Monday, March 31, 2003

Want to see some pics of how nasty our rugby match was? Click here...
I want to do one of those dinner party things where you get five bloggers (other than me of course) and sit us down for dinner and we discuss everything from politics to papparazzi to pepperoni to Paula Abdul. Of course it's all nicely filmed and edited and then broadcast on the Metro Channel or something but that's like way in the future. I just love getting diverse people in a room and then talking about just odd random subjects. Like, "Why do white men like small butts?" and things like that...

I'm an idealist I know...My first party would probably have to be people I him, her, him, and her. Or it could be him, her, him, and her. Or...well...I could do this forever...but you get the idea....
Well, we had our first rugby match of the spring season yesterday. We played in Boston against our sister team, the Boston Ironsides, in perhaps some of the worst conditions ever imaginable.

Now, we’ve played in rainy, wet fields before. I’ve played in rainy, wet fields before. However, this field was water logged. We’re talking huge deep puddles in multiple parts of the field. For the opening kickoff, I was standing in a puddle that was well past my ankles and I was trying to keep focused on the game when I really wanted to laugh because it was too reminiscent of one of those beer commercials where the weekend warriors are playing in the mud and then enjoy a nice Guinness at the end of the game (or something like that). Pretty much the field was one big mud slick where you couldn’t really get much traction and it was like running in dry sand at the beach.

On more than one occasion I fell into the puddles and got soaking wet (not to mention the fact that we were already wet from the rain) and every time you fell you just coated yourself with mud once again. I also think I stepped on someone’s hand accidentally and I know at one point I paused long enough to check up on the status of one of my opponent’s props because it didn’t look like he was having an easy time of the game and got up very slowly out of a puddle. It might not have been the right thing to do strategically but I think that since we’re pretty much friendly with this team and it didn’t look like he was having an easy go of the match that it was best if I just checked in on him. I’m sportsmanlike that way I guess.

Overall, we won, I think, 20-0. If they had their goal posts up (basically PVC piping) then the score could have been higher with the post-try kicks (a “try”, the equivalent to a touchdown, is worth five points and the post-try kick is worth two points) but since they did not have pads to go on top of their goal posts to protect the player should he run into them they were not allowed to construct them. Personally, I think I did okay in my job in the game and I think my scrum work sucked. It was my first time starting a game and I wasn’t nervous at all but I think I could have done much better than what I was doing in the scrum and I know I can do better. Everyone kept telling me I did great under the conditions but personally I think I did okay. I’m always harder on myself than the coaches will be because I expect so much from myself. I know I have the skills to do the job but I just need to put them altogether.

After the match, we all adjourned to the locker room and the three lone shower stalls that over fifty of us had to share. As one person pointed out, it looked like a scene from a gay porn flick with all of the naked male bodies cavorting around (three of us under one nozzle, etc) trying to get clean (or as clean as possible) before heading back to the tent for some post match fun and revelry.

On the social side of the weekend, I stayed with a guy named Rick and his adorable cat Flour who proceeded to crawl all over me while I slept and napped. The first night, one of Rick’s teammate, Don (who had hooked up with one of our players in a previous match last November) stayed over with his dog Tanaki who decided that I was his play toy and jumped all over me non-stop. Don, okay, I’ll admit, I have a little place in my heart for Don because he’s such a sweet guy. I mean you just want to put him in your pocket and take him home with you because he’s such a nice guy. Like when he was here in November, I just took a seat at the restaurant table not even realizing who I was sitting beside and he just politely leaned in and asked if I wouldn’t mind swapping positions with his weekend paramour so they could sit together. I felt like total shit for taking that spot so I of course changed seats. On top of it, Don was the only member of the Boston team to recognize me after the new hair cut (yes pics are forthcoming) and the weight loss. (Rick, who came with us to dinner that night in November and of whom I have a shot of his butt, didn’t even recognize me.) Even better, Don and I have extremely similar tastes in music as he had Diana Krall’s live CD playing in his car as we headed off to the match. We actually exchanged addresses so we can burn a few things on our respective computers and send them to each other. I’m sending some movies (non porn thank you) and he’s sending me some jazz. This is what rugby is all about…the camaraderie between the teams after the match.

Overall, I think we had fun this weekend. Yeah I’m a little sore from the action but I was a nice little rugby player who didn’t try to score with an opposing team member and went out and had some fun. Sure we won and sure the conditions were miserable and sure I took a Tylenol with codeine on the way home so I could relax and rest and sure I have a nagging cough from playing in the rain.

But it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for our next match.
First the CNN debacle and now this. Sometimes you have to really wonder why people do these things...
Quote of the Day

This could be a scene from a laundry detergent commercial. -- A female spectator at my rugby match this weekend in Boston where the field was so muddy that our uniforms (not to mention our bodies) were caked in dirt and mud at the end of the match.

Friday, March 28, 2003

A professor of mathematics sent a fax to his wife. It read:

'Dear Wife:
You must realize that you are 54 years old, and I have certain needs which you are no longer able to satisfy. I am otherwise happy with you as my wife, and I sincerely hope you will not be hurt or offended to learn that by the time you receive this letter, I will be at the Grand Hotel with my 18 year old teaching assistant. I ll be home before midnight.

