Sunday, June 30, 2002

I just got back from the pride march. The chorus did a fabulous job of entertaining people along the way. I got to carry the US flag in front of the chorus as they sang and dance behind us. I did see the chorus cutie and got a hug and kiss from him. I had to wonder if he suspected anything due to someone's actions of ALMOST letting things slip but it was fine. I am, however, in a shitload of pain. My feet hurt, my back hurts, and I am STARVING because I have not eaten anything all day long. I don't know why I didn't think the march would be as long as it was but it was painfully long. Most of the time was spent just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting just so you move up five feet and wait some more. We were supposed to be there between 10:30 and 11:00 but we didn't start moving down 5th Avenue until after 1pm.

On a positive note, it's fun when small, cute Asian men jump into the air, straddle your body, and then have them lock their legs around you...
Today is the day of the pride parade. I was questioning whether or not I wanted to march this year for multiple reasons. First there is the fact that chorus cutie I have (can't say had even though I now know that he is not available for the taking) a crush on will (most likely) be there and at times I don't feel that prideful. It's hard to be prideful of your community which has so much internal strife between genders, races, body type, fetishes, economic position etc. It's as Walt talked about in his blog about being "The Invisible Man" because he didn't fit the mold of the gym bunny gay male. It's sad to realize that we may never achieve a communal goal of equal rights because we as a community can't seem to unite to work together because everyone is concerned that they won't be represented to their specifications/need/want/desire.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Here's that new game where you put your name plus the word "is" into and you come up with fun interesting facts about here goes nothing....

Brian is an avid believer in controlling one’s own destiny, daily goal-planning, hard work, and perseverance.

Brian is a star forward of the Columbus Crew MLS soccer team.

Brian is famous, and that makes us interested, and he's charming in print as well as in person.

Brian is the BEST!

Brian is off on the weekends, so there is plenty of family time available.

The life of Brian is fun.

Brian is an 18 year old Class of '97 graduate of Dedham High School in Massachusetts.

Brian is President of Carey Theological College and Associate Professor of Applied Theology.

Brian is British and lived in the East and South of England until he moved to The Netherlands in 1982.

Brian is enclosed in a pyramid when torches are inserted. It burns, falls apart, crumbles.

Brian is the Member of Parliament for the constituency of North East Milton Keynes.

I've gotten the germ of an idea in my head for how to work out my third play. It's an untitled work which is odd because I am generally pretty good at coming up with titles first and the ideas for shows. I have a title that I might wedge into the show somehow but it's so esoteric that it might not be an easy fit.

Writing (646) Guy is a lot of fun. So is writing this blog. If it ever got published into a serious work of essays or thoughts then maybe but I knwo that heart is in the theatre and I need to focus on that.
Let's see...we have had Enron, Global Crossing, WorldCom, Xerox, Mitt Romney, Martha Stewart, and who knows what else going on out there...and I am losing so much faith in investing ever again.

I started doing some small time investing earlier this year but had to liquidate my accounts once I became unemployed and needed some quick cash in order to survive. However, I am VERY concerned with ever investing ever again. How can I trust a company (even if I read their annual reports and understand everything in it) enough to actually want to put money into their stock now. I owned some Global Crossing stock which I bought dirt cheap (at the time) and then had to sell it at a loss because there was no way that I was going to be able to recoup any of my investment. Of course that was all before the account money swapping and the failure to report certain figures came out.

It pisses me off as much as it pisses off the people who now hold the worthless stock in their hands and in their retirement accounts. You are led to believe that the company you are working for and, possibly, investing in is going to be a responsible forthright company. But now you have to wonder if the company you are working on has built a house of cards like Enron by shifting money around left and right and hiding their BILLIONS of dollars of debt or expenses. Of course there are those that made HUGE bucks off of these side partnership agreements and they are the ones who are walking away with the money while those who retired with a large portion of their 401(k) plan tied to the company stock are now forced to return to work to make ends meet because the stock is worth as much as Ken Lay's excrement. It becomes one of the worst forms of volation because there is nothing you can do about it except fret over what you should have, could have, and would have done...

