Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I just realized that Valentine's Day is next weekend and I might actually have a date for the first time in YEARS on that cursed day.

Valentine's Day was never my favorite holiday because I swore it was just centered on women getting flowers at the office and guys buying skimpy lingerie for their girlfriends and lots of sex that night. I mean hell, sex you can have any night, right? Why do you need a special occasion.

I guess I always was an anti-Valentine's Day kinda guy because of how my last serious relationship ended (very very very badly) and he and I split up a few weeks after a really romantic Valentine's Day together. So for the first time in who knows how long (more than I care to count or admit) I actually, conceivably, could have a date on Valentine's Day this year.

It makes me kinda happy. I mean sure there's the chance that 63225 and SkiGuy won't be available but just the possibility is enough to make me smile just a bit.

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