--Your Husband'

When he arrived at the hotel, there was a faxed letter waiting for him that read as follows:

'Dear Husband:
You , too are 54 years old, and by the time you receive this letter I will be at the Breakwater Hotel with the 18 year old pool boy. Being the brilliant mathematician that you are, you can easily appreciate the fact that 18 goes into 54 a lot more times than 54 goes into 18.
Don t wait up.'
Quote of the Day

I like a happy hooker, sir! -- Yours truly to my rugby team's head coach in reference to binding on to the player whose position is called, of course, the hooker.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Okay, this is kinda sick/odd/gross/weird/stupid but I'm going to talk about it anyway.

My right testicle is sore.

Now you're probably wondering what kinky stuff I am into to make JUST my right testicle sore but it involves me, the elliptical runner, and underwear that started riding up on my as I was working out causing a portion of my scrotal sac to poke out from the side of the underwear and be rubbed maniacally against said underwear's seam for about twenty minutes while I tried a way of moving my underwear around to relieve myself of the rubbing sensation without drawing too much attention to myself.

I just went to the bathroom and it hurt to...well....hold myself while standing at the urinal. Not deathly hurt but it stung a lot.
Gawker just did a short piece on Calvin Klein going to Florent in the meat packing district after the Knicks game debacle. Now, I've been to Florent twice -- once with my rugby team and once after a night of carousing with some friends during a bar hopping spree like none other. I might have posted about it here before but when we arrived at about four in the morning, here were the people we shared the packed restaurant with:

Transvestite prostitutes
Leather clad bear daddies
Retro geeks
Couple where the man was in a suit and tie and the lady in a nice evening dress
One guy who was walking really funny when he left and we assumed he had been on the receiving end of some very heavy duty sex
And a table of punk rockers with more piercings than you would think possible.

It was too surreal for words but I did have a nice burger and rillettes while I was there.
Quote of the Day

You gotta lose 'em sometime. When you do, lose 'em right. -- Baseball legend Casey Stengel

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Well this was a smart move on the part of our soldiers.
Last night the rugby team was split into two sides -- "A" and "B". The "A" side are the first twenty one players (fifteen on the field, six subs) that will play on the more competitive side. These people were chosen (per the emails) as those who had experience, dedication, and commitment to the team and to the sport. The "B" side consists of those who aren't ready to be put on the "A" side just yet, need more practice and experience to improve their skills, or would rather be a less competitive, more social/recreational player. As we must field two sides for each game as mandated by the rugby union, it's necessary to make this separation, but everyone was made aware of the distinction that the line between the two sides is, as our club president put it, "porous," meaning that people from the "A" side could move down to the "B" side ranks and vice versa.

I was placed on the "A" side. When I heard my name called I was in shock and even gave Coach a look that said, "Are you sure?" He was sure. I was expecting to be on the "B" side so I could improve my skills to compete for an "A" side position in the fall. Now I have to step up everything a notch more. More intensive leg workouts so I have the strength to hold my position in the scrum (quads, quads, quads). More cardio so I can keep up the pace and make sure I can run when needed and have the energy and stamina to do it. I will say this though, when it comes to doing crossover side steps, I kick ass and practically fly down the line. It's just a freakin' dance step...then again these are "athletes" not dancers so I shouldn't be too harsh on them. Then again I'm not a dancer either but I can still do the damn thing. What else...oh yeah more weights to develop the upper body strength...lots more work to do...lots of practice.

I'm killing myself right? :)
One of the funniest Craig's List entries that I have ever read....I was in tears I was crying so much....
Quote of the Day

Amusement: the happiness of those who cannot think. -- Alexander Pope

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

How evil are you?
I've been doing a lot of downloading lately (not porn thank you very much) and I found a slew of TV episodes of Friends (when it was actually good), Will & Grace, Sex and the City, Queer as Folk, etc etc.

Well I downloaded the episode where Joey tells Rachel that he's in love with her and this is probably why I loved last season's episodes of Friends because you saw Joey grow as a character and I totally related to everything that happened to him and what he was going through (except I went through it with a guy...who wasn't pregnant...) and it totally broke my heart then and it did again last night. Especially after the Tom entry from earlier this week.

This is what television should do...make you feel, love, learn, and yearn.
Quote of the Day

I once heard two ladies going on and on about the pains of childbirth and how men don't seem to know what real pain is. I asked if either of them ever got themselves caught in a zipper. -- Emo Phillips

Monday, March 24, 2003

Well, I'm REALLY glad I didn't ask the mutual friend of BILL (not Paul, Bill....I confused him with the name of a law firm I used to work with when I was a legal recruiter as their names are rather similar)...turns out he's already seeing someone....OUR MUTUAL FRIEND!


Anyway, I did put to use the skills I acquired as a legal recruiter and looked Bill up in the Martindale registry. Scary the stuff you can find with email addresses. And NO! I'm not going to use it! Stalker no more! But I will say for a man who is 40 (or approaching) he looks pretty damn good... :)
Update on love life blog entry...

