interesting CBS....

You refuse to air the ad from but you will have a nice lengthy interview with President Bush....


Very interesting....

Thank God the rest of your programming is total shite so I don't have to watch it.