I hope that President Bush isn't just lip service when he says that he will hunt out executives who pretty much rape the company of money and force people out of work and companies to go out of business. The economy still sucks and I haven't seen him do a damn thing as of late to help it out. Hello, President Bush. Meet me. I'm middle America. I'm the one who is getting fucked up the ass because the job market is terrible and I can't get a real job with benefits. You have less than 2 years to prove the nation that you aren't the mistake and buffoon we all thought you were when you were elected. are going to go the way of your father.
A new episode of (646) Guy... It's a special Britney Spears' restaurant edition....
My roommate is gone for about nine days while she visits her family in Kentucky. When she gets back I leave two or three days later to go to Florida for my play's world premiere. I think I am going to take this time to do a little relaxing, a little contemplating, a little introspection...This has been a weird year and perhaps the most stressful since I moved to NYC if not the most stressful in memory.

I need to focus more time on my playwriting. I haven't written a play in almost three years and I think that I have been resting on my laurels and telling myself it's because I don't have the creative inspiration to write them. I think I have it, I just think I have gotten a little lazy about it. I have ideas for so many stories buzzing in my head I just need to put pen to paper and write. I think that's what I am going to try to accomplish while roomie is gone -- some real writing....

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Of the 35 people in the past thirty-six minutes that have visited this blog....30 of them want to see those pesky girls NAKED....UGH!
Sigh....despite putting the clear disclaimers that people would NOT be finding unclothed pictures of a pair of sisters born on the same date who went on to fame on the program FULL HOUSE and who some say are divas....they are still flocking to my site....even when you look me up on google using that notorious phrase I alluded to earlier and THE ENTIRE LINE SAYING THAT THERE ARE NO UNCLOTHED PHOTOS OF THOSE TWO PEOPLE appears on the screen, they still click on it like morons...


Oh....if you haven't voted in the poll on the left....please do....
So I was wrong on the school voucher decision. I still think this is the wrong thing to do.

If parents are concerned that their children are not getting the education they deserve in public schools, I have no problem with them sending them to private schools. However, I do feel that taking money away from a failing or struggling school system is wrong. The government should authorize more tax dollars to protect our public schools from failing and not giving our children the education they need and deserve. It is a sad reflection of society when our government CUTS education dollars. That only cripples the education system more and does not allow new books to be bought for libraries, new text books to be used for children to study, new materials bought in order to have an effective learning environment. This decision's only positive is that it is a wake up call for school districts EVERYWHERE to buckle down and start to turn their schools around. If the teacher's aren't effective or doing their job -- TOSS THEM OUT. If a teacher is doing wonders in the classroom -- REWARD THEM! Work to make a positive difference in these children's lives. I only fear what is going to happen in the Cleveland school system if more than enough parents took their children out of it and put them in private institutions.

Additionally, for parents -- school is not a babysitting service while you are at work. You are just as responsible for making sure that your children are doing their homework and actually getting something out of school beyond being eight hours away from the TV, the computer, or their Playstation. If you think that your children are just going to learn by sitting them in front of a teacher, then you are wrong. You have to take an active part in their life. Education is a two way street and I wish the parents would learn that.
A new episode of (646) Guy is up...

I had a very nice coversation with this guy last night named Bryan. He lives in New Hope, PA, and works in New Jersey. Conversation is such an underrated artform. It implies listening (which implies understanding and comprehending) and responding in a like manner. It's through conversation that you get to know people and understand their points of view and more about them as a person. I think people do more "talking" than they do "conversing." If we actually listened to people and what they had to say, I think we might have a better informed society that would actually understand each other and respect them for who they are as a person.

BTW -- Bryan has the cutest smile too....
My lack of sleep finally caught up with me. I was reading a Michael Craft mystery -- he writes these gay themed mysteries that are told in the present tense (I hate those) and feels the need to explain every detail under the sun....

The issue of the Pledge of Allegiance is going to hit the Supreme Court soon enough and I feel that this decision will be overturned at some point. Also coming today is the Supreme Court decision on school vouchers. Personally, I think this one is going to overturned because there were more religious schools rather than private schools in the case involved. I don't think it will be fully overturned but I think there will be some rules created to distinguish what qualifies as a valid school voucher program and what does not.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I did the Austin Powers Name Generator

Brian "Excitement" (Last Name Withheld to Protect My Parents From Embarassment)

People speak your name in a whisper since exciting things are always centered around your presence. These wanna be-hangers on are just there to enjoy the ride!

Vital Gear
Includes a substantial line of credit at the best casino in town to play craps and roulette all night long.

Darn..tres boring....however, if I use my first name (since I go by my middle name -- my parents made that choice not me) I become...