I sent Paul and I's mutual friend an email saying that I ran into him and the expo and that I thought he was pretty damn cute. Stopped short of mentioning the date thing because I know I'm going to see said mutual friend tonight at a rugby team meeting and I can slip it in then... :)
So I was at the Gay Expo yesterday and met a certain blogger....and he's as adorable in person as he is on his blog....but I thought he was taller. :)
Quotes of the Day

Whoa. On behalf of our producers Kathleen Glynn and Michael Donovan from Canada, I'd like to thank the Academy for this. I have invited my fellow documentary nominees on the stage with us, and we would like to — they're here in solidarity with me because we like nonfiction. We like nonfiction and we live in fictitious times. We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elects a fictitious president. We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Whether it's the fictition of duct tape or fictition of orange alerts we are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush, shame on you. And any time you got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up. Thank you very much.

-- Michael Moore upon winning his Academy Award for Bowling for Columbine.

* * * * *

And the Oscar goes to Roman Polanski for The Pianist. -- Harrison Ford announcing the Best Director Oscar winner.

* * * * *

This is, you know, it fills me with great joy, but I am also filled with a lot of sadness tonight because I am accepting an award at such a strange time. And you know my experiences of making this film made me very aware of the sadness and the dehumanization of people at times of war. And the repercussions of war. And whatever you believe in, if it's God or Allah, may he watch over you and let's pray for a peaceful and swift resolution. Thank you. -- from Adrian Brody's acceptance speech as Best Actor in a Leading Role for The Pianist.

* * * * *

Michael Douglas: You're supposed to say, "And the Oscar goes to..."

Kurt Douglas: And the winner is...

* * * * *

Russell Crowe said, "Don't cry if you get up there." And now I'm crying. Sorry. -- Nicole Kidman upon winning her Academy Award for Best Leading Actress.

* * * * *

Well, we're at the halfway point. -- Oscar host Steve Martin to close out the 75th Academy Awards.

* * * * *

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Couldn't they have found something else to do at the Academy Awards rather than repeat something they did about 5 years ago when there were more people on stage, it was a bit more interesting, and not as boring as it is right now? I mean we've seen this entire segment before....although Luise Rainer looks fabulous for her age and Tatum O'Neil looked hot!
Eminem? Oscar winner? Oh dear Lord. It actually happened.

I need a stiff drink.
Adrian Brody? Wow! Now that was an Oscar shocker and can I say....what a WONDERFUL speech he gave....
I feel honored the first press room guy compared Michael Moore's speech to Vanessa Redgrave's speech about "Zionist hoodlums" in his question.
Quote from the online press room coverage of the Oscars:

Okay, we have Michael Moore and Michael Donovan in holding. Are there any questions for them? -- Oscar Press Room leader (I guess) announcing the impending arrival of Michael Moore and causing the press room to erupt in laughter.
Michael Moore.

Oh my God.

That speech. That speech.

Last time I remember boos on the Academy Awards was Vanessa Redgrave winning for Julia.

You know with all of these Oscars that Chicago has picked up already (with Catharine Zeta-Jones just now picking up Best Supporting Actress), Fran and Barry Weissler must be wetting themselves since the Broadway revival of the show they produce will run for at least six or seven more years. And we aren't even at Best Actress, Director, or Picture.

I'm still pissed that Queen Latifah had to go against Ms. Zeta Jones. Velma Kelly is really a leading role, but Miramax campaigned to have her as a supporting so she could win an award...and she did.
It's time to vent about my love life now. Well maybe not really vent but at the very least have a nice talk about it.

Last night, I spent the evening with a friend I shall call, since he may come across this blog one day, Tom. Tom and I go way back. We're talking back to college days which would be about eight or nine years at this point. When I first met Tom, something inside me clicked and made me say, "This is the man for me. This is someone that I can spend the rest of my life with."

Well, as is usually the case with me, I did nothing. I was too scared of rejection and totally void of self esteem to really do much of anything about it except ogle him from afar. Yes, we did eventually become friends and go out to a few bars and movies together -- but as friends. Nothing more. My friends who met Tom all knew that he was the guy that I had a major crush on and would do nothing about. My reasoning would always be that I wouldn't want to jeopardize the friendship I had with him and I was happier to suffer in silence than to risk losing a friend. Well, ultimately, I would tell Tom how I felt. Sadly, though, I took the chicken way out of it -- I gave him a card with the flowers after one of his performances where I pretty much spilled my guts and told him that I wanted to try to pursue something more than friends with him. He was very gracious and accepting of my feelings but told me that he didn't feel the same way but it didn't mean that we still couldn't be friends.

It was somewhat humiliating.

I knew that rejection was a possibility but I didn't realize how crushed I would be to hear the response that I pretty much knew was coming but I knew that if I didn't get it out of my system then it probably would have ultimately hurt our relationship in the end. We remained friends since then and we've only brought up what happened twice -- both in recent weeks. Last night was the first time I had seen Tom in about a year. He moved to NYC about a year before I took the job that would bring me here but we didn't see each other until over a year after I had moved to the city. In fact, we talk on the phone somewhat regularly but only see each other about once a year. Those meetings have always been great and I haven't had the same feelings I had for him in the past -- until last night.

Last night was one of those nights where we sat around watching clips from some our favorite movies and reciting the lines with them -- well more Tom than me since he's more of the movie fiend than I am. But it was very casual and comfortable and it made me realize that yes, I still do have some feelings for him I need to resolve. Friends in Florida once called us an "old married couple" because we would bicker with each other (albeit playfully) and tease each other as if we had been together for years and we knew just what to say and when. Last night was a recap of the same -- we're curled up on the couch and laughing and having fun but I couldn't help but wonder what our lives would have been like had we actually hooked up back in Florida when I originally proposed that we attempt dating.

