Sunday, February 08, 2004

Opinions needed (even from you Donna who just tends to read this blog and doesn't even have the decency to leave a comment...harumph....) so prepare to click away...

Depending on the weather and the amount of snow upstate, there is the chance that I will be invited for a ski weekend in upstate New York this coming weekend. (Of course, there may be an invitation to go upstate regardless of the amount of snow but we shall see.) Now, as we all know SkiGuy has zoomed to the lead out of the remaining two men that I'm dating. I brought up SkiGuy and wondered if it would be okay to bring him should everything work out for the upcoming weekend. The answer was a "yes" -- a rather encouraging yes since they've never met SkiGuy.

So here's the it too soon to ask SkiGuy if he wants to come on an out of town trip when we will most likely be expected to room together (although I will be more than willing to sleep on the couch or even the floor if need be)? Granted we will have been out on at least one more date by that point and it may be a little more romantic to spend Valentine's Date upstate in a little snow chalet.

Basically I have a very good idea that SkiGuy is, at the very least interested in me (if I'm reading the body language properly). He doesn't seem to mind standing very close to me (regardless of who initiates it) and there are several times when he touches me during conversations and vice versa. When we left the museum Saturday night and I was walking back to the subway (in the same direction as his apartment incidentally), he suggested getting coffee and then gave me a nice kiss (on the lips this time -- we've moved from cheeks to lips). I kinda stared at him for a moment after the kiss before he went in (and he did invite me up but I knew he had a party to get ready for so I opted not to make him late being the nice Southern man that I am). Anyway, there I was staring at him for a second and I kinda called him back and hooked my finger in his sweater and pulled him in for another peck on the lips (no major saliva swapping yet) and he didn't resist when I did it although I did wonder for a while if I had overstepped my bounds by doing that but I'm thinking I didn't. Sorry, Fish, but we didn't make it to the rain forest section of the musem for that promised kiss although I was tempted to plant one on him at least twice during our time there.

Basically, I don't want to push this budding relationship faster than it needs to go so I'm concerned that asking him for an out of town date where we will be forced to spend a lot of time together and who knows what will really happen then...we may realize that we're not right for each other. Then again, we could truly fall madly in love with each other....
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