Christopher "Audacious" (Last Name Again Withheld)

People are always looking at you with awe and can't believe they just saw you do what you just did. You push the bounds of society's rules and you love the attention it gets you.

Vital Gear

Includes a loud tie, an open tab at the bar and a way with words.

Pledge of Allegiance minus "under God."

Call me Kreskin, but I think that we are going to get a huge backlash from Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson over this one. I have always been kinda nebulous about the "under God" portion of our pledge and about religion in schools to begin with. As we have become a far more global community within our country, we have to respect the beliefs of those that do not worship the same religions to which we have become accustomed. How many mosques were in the United States when the "under God" portion of the pledge was added in the 1950s? How many Buddhist or Hindu temples were in the United States? No, we are not taking God out of the US or disrespecting the rights of Christians. We are recognizing that not everyone worships the same way (or at all).

Of course we can all say that she has the right not to say the pledge. But what will this do? Force her to stand there and watch as others do it and feel that she is an outsider because she is the only one not saying the pledge of allegiance? We can't force her to change school because how many schools do NOT say the pledge of allegiance?

There are those that are trying to put prayer back into school and I have to commend them for their efforts. However, it is nearly impossible to put prayer back in school as our multicultural community denies the ability to have a level playing field in regards to formulating a prayer that is acceptabe to all. But, then there are the athiest, agnostics, and pagans to contend with as well. I respect the moment of silence that most schools have incorporated as it allows the student to do what they want -- pray, stand there like an idiot, meditate, whatever. The power is in their hands.

To be honest, I am really suprised it too this long before it was declared unconstitutional. And for the record...I believe atheism to be a religion. Religions have tenets of belief. Their tenet is that there is no God (amongst other things....).


Oh there's a new episode of (646) Guy up as well...

Wimbledon continues to shock...

Second seed Marat Safin -- defeated.
Third seed Andre Agassi -- defeated.
Sixth seed Pete Sampras -- defeated.

Who am I going to cheer for now?
Pete Sampras is out of Wimbledon in the second round. First and foremost I am really concerned for this man considering that he has not won a tournament since Wimbledon 2000 and he has dropped out before the third round of the last two Grand Slams. You could say that he was injured and that affected his play but all repots say that there was something else.

Maybe it's the marriage curse. Since he got married he really hasn't been playing well. Remember Andre Agassi and Brooke Shields....
Sometimes I have to laugh at our political parties. And, yes, it is AT them and not with them. The Democrats (a party of which I am a member) tried to have Mitt Romney excluded as a GOP candidate for governor. Mitt Romney, you may remember, was the head of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee. No, he wasn't one of the bribers who basically bought the Olympics, he was the one who took over once those people left.

The main issue was the status of Romney's residency. You have to be a Massachusetts resident for seven years to be a candidate for governor. Romney lived in Utah for at least a year while planning the 2002 Olympic Games and filed part-time resident tax returns for one year and non-resident returns for other years. Those later returns were amended to reflect Romney's status as a Massachusetts resident. He later claimed that his accountants, PricewaterhouseCoopers, had screwed up (nothing surprising given the WorldCom, Enron, and Global Crossing debacles of this year).

What I find funny is that the Democrats are doing to Mitt Romney what the Republicans tried to do to Hilary Clinton when was running for the Senate. How can this person run this state/represent this state/screw this state over when they aren't a resident and haven't been for sometime (or even ever)?

Politics...they make you laugh.
Sigh....I just woke up. I want to go back to bed. I do not want to go to work today.

Damn those bills that are forcing me to a life of slavery!

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

To everyone those who find my blog in the oddest of ways, please note the following:

1) There are no nude pictures of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on my blog.
2) There are no FAKE nude pictures of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on my blog.
3) There are no lesbian pictures of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on my blog.
4) There are no FAKE lesbian pictures of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on my blog.
5) There are no lesbian stories of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on my blog.
6) There are no FAKE lesbian stories of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on my blog.

If I see another hit from because someone has found my blog due to their own prurient interests in the Olsen twins I may puke.

Hide your wallets...

Catania, Italy (dpa) - A five-year-old Sicilian child decided to put a piece of wisdom into practice and tore up 1,500 euros (1,470 dollars) in cash after being told that money doesn't buy happiness, the local daily La Sicilia reported Tuesday. The child, who was not named, found his father's wallet stuffed with banknotes and ripped them into tiny pieces before throwing the remains out of the window. The previous evening, his grandfather had told him that ``money is just worthless trash.''

