Monday, February 02, 2004

Monday Meltdown

Congrats to Sherry and her boyfriend Dan, both from the UK, as being the 100,000th hit on my blog. Sherry has given me the details on what she wants blogged about (a nice piece of fiction it appears featuring you and you -- *rubs hands together gleefully with just the tiniest hint of evil*)

Super Bowl -- Loved three commercials: 1) The guy getting his balls bitten by a dog causing him to toss his beer into the air to be caught by the other guy; 2) The potato chip commercial with the fighting old people; 3) NFL superstars singing "Tomorrow" from Annie off-key followed by a Jerry Jones stand-in doing back flips all the way down the field. I won the game score box (thank you for finally getting a field goal you freak!) and took home a hundred bucks for my troubles. It was just a simple night with the ruggers (although the one that I had/have a crush on -- and not the wonder twink -- was there and I was on my best behavior) but a lot of fun...

Love life check-in: SuitMan out. BankerBud out. SkiGuy in. That's right...two guys have left the ranks and one has joined. How exciting. Here's the breakdown of what happened: SuitMan and I talked and pretty much it came down to the fact that he is in fact moving to Colombia and therefore neither of us want to get too emotionally attached to each other so we're going to stick with just being friends (albeit friends that have slept naked together and groped each other amongst other things). BankerBud...well he just wants sex and frankly casual sex just isn't doing it for me anymore. Okay that came out bad...basically the thought of having just meaningless sex for the sole purpose of having sex isn't appealing to me. So of the originally triumverate of SuitMan, BankerBud, and 63225 is just down to 63225.

And now there's SkiGuy. How do I want to talk about SkiGuy? Well he's Argentinian although he's lived in the US all his life. His parents live half of the year in DC and the other half in Argentina and he also works in banking. We to get into this....okay we all remember my resolution last year was to get more into dating (which I think we can safely say I more than accomplished) and I started off the year by following the lead of my forebearers (yes, I'm talking about you and you) and decided to give online dating a whirl. Well, it sucked. The only person who ever really contacted me was SkiGuy and for a variety of reasons he and I never got together. Last week, I was going through my email inbox deleting out some emails that had been there forever when I ran across one from him. I figured "What the heck?" and sent him an email and sure enough, he's still single, unattached, and available for dinner that weekend.

Fast forward to Saturday night and we opted to go to VYNL for dinner. It's one of his favorite places and one I hadn't been to in a while. The main plus was that it is near my apartment should the date be a disaster and I need to make a quick getaway. Thankfully that didn't happen. We had a great dinner (massaman chicken curry for me...I forget what he had) and some great conversation of getting to know each other. The only bad part is that really lacks in the romance department since we were so close to the tables next to us. However, I think it worked well for a first date since I wasn't really going for a romance mood as much as it was a "getting to know you" kinda mood.

With dinner going well (and I do love the food at VYNL) we opted to head down to Posh, a bar on West 51st, for drinks and some more conversation. Well, I have never been to Posh before so I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into with a new establishment but it was actually a nice place with some really weird artwork on the wall but I could forgive them for that.

Dinner took maybe an hour or so which got us to Posh around 9:00-9:30 and we proceeded to drink (well he drank as I had water...I'm on doctor's orders to watch my blood sugar after not so great results on my most recent blood work) and talk about everything under the sun from triple-tax free municipal bonds (how exciting I know!) to my college senior thesis on variations on the spoken Spanish language as a hindrance towards effective communication (again...the excitement there) to another college class I took regarding feminism and my paper on feminism and beauty pageants (because I had to explain how I knew that Kimberly Santos from Guam was Miss World 1980) to movies to politics to everything. It was actually pretty cool to have such a varied conversation with the same person over the course of an evening and when we finally parted about midnight, we hailed him a cab back up to the Upper West Side and he gave me a nice hug and a quick kiss before he hopped in and drove away. I walked home (just a few blocks away) with this huge grin plastered on my face.

I guess what really got to me as I was thinking about that evening the following morning was that I was finally able to pick up on the "cues" or "signs" or whatever that not only was he having a good time but, at the very least, he was interested in me. You have to understand, I have been clueless at this for YEARS. I mean I wouldn't know if I was getting cruised even if the guy walked by me, stared me in the eye, and even said to me, "Hey, Bozo, I'm cruising you!" As Posh started to get crowded, we had to lean into each other a bit more so we could hear and he would put his hand on my shoulder or my upper arm as he talked. We were forced to sit a little closer to together and it didn't seem to bother either one of us. Before I headed out to last night's Super Bowl party I shot him off a quick email thanking him for last night and telling him what a great time I had with hopes of seeing him soon. When I got home, he had responded in kind with the same we'll see where it goes, huh? Especially now that there's only two is like The Bachelor just without the roses.

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