I don't know if it would have worked out.

Then today I was at the Gay Business Expo and I ran into many people that I knew but there was one person in particular who knew more about me than I would have thought he would. It's a friend of the guy on the rugby team who has come to a few parties and remembered meeting me (although with more hair) but was more concerned with the fact that he knew my name from something other than rugby. At first I wondered if it was something related to the NYCGMC (with whom I also volunteer) or perhaps something at the Gay Center where the chorus rehearses but he couldn't put his finger on it and neither could I. But something in me wondered if he was doing a little flirting because I know I was (because I'm Southern and that's pretty much what we're bred to do amongst other things) and he gave me his plastic lei and kinda rubbed my shoulder before he moved on.

And I wanted to follow him.

But I didn't.

It wasn't the rejection thing or the fear that I misread the signals because Lord knows if I can miss guys outright cruising me (right, Dee?) then I can definitely misread signals. I couldn't leave and follow him because I had to man the table and couldn't network as much as I wanted to for the rugby team. When I did get to move along and explore, part of me wondered if Paul (well I can use his name because I doubt he will be reading this) was still around and if I would bump into him again. Well sure enough I did. More talking, more flirting. But nothing. What I really wanted to do was plant a kiss on him and see how he would respond to it.

But I held back. I'm demure after all.

In fact I would run into Paul at least two more times and remind him just before we parted for the last time that he needed to show of up for the rugby team's bachelor auction where I would be up for sale and I would need him to bid on me to make sure I had a nice date. He smiled and said he would do his damnedest to show up and I know I'll have to find a way to make sure he shows up. And I still wanted to kiss him goodbye.

Part of me is tempted to send an email to his friend on the rugby team to pass along the word that I think he's cute, smart, witty, etc., and that I wouldn't mind taking him out on a date (although he probably makes a SHITLOAD more than I do as he's a lawyer).

I just might do it.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Quote of the Day

But you look like a gay skinhead now. -- One of my friends upon seeing my new look.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

So this week away from work has been nice. I've gotten almost nothing accomplished. And it feels okay. I've gotten to sleep in late and go to the gym when I want and not be enslaved to a strict routine of where I need to be and when.

Now as for the guy who was supposedly cruising news on that. I do have rugby practice tonight (unless it gets cancelled for weather reasons which I doubt will happen). Should practice be on I am sure that they will have us do a team workout at the gym or something. Tomorrow....maybe a movie. Definitely something really naughty in terms of food. But having some fun for sure....

Please note saying nothing on the current situation in Iraq. We're there. Stuff is going on.
Quote of the Day

But you had such nice hair. -- My mother upon learning that I shaved off my hair.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Conversation of the Day

Rugby Teammate: Um, are you really that oblivious?

Yours truly: What do you mean?

Rugby Teammate: Well unless I am totally offbase here, you've been getting cruised by [him] all night and you haven't picked up on it.

Yours truly: That seems to be a recurring problem of mine.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Having all this time off to do things around the house is just really odd. I'm not sure of what I can and cannot do and what I should be doing. I mean I know I should be cleaning but living the life of leisure for a week while I lounge around and go to the gym when I want to do and pretty much have fun is a bit more than what I can handle.

I watched a little of our president's speech on TV today because dear God I could not handle it live last night (I opted for the stand by Game Show Network instead). I think our president is insane. I think he just wants to have a war to have a war. I think that he thinks it would be good for our economy. I think he's a whiner. I don't think he's courageous. I think he's a bully. And an arrogant one at that. I've never trusted him. One of the guys on my rugby team said that if the president wants to go to war then he must have a reason for it and he says he has this evidence to prove his position. My response was if he has it then he should show it. I personally do not trust our government on blind faith alone. I think we all know that would be just a little too naive of anyone. My teammate's response was that whatever evidence he has, if shown, could spur some negative action on the part of Saddam Hussein. Well, my response was, you just can't expect me to believe you without showing me some proof.

I never thought I would side with the French on anything (even though I work for a French bank) but they are starting to make a lot of sense. All of these Freedom Fries, Freedom Toast, Freedom Kisses, Freedom's all making us look like a bunch of stupid assholes. God, sometimes I wish people would just dig their ass out of the ground (and by ass I mean head) and look around and realize that what we are ultimately doing is painting a huge target on our country and our citizens for future attacks. No, we aren't stopping the war on terrorism. We are escalating it.


Off my soap box.
Quote of the Day

You no say bye-bye when you go bye bye so Brian say bye-bye. Bye bye. -- The drunk message I left on a fellow rugger's answering machine after consuming too much tequila at a party this weekend.

(And on a side note, if I have that quote wrong, Byrne, please let me know.)

Monday, March 17, 2003

So....I have this week off from work you see. It's not that I want to take it off but more or less I am forced to take it off. I rolled a week of vacation time over from last year because 1) I was the low man on the totem pole in terms of seniority and 2) two of my coworkers had already slated time off at the Christmas holidays which means that for three weeks my life was total hell covering three separate desks. I had to take this week before the end of this month or lose it totally and not get paid for it. That was not an option. So I'm home and I'm downloading a lot of music and movies. And not dirty movies people....full length stuff....