His despairing 33-year-old father was planning to deposit the money - his monthly salary - into the bank, but was left with a handful of worthless confetti spread around the nearby road.
The new (646) Guy is up and ready....enjoy!

Once again, the wonder that is Caryn Solly has posted (courtesy of her friend Paul) a link the most hysterical website....I'm not going to give away the title but it did make me violently laugh when I started reading click here and enjoy the laughs...

People should be very scared that Joni and I score the same on many these quizzes...such as this...

Which random phallic object are you?
Quiz by Andrea.

Monday, June 24, 2002

I'm getting more introspective as I get older. Granted I have yet to reach my thirtieth birthday, but tha tdoesn't mean I can't reflect on my life.

My ten year class reunion was this past weekend. Due to it's proximity to the premiere of my play (and a mistaken notion regarding how many free tickets US Air had given me this past Christmas), I had to decide between my play's world premiere and my high school reunion. There was the chance that I could do both but that fell through as well at the last minute (damn you overly efficient governmetn agencies). So whioe my classmates were having fun reuniting with each other and reminiscing and such, I was home with my thoughts.

Ten years. It's a pretty long time when you think about it. It's almost one third of my life. So much stuff has happened in my life that it's mindboggling.

I came out of the closet and renounced by Southern Baptist upbringing. Of course I also joined what I term a cult somewhere in between both events. At least I call it a cult. I mean what else can you can a religious organization that only lets you hang out with other people within the church and only date people within the church. It was an emotionally and financially draining experience because I was becoming more aware of my sexuality and having to put it in context with my religious beliefs. I mean I had been a regular church goer for so long that not being in church was almost unheard of for me. Thankfully I found St. Lukes Metropolitan Community Church in Jacksonville. For the first time it was okay to be gay, worship the Creator, and not feel ashamed about it.

That year of my life was perhaps the most trying on me. My college grades slipped because I was spending too much time with the cultists and not enough time on my books. Additionally, my friend David and his partner Andy were, ever so slightly, pushing me out of the closet. Their advice, the nurturing, everything, it really made me have to put things into perspective. The first thing I had to do was come to accept myself for who I was and go from there. That was the hardest part. Even now I still have the occasional pangs of self-doubt.

Three, maybe four years later I was offered a job in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Now this was one of the hardest decisions I could make. Do I move to Fort Lee (just over the river from NYC) at the age of twenty-three -- across the country from my family, by myself, having to do it on my own. This was something I had yet to do. I had always been pretty much dependent on my family for some financial help but I had to decide whether or not to take a chainsaw to the purse strings and break out on my own. My father was dead set against me moving. He swore that I shouldn't move unless they were offering me more than 50% than what I was currently making. In fact they were offering me that plus some. He was livid that I was even considering the offer. I truly feel that they thought I couldn't succeed on my own in NYC. In fact, my parents used the argument that if "something happened to me" that they wouldn't be able to help me. My response was, "Maybe it's time for you to stop helping me." I don't think they were ready for that.

I was telling of my relationship with my parents with a friend of mine. He made a very astute observation. I am the classic overachiever. However, it's more complicated than that. The reason that I work so hard is because in my mind I associate success with earning my parents' love. If I fail, then I fail my parents and they no longer love me. My parents always told me that I had the potential to make straight A's in school but I never did. Part of me wonders why I never tried harder to make better grades (even though I had a 3.4857 GPA when I graduated high school). Maybe because I felt that if I didn't do well enough they would pay attention to me. My sister was the athletic one and the military oriented one. She played soccer and softball and was in ROTC. My father and mother both played softball in their youth. My father was in the Air Force and my mother's father was in the RAF. She was their golden child. I was the smart, artistic one. They couldn't relate to me. They didn't have artistic leanings. If they did, they didn't exploit them as I did.

Moving to NYC was the best thing that could have happened to me. I think moving here has made me become the person that I am now. I am more reliant on myself (although Mom and Dad still send the occasional check). A few years ago my mother finally acknowledged that I, in her eyes, had finally grown up and was making my own living. That was a milestone and something I will never forget. I work hard, play harder, and still find a way to come out on top. I don't back down anymore. I go for what I want now. Well...almost everything....

Deep inside me is still the same insecure kid from high school who wanted nothing more than to find his place in the world. Part of that means obtaining and maintaining the acceptance of those around me. Maybe that's why I can't tell those I am interested in that I would like to date them. Maybe it's because I already anticipate the rejection before I even ask. I'm looking at my situation with the chorine as the fact that I have a good friend instead of the fact that I don't have a love relationship with him.

