Monday, March 10, 2003

Monday Meltdown

When you are sunburned Vitamin E gel really works well! It is my new best friend.

Sun reflecting off of the snow onto my very fair skin that did not have sunscreen on it is not my friend.

I seriously think Bob Barker thinks he's funnier than he actually is...

Rose Nyland is a pretty smart chick.

Cable broadband connections totally rock.

Hanging out with thirty to forty new ruggers and exposing them to horrible, vulgar drinking songs and watching them grin through all of it and simultaneously wonder what the hell they have gotten themselves into is a wonderful thing.

Going to a chorus practice the following day and have lots of men wonder what the hell happened to you because your face looks like it's about to expode or you have a serious case of the blushes is not a fun thing.

I forgot how much fun rucking and mauling drills could be until Saturday.

I love the fact that I got up the nerve to ask out a guy on a date and although he said he wasn't looking to date anyone (because he has far more sex than everyone I know combined) he did think that a dinner and movie were more than possible.

He's also a good kisser.

My version of George Bush's speech as done by a five year old child, "Why aren't we at war yet? I wanna go to war! Mom! Dad! France isn't playing nice!"

I still want to go skydiving.

Does anyone care if someone left the cake out in the rain? And what the hell does that song really mean?

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