Anyway....we've just gone wireless at the apartment. I have the cable modem in my bedroom with a router that sends out a signal to a wireless modem card in my roomie's PC that allows him to be online with the cable modem at the same time I am. No extra cords. No weird things. Just lots of fun for us all. The router died this morning so I had to go take it back to the store and get a new one and tonight roomie and I get to go through everything that we went through Friday night to get it to work again. Hopefully it won't take THAT long because I need to go do part two fo my workout today -- the cardio portion. I may go down to the team's gym in the village (or is that still considered Chelsea) and do it there because they have the individual TV hook ups and I can just watch whatever I want and not give a damn about the other people.

So that's really about it. Oh yeah there's that war in Iraq thing that I could go into but I think we all know that I think our president is a moron and a whiner and using Iraq as a shield against the fact that he can't find Osama Bin Laden whose name has...imagine this...totally evaporated from his memory and we're all into smoke and mirrors now.


That man is such a moron.
Quote of the Day

Oh yeah, that's right! I don't have to go to work today! -- Yours truly responding to his alarm clock going off at 5 this morning to start off his week of vacation!

Friday, March 14, 2003

Under the category of videos you pray to God that they never produce (even if the retirement home community is begging for them):

Golden Girls Gone Wild
Hmmm we have our consumer confidence level at its lowest point in 10 years with more than 300,000 people losing their jobs in February, retail sales down almost 2 percent, gas and energy prices rising, and our president seems more focused on a man on the other side of the world than what is going on in his own backyard.

Why is this picture seem so wrong?
If you only know how many times I have wished I could have done this....if it's true then it's pretty horrible on the part of the flight attendant but damn he fulfilled one of my flight nightmare dream scenarios....
Quote of the Day

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. -- Napoleon Bonaparte

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Lynne Thigpen died.

I am devastated. This was a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, RESPLENDENT actress who I had the pleasure of seeing on Jar the Floor off-Broadway as well as her Tony Award winning turn in An American Daughter where she totally stole the show. She's one of those actresses who you know when you see her and you love her work and talent and wonder why the rest of the world hasn't bowed at her feet and given her to total praise and adoration she deserves. I swear that woman was simply AMAZING and one of the nicest, most genuine women you could ever meet in your entire life. I am truly at a loss for words to explain how I feel.

Okay peeps...I'm working on my "dream date" package for the bachelor auction I am going to be in and I need a few ideas. I was going to do skydiving but that may not be a possibility and I don't want the standard theatre tix and dinner fare. I want to be funky and unique...

You have a mission. Give me ideas dammit.

Produce! Make me happy!
And while I am at funny is it that Geri Halliwell (yes the former Spice Girl) has admitted to a lesbian affair and is also hosting that new ABC show All American Girl.

1) She's British, not American.

2) Is having a lesbian affair (even though she admits she's not gay and was just experimenting) part of being an All American Girl?

3) Am I just too jaded by some of these things?
Just remember, I'm not for the war in Iraq at all but some of these quotes I'm getting are just cracking me up...

Quote of the Day

"You know why the French don't want to bomb Saddam Hussein? Because he hates Americans, he loves mistresses and wears a beret. He is French, people." -- Conan O'Brien

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Okay I know I should go to the gym today. I know I need ot go since I have not gone since last Friday. Saturday was the all day rugby boot camp. Sunday was chorus rehearsal in the afternoon and a break from physical exertion for a day (not to mention dealing with the sunburn). Monday I just didn't have the drive to get up and go do that after getting home after 11pm and into bed at almost 2. I had the chorus concert that night and got to be around 1 again and had rugby practice last night where did a lot of running and tackling and my arms and legs are pretty sore albeit not as sore as they were when I first started playing rugby but something inside me is saying, "Brian, take a week off from working out. You've been going five to six days a week now and you need to take a break or your body is going to say, 'Brian, take a break or I'm going to take one for you.' Perhaps this would be a good time to take a break as you were tackled mercilessly last night over and over and over again. Not to mention the fact that you ran your fool head off. Yes, you probably should run some more and get better cardio strength but you have two more practices this week before your one week of vacation so it would probably be in your best interest to just rest a little."

So I'm still deciding. I know it's not really angsty but I do feel the need to workout and perhaps if I did take some time off to let my body recouperate I would probably perform better in the end.
From my comments box --

Brian, I want more from this blog. I demand angst, CD recommendations, commentary on war, specifics on your shoes, the type drink in your hand, the book on your nightstand, the name of the charity you most recently contributed to, and how you prefer your steak.

Your readership has questions. Cater to your fan base!

Dr. Gin

Well let's see what I can do...

Angst -- Still working on the whole San Fran issue so that's behind the scenes angst and then there's the bachelor auction I'm putting together and I still don't have a place to host it yet. That's driving me up a wall because I do not want to have to resort to the Eagle just yet.

CD Recommendations -- Anything that has Ella Fitzgerald on it...even the Dee Dee Bridgewater tribute to her is awesome.

Commentary on the war -- Our president is a big bully and he should put some more focus on what's going on in his own backyard rather than across on the other side of the world. Smoke and mirrors baby. Can't find Osama go for Saddam. Smoke and mirrors. If he goes to war he will most likely not get re-elected in 2004.