My I am such a complex person....
The Supreme Court decision to allow only juries to decide death penalties is going to cause a logjam in the court system in many states.

With over 160 people on death row, the state of Arizona is going to have to retry many of their death row inmates because a judge, not a jury, sentenced the person to death. This also means that that piece of trash Thomas Capano will probably get a retrial for murdering Ann Marie Fahey -- something he tried to pass on his lover at that time Debbie MacIntyre by stating she accidentally killed Fahey.

Maybe he can get Nedra Ruiz to represent him this time. I don't know of any lawyer who would risk his credibility by defending that piece of swine.


In other news, I have some theatrical themed eBay items up for auction to help make me some money to get me a new pay rent...I'm sure I will have more up soon. I mean how much do you think I can get for a framed and double matted invitation to the 1996 presidential inauguration?
A new episode of (646) Guy is up for your amusement!
So far it's an overwhelming vote to let you, my reading public control my love life. There is one person who has dissented so far...but you have until the end of July to have at it people...Just remember you have to find the men for love life is in your hands...or soon it will be at least....

Wimbledon has started which means my life reverts to nothing but tennis for the next two weeks. Rumor has it that Pete Sampras may have to pull out of the tourney due to injury. If that is the case then it would be rather sad I think.
Okay....I hve my first poll up....Take a look stage left and you will see that you have the chance to decide whether or not you have a say in my love life...let's just call this my summer experiment...

Sunday, June 23, 2002

My reading selection for this weekend.....what can I say I love British hip lit and this book made me die laughing....
I am having cravings.

McDonalds, PIzza Hut, Burger King....something horrible for my system, gross and disgusting to clog up my arteries. A bacon cheeseburger with some nice overly crisp fries....just give me the McChicken Sandwich....why can't we have a Taco Bell nearby? I miss living in Jax and stopping by the 24 hour Taco Hell on the way home from dancing and partying with my friends and letting that horrible food just soak up all of the liquor and get it out my system faster....sigh....those were the days....

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Ann Landers has passed away. I truly believe she was one of the most influential women in history. Imagine having over ninety million readers at your disposal who write in for your advice and religiously read you for your snappy comments and timely advice. So Anne....Eppie....friend to you devoted blank space in your column following your divorce as a monument to the years you spent with your husband, I will devote some space myself as a memory to your words, your wisdom, and your legacy.

You will be missed.

My friend wants to set me up on a blind date.

(insert b-movie scream of death here)

According to Mel, she thinks that I am not dating enough (in my case pretty much not at all). She thinks its time that I put some love and romance into my life. She also knows the whole story of me and the chorus cutie and is tired of seeing me pine away for someone -- especially after my quasi realization that most likely nothing is going to come of my crush. So, she's going through her "rolodex o' men" and trying to see if she has a match for me. At the same time, she had the great idea (no, really Mel, it's a great idea....really, I think it's great...yeah....great....heaven help me) that my reading public should join in the search for a date.

So here's the I want to open up my love life for the humor of the public....

I just might....
I just woke up this Saturday morning and I have so much to do. I think the ten hours of sleep that I got is more than enough to power me through the day. I have lots of cleaning ahead of me and a few more things to scan in so I can get my eBay collection up and running so I can make some spare cash.

Interesting to note, I got home last night and there was a call from my main agency to tell me about a job. My only concern is that I am heading to Florida in July and they might not take me because of that. And I would feel a little bad about leaving the people at Credit Lyonnais since there were talks about me moving on to a possible permanent position. However, if the other position involves me doing something in my field of expertise (and no its not porn or Broadway theatre) of Human Resources. God I hope this trip to Florida doesn't blow it for me.

And while I am at it...Handy Andy from BBC America's Changing Rooms is adorable...Too bad I am not his type...or at least that is what I have been led to believe...

Right now my classmates are all gathering in Jacksonville, Florida, for a weekend of fun and reminiscing....wish I could be there....perhaps in five years....

News of Note

Court: Students Can't Sue on Privacy

Now don't let that title mislead you. The court ruled against Ru Paster in favor of Gonzaga College based not on the actual actions of the college but on the failure of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, to grant students any individual actionable rights within the wording of the law. Therefore, Gonzaga University, or any university for this matter is allowed to release whatever information it may have about you without your consent. While attending Gonzaga, an unsubstantiated, unproved allegation of sexual assault was filed against Paster. When he was applying for his teaching certification, this assault claim was released with his record and he was denied his teaching certificate. Although he lost this part of his claim under FERPA, there are other things that Paster sued against (such as defamation of character) which were not contested in this trial.