My shoes -- Black lace ups from Bass

Drink in my hand -- none right now since I'm typing but I have a bottle of Dasani water next to me. Brian doesn't drink that often or that much. Although an Original Sin cider would be nice.

The book on my nightstand -- if I had a nightstand that is, would be "The Romanovs: The Final Chapter" detailing the discovery of the bones of the Romanov family and the DNA testing done to determine that it was them and that their imposters were indeed imposters.

The name of the charity you most recently contributed to -- well that would be my rugby team since we are a 501(c)(3) and soon it will be Free Arts for Abused Children NYC, the partner charity that we are working with on this benefit.

Steak -- Red meat is so bad for you. If I do eat red meat (as in my delicious McHales burger) it would be medium rare.
Quote of the Day

"Going to war without France is like going duck hunting without your accordion." -- Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I'm tired of being a monk. I want sex and I want it now. I want it long. I want it hard. I want it sweaty. I want it earth shattering. I want headboard banging against the wall. I want tied to the bed screaming out "Oh Daddy." I want it in multiple positions. I want stubble burn even. I want to cum with such an intensity that it will almost make me black out.

Then I want to cuddle.

Sorry. Just had to get that out.
Oh and for the record....when all was said and done, I sided on with the musicians and the members of IATSE Local 1 and Actors Equity who decided that they were not going to cross the lines to play to computerized music.

As one friend in the cast of the musical Chicago said when I asked her how they were going to do a show without musicians, she responded with, "We aren't." That was all I needed to sway me over to their side...

It appears that there is a settlement, although we don't know what, and I am assuming that the minimums may be reduced to possibly 20-22 at some of the larger houses but we shall see.
Porn Star or Politician? -- The Answers

Sorry for not getting to this sooner but I was off from work yesterday tending to some emergencies at home. So here we go....get out your tests and get ready to grade...

1. Paul Pellettieri Porn Star
2. Frank Vickers Porn Star
3. Bob Blount Porn Star
4. Ben Barker Porn Star
5. Todd Akin Republican, 2nd District, Missouri
6. Joel Curry Porn Star
7. Jim Saxton Republican, 3rd District, New Jersey
8. Steve Israel Democrat, 2nd District, New York
9. Vic Snyder Democrat, 2nd District, Arkansas
10. Patrick Tiberi Republican, 12th District, Ohio
11. Max Burns Republican, 12th District, Georgia
12. Andy Mantegna Porn Star
13. Jesse Koehler Porn Star
14. Chet Edwards Democrat, 11th District, Texas
15. J.D. Hayworth Republican, 5th District, Arizona
16. Joe Baca Democrat, 43rd District, California
17. Brad Carson Democrat, 2nd District, Oklahoma
18. Jim Ramstad Republican, 3rd District, Minnesota
19. Kyle McKenna Porn Star
20. Marc Radcliffe Porn Star
21. Christian Murphy Porn Star
22. Ric Keller Republican, 8th District, Florida
23. Roscoe Bartlett Republican, 6th District, Maryland
24. Ed Dinakos Porn Star
25. Rick Larsen Democract, 2nd District Washington
Quote of the Day

Lessons for the night:

If you go to a work function, don't drink.

If you do drink, don't drink two bottles of chardonnay
on an empty stomach.

If you do drink two bottles of chardonnay on an empty
stomach, don't tell one of your colleagues about your
weekend rugby party adventures (to the extent that you
remember them).

If you do tell her of your weekend rugby party
adventures(to the extent that you remember them),
don't ask if the same thing goes on at her Irish
football league.

If you do ask her if it goes on at her Irish football
league and she says yes, don't go back and tell your
table mates.

If you do go back and tell your table mates, don't go
on to talk to them about which guys at the work
function you'd most like to score with.

If you do talk to them about which guys you'd like to
score with, make sure they aren't coworkers.

And never, ever steal your boss' Mont Blanc pen.

So endeth the lesson.

-- as taken from an email received late last night from a fellow rugger who probably doesn't want his name mentioned here...

Monday, March 10, 2003

Monday Meltdown

When you are sunburned Vitamin E gel really works well! It is my new best friend.

Sun reflecting off of the snow onto my very fair skin that did not have sunscreen on it is not my friend.

I seriously think Bob Barker thinks he's funnier than he actually is...

Rose Nyland is a pretty smart chick.

Cable broadband connections totally rock.

Hanging out with thirty to forty new ruggers and exposing them to horrible, vulgar drinking songs and watching them grin through all of it and simultaneously wonder what the hell they have gotten themselves into is a wonderful thing.

Going to a chorus practice the following day and have lots of men wonder what the hell happened to you because your face looks like it's about to expode or you have a serious case of the blushes is not a fun thing.

I forgot how much fun rucking and mauling drills could be until Saturday.

I love the fact that I got up the nerve to ask out a guy on a date and although he said he wasn't looking to date anyone (because he has far more sex than everyone I know combined) he did think that a dinner and movie were more than possible.

He's also a good kisser.

My version of George Bush's speech as done by a five year old child, "Why aren't we at war yet? I wanna go to war! Mom! Dad! France isn't playing nice!"

I still want to go skydiving.

Does anyone care if someone left the cake out in the rain? And what the hell does that song really mean?
Quote of the Day

Just push my black ass on stage when it's time for me to go. -- Diva Jennifer Lewis to yours truly at last night's final dress rehearsal for the NYCGMC's Viva La Diva concert....