What concerns me here is the "unsubstantiated" portion of the claim. The college obviously failed to properly research the claim (or even to research it at all). I think Justices John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a very good point that this piece of legislation does not allow for any claims to be filed against it. The absence of accountability with the exception of the withdrawal of federal funding does not seem to protect the student as much as it does the college.

Sex, Whips, and Chains Grounds for Divorce?

Did you expect me to pass over a story like this? I think it needs no comments.

And what is it about baseball teams from South Carolina and copping feels. This is the second picture of a Gamecocks player getting more than slap on the butt after a homerun. So that makes the score Gamecocks 2, Clemson 1. Come on Tigers. Are you going to let them beat you again?

Friday, June 21, 2002

Just so I can be one of the cool kids too, I am tackling the Friday Five...

1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo?

Converted two family home that has been made into apartments.

2. Do you rent or own?

Rent...and the rent just went me a nice place and rent it to me dirt cheap!

3. Does anyone else live with you?

One roommate - Amy who may be moving out due to the rent increase... :(

4. How many times have you moved in your life?

Oy least six times. There may have been one more when I was really young but I know of the moves from South Carolina to North Carolina to Texas back to North Carolina (same neighborhood even) then to Florida and then I moved to Fort Lee, NJ, and then to NYC proper.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?

I am cleaning my apartment, scanning items to sell on eBay followed by putting them up for sell on eBay, and then relaxing....

Also...if you own as much Ikea furniture as I do...well this game is for you...I sucked at it by the way....
A new episode of (646) Guy is up and you learn Leo's full name....
News of Note

Purple is the color of choice besting Aqua and Pink in the worldwide poll. Violet was one of the original colors when M&Ms first debuted so it's nice to know that everything old is new again.

Déric Peterson, the 2001 U.S. 800 meters indoor champion, becomes a very rare individual in July’s issue of Genre magazine: an out professional athlete. Not only that...he's the first African American athlete to come out of the closet as well. Adidas, his sponsor, even supported his decision to do so. I think the last person to come out was tennis player Amelie Mauresmo who made no bones about the fact she was a lesbian and even has her partner cheering for her in the stands.

Could Dick Cheney NOT be the VP running mate in the 2004 election? Of their potential choices to take over the position should Cheney be deemed an unworthy selection. Beyond whatever international expertise Cheney has brought to the table to assist Bush in his presidential duties, I see him, somewhat, as an ineffectual leader. Also, given his medical scares (that heart is a time bomb waiting to go off) Bush may need to go somewhere else in order to make his ticket seem stable. Not surprising, all of the Republican choices to succeed Cheney are white men. I wouldn't be surprised if the Democrats go with a woman or an African American (or even an African American woman) as their VP candidate. Let me just say that we have had only ONE woman on a major party ticket in the past 20 years. Well...make that in the last 200+ years. Don't you think it's time for another...I know there are well qualified minorities and women out there who can do the job of VP justice. Why aren't we using them?


Okay I am up and I am tired. I was having some weird dreams last night so everyone out there with a dream dictionary crack it open and let's go. The only part I remember is I was in the backseat of an SUV being driven by the two women who play Melanie and Lindsay on Queer as Folk and they were asking me what kind of a woman I would be if I was female. And I was actually answering this....that's all I remember.

The US Team is taking on Germany. By the time I get to work the game should almost be over. I hate to say that I am not expecting much out our team but if they win I think I may be doing a happy dance. I might actually watch a game!

Thursday, June 20, 2002

P.S. Rita diva of Taxicab Confessions...I lurve ya....where are ya when I have my stories to tell????
Not too long ago I did a post about Taxicab Confessions and how people do some pretty odd things in the backseat of these cabs and then sign away the right to have it publicized. The last time I watched it, there was a couple who had sex in their cab. I mean we're talking FULL PENETRATION sex.

Well, we got some more tonight.

Tonight, this woman started playing with her nipples while her husband started to finger her. Now before I go any further, let me state that these two were illegally married as they were married to other people at the time they eloped -- their divorces weren't final yet. ANYWAY...she made a comment before that she can only achieve orgasm when a man is "eating her out." So after he fingers her they adjust their positions in the backseat so he can go down on her....and he does....and they show whatever they can show without turning it into a porn film.