Sunday, March 09, 2003

I am sunburned. My face looks like a cherry tomato. Even worse, from the middle of my thigh down to the top portion of my legs just past the knee is also sunburned.

Guess who forgot how well the sun reflects off of snow at rugby practice yesterday.....

Friday, March 07, 2003

Part of me doesn't know what to make of the current musicians' union strike. Part of me supports organized labor unions as they do, to a certain extent, protect the individual from being overworked unnecessarily, etc etc. However, part of me also knows that there are some unions that use the fact that they are unions to get away with doing as little as possible (my Bear Stearns experience of finding electricians literally sleeping on the job while we ran around doing their work because they were asleep being part of it).

Here's my thing...the musicans say that they are protecting live music on Broadway. However, some shows will never make it to Broadway because they will be required to use an extraordinary amount of musicians in some theatres when they are not needed. I think some concessions need to be made in regards to minimums because the more that the producers can do to make sure that a show remains profitable means the more the musicians can work and make money playing on a show and the show can run longer and the musicians have stable employment. I think cutting the number in half at some of the larger theatres is a equitable solution. Theatre is expensive enough as it is. The reason there are such high costs is because union contracts (musicians, IATSE, etc) have risen so much. Talking with some actor friends their more pissed that Actors' Equity hasn't let them strike so they can make some more money and are more pissed that no matter who they elect into office to represent them always seems to bow down to the demands of the producers and they get very little in return.

Live music will only disappear from Broadway when it starts becoming too expensive to put music on Broadway. I guess you can say I'm leaning a little towards the producers because I think the profit margins will allow shows to run longer and therefore give them more money in the end.
Time for a fun game to poke a little fun at our politicians. So here goes nothing...can you identify (without looking anything up online) which is a porn star and which is a politician currently serving in Congress?

Porn Star or Politician?

1. Bob Blount
2. Jesse Koehler
3. Todd Akin
4. Chet Edwards
5. Joe Baca
6. Frank Vickers
7. J.D. Hayworth
8. Paul Pellettieri
9. Andy Mantegna
10. Roscoe Bartlett
11. Joel Curry
12. Max Burns
13. Jim Ramstad
14. Ric Keller
15. Ed Dinakos
16. Ben Barker
17. Jim Saxton
18. Brad Carson
19. Rick Larsen
20. Patrick Tiberi
21. Christian Murphy
22. Vic Snyder
23. Marc Radcliffe
24. Steve Israel
25.Kyle McKenna

I'll post the answers later today (because I'm such a nice guy). Pass this around the office and have some fun -- just remember the rules -- NO LOOKING THINGS UP ON THE INTERNET!
Quote of the Day

It was like a bad episode where Jonathan Bauer sneaks off to the city to be himself (a big ol' bottom). YIKES! -- quoted from an email from a fellow rugby player who competed in a wet underwear contest hosted by Danny Pintauro from Who's the Boss? who repeatedly kept reminded the judges that he got to sleep with the winner. Say it with me now..."Ewwww!"

Thursday, March 06, 2003

You know your town is boring as hell when you get excited over acquiring this...

My favorite part of the article is as follows:

The folks in Algona, Iowa -- a one-movie-theater town with 5,970 residents -- can hardly wait to get their hands on the giant Chee-to. They plan to shellac it, lay it on plush velvet and put it under Plexiglas.

"This giant Chee-to could be a boon to our local economy," said Tom Straub, owner of Algona's Sister Sarah's Bar. "Anything we can do to attract visitors to our town would be good."
Okay....this got me a little mad but I'll get over it.

Rugby practice tonight is cancelled so we're having a team workout instead at the gym one of our players works at and lets us in for free. This would be all well and good for me if I hadn't already done my two hour workout already and run 6.63 miles and done an hour of weights on top of that. So what the hell am I gonna do while they're working out? I guess I can go buy another t-shirt so I have something to wear with my shorts or something to wear afterwards. Or I could workout in my rugby jersey....

This just bites....
OH MY GOD! Luann and Aaron finally kissed!
Quote of the Day

Thank God they gave her a good bra to wear under that dress because if one of her boobs came flying out and hit her in the head it would have knocked her out. -- From the hysterically funny black female cab driver I had last night in regards to Queen Latifah in the multi-Oscar nominated film Chicago.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I had to go buy pants this morning.

Now, as many of you know, I have dropped a serious amount of weight in the past few months following a strict diet and workout routine and therefore, have very few pairs of pants that actually fit me. It's not because I haven't had the time to go out and buy new clothing, but I have gradually been purchasing new pants (four to six sizes smaller than what I was wearing before I started this new routine back in September/October) so I don't look

Anyway, I packed my gym bag this morning before I left but forgot to put in a belt to go with my black pants. Now I like this black pants but since I have lost a serious amount of weight they don't fit as well as they should and I don't look that great in them but when I have the belt on I can pass pretty well in them. However, in my haste to leave this morning, I forgot to pack a belt. Now, I could have simply gone and bought a belt but since I have so many belts at home as it is, there really is no need for me to go out and buy one now is there? I got out of the shower and knew that I could get down to the Gap near my office since it opens at 8:00, buy a new pair of pants, and change in the bathroom at work without a problem. At most, this trip to the Gap should take no more than five minutes. I grab my pants and I head to the line so I can pay, get to work, and change.

And I wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.

A woman in front of me had ordered items through the Gap website and was returning them for a refund (for whatever reason) and they only have ONE PERSON working the entire bank of registers. I'm standing there for about ten minutes getting more and more pissed as I see multiple sales associates walk by me, say nothing, and keep moving. I see them go behind the counter to get things only to leave without even acknowledging me or anything I do to get their attention. Finally, I leave the line (and mind you I'm the front of the line) and I put the pants back and head to the door. The customer service totally turned me off and I was not in a good mood.

On my way out the door, I run into a woman who has the "manager" sticker on her Gap button. I told her I was leaving her store because the customer service sucked and I stood in line for ten minutes while there was only one person running a register and taking her damn sweet time with the woman who was returning pretty much her entire closet of clothes and I had to get to work. I pointed out every sales associate that had walked by me or behind the counter without helping me and said that when I did retail (and I did for about three years) if I had treated a customer like that I would have been fired. I was going to leave the store, go to one of their competitors, and buy my pants there.

"Oh, but we've had numerous people call in late because of the weather," Manager Lady stammered at me.

"That's no excuse. People saw the three of us in line waiting to be helped on and no one stepped up to the plate. That's sad," came my response. "I will remember this when I am in the midst of a clothing emergency and will remind myself not to come to this store. And, while I'm at it, I'll make sure my coworkers know only to come here if they want to be ignored."

The manager was so apologetic that I got the pants for half off. They make my ass look great.
Quote of the Day

Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps. -- Tiger Woods

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Advice needed -- What the best way to check a guy out in the locker room of your gym without him knowing that you're doing it? Case in point, really hot guy (tall, brown hair, fuzzy chest, great ass) comes in as I am getting dressed for work and proceeds to strip down naked in front of me. He pretty much just turned in my direction, crotch to my face, and pulled his pants down without hesitation. What's protocol in that situation? Do you look because it's right there in front of you? Do you keep your eyes to the floor and sneak a peak when you think he won't notice? What the heck do you do?
Victor's Little Secret wins out in a battle of David vs. Goliath and this time the little guy won out! Corporate America be damned! I think we all so go visit him and give him our love and support and our money too...g-strings for everyone!
Quote of the Day

Sorry for being a total cunty ass bitch useless wanking tosser stream of piss about this but after dealing with multiple people on the same point and having to plead the same case on more than one occasion it's getting really old and tiresome. -- Yours truly in an email earlier this morning.

Monday, March 03, 2003

I have to vent for three seconds so just deal with it...

It's starting to piss me off that ever since I took on organizing the bachelor auction for my rugby team I have had more than a few people looking over my shoulder and putting in their input whether I want it or not and then saying it's all my decision and then getting pissed when I come down and make a decision that is still contrary to what they wanted to begin with...

People just leave me the fuck alone...I know what the hell I am doing!

Oh and while I'm at it...somewhere around midnight last night, I got my 40,000th hit. Thank you to whomever you were....
Monday Meltdown

Why is it when you're just standing on the corner of the street in Washington Heights and looking up into traffic to see if you can cross before the lights change (oh please, we all do it), every gypsy cab in the world will slow down to see if you need a ride and then speed off when you reject them – even if they've just seen the cab before them not pick you up?

Why is it that salsa music doesn’t sound as good when it’s blaring out of someone's car speakers at the highest volume you can set it at before it reaches eardrum shattering proportions? Or is it just because it was three in the morning?

Why is it when you ask a gay man in a bar if he was ever interested in playing rugby he looks as if you've just stepped off of another planet?

Why is it when you're standing next to a guy with his arm around you and your arm around his waist and you’re in a bar you have the unmistakable urge to throw him up against the wall and kiss every inch of his body?

Why is it that when you’re one of the few Caucasian people in your neighborhood, all convenience store owners want your opinion on what beers "white people" drink regardless of whether or not you drink beer?

Why is it that some sports have odd names like korfball or squash? How did these sports get their names?

Why is it when the go-go boys in gay bars are really cute, wearing next to nothing, and have a great body but are totally bored dancing on their platform you give them less money (if any) than you would to the just as cute but not as really cute dancer who is wearing a bit more clothing (maybe an inch more fabric) and a good bod but not as cut as the other guy but he’s really into moving on his platform and having a good time? Could it be that boredom, no matter what package it comes in, is not as sexy?

Why is it that some gay bars play porn that really doesn't turn you on and expect you to keep coming back to watch it? We're talking porn that has a small Asian kid bound with leather straps, getting zapped with an electric cattle prod, while the guy who is zapping him is jacking off over him. Is that supposed to be erotic?

Why is it that the Wonder Twink looks even hotter in just a towel and nothing else? And why is it that I think he also shaves his chest considering the fact that he was pretty much hairless when I first saw him without his shirt on? Why is it that he looks hotter with the chest hair than without?

Why is it that people don't seem to comprehend the fact that I’ve been pretty much nothing more than a monk for the past few months and haven't had a truly serious relationship in almost ten years?

Yeah. Why have I not been in a serious relationship in ten years?
Quote of the Day

Any gay man over the age of 30 who still refers to himself as a "boy" has a serious Peter Pan complex. -- Overheard last night on the subway home.