Let me ask this yet again -- DO PEOPLE HAVE NO DECENCY ANYMORE? I mean you have sex in the back of a cab. I can live with that. I am sure it happens more often than I care to think about given the number of cabs I have taken in my life (and after seeing this twice in two episodes I am tempted to bring Lysol with me to disinfect the back of these things when I ride in them). But you have to actually sign a release when you leave the cab to give these people permission to use your ride in their program. Now, you've just had sex in the back fo this cab. You know it's on the camera. And you consent....

It's boggles my imagination....and those of you that know me well...mark this day. You know how rarely this happens....
Do you believe in omens? I believe in omens. I am seeing so many omens.

Tonight I watched the episode of Friends where Joey tells Rachel how he feels. This coupled with the episode of Queer as Folk where Ted and Emmett are now locking lips and swapping saliva. And then there's me talking about people taking a chance on life and doing odd things like move to NYC or just go for it because you never know until you try...and then of course I say that and feel like a complete fool because I am not doing what I am telling other people to do. Granted I already live in NYC but there's that whole thing about not telling the chorus cutie how I feel for fear or possibly ruining our friendship.'s all omens. I wish I was all action.

This is from my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

Vines: No Apology To Muslims

At his first public appearance after making remarks critical of Islam that stirred a national controversy, the pastor of Jacksonville largest church didn't back down, but did soften his tone.

During a Sunday morning service at Jacksonville's First Baptist Church, Dr. Jerry Vines insisted he had not spoken incorrectly -- citing the Islamic and academic sources of the remarks he had made at a Southern Baptist Convention conference in St. Louis last Monday.

"If I have misread this information, I would be glad for Muslim scholars to explain their own documents to us all," Vines told his congregation.

Vines had referred to the Islamic prophet Mohammed as a "demon-possessed pedophile," and said that Christians and Muslims don't worship the same God, saying "Jehovah's not going to turn you into a terrorist that'll try to bomb people and take the lives of thousands and thousands of people."

He made it clear that despite calls for him to do so, he would not apologize to or meet with representatives from the Islamic community about his widely reported remarks about their religion and its founder.

But did offer an invitation to talk about their souls.

"I love Muslim people. I have found many of them to be kind, gentle and loving people," Vines said from the pulpit. "Many Muslims have come to our church to hear of the love, joy, peace and saving grace available to all in Jesus Christ."

Those attending First Baptist's 10:20 a.m. service stood and applauded after Vines made his comments.

"He speaks for the majority of the people, without a doubt," church member Bruce Walls said.

Even after Vines' offered no softening of attitude, a Jacksonville Islamic leader continued to try and make peace.

"It is our desire to have a face-to-face meaningful dialogue in an environment of mutual respect," Shakur Bolden told Channel 4 Sunday afternoon.

"I have no plans to speak to this matter further," Vines -- a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention -- said.


For the record, at a recent meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, Jerry Vines took it upon himself to say some pretty racist, hate-filled things about Muslims and their religion. It did nothing more than fuel the already prevalent stereotype that Southern Baptists focus more on hating and excluding people than actually worshipping God. But that's just me...

Anyway, I think Jerry Vines needs to jump back for a second. He has to realize that the Muslim religion does not teach hatred. He has to realize that there are certain sects of the Muslim religion that are more extreme than the majority of those that practice the religion. Conversely, there are different "sects" of Christianity that have varying degrees of extremism yet they are all "worshipping" the same God. There are some sects that brandish or stockpile weapons (Branch Davidians) because they believe that they have some key integral role in Armageddon. There are some that put women in a much lower caste system than their male counter parts (Amish and to a certain extent Catholicism). There are some that literally take each word in the Bible as the literal word of God despite evidence to the contrary that Biblical texts have been changed to suit the politics of King James and his predecessors (too numerous to count). So do we heap the sins of a few on the whole? If so, Christianity has a lot of blood on its hands as well.

To be cliche, it's the pot calling the kettle beige...
A new episode of (646) Guy is up and running!
To paraphrase that song in A CHORUS LINE....

Ben Affleck out....Colin Farrell in!
Well I went to bed early last night. That's something that I RARELY do....of course early for me is around 10:00 - 10:30...I guess I am still a little pissed about the whole rent increase and the fact that I am going to have to find yet another roommate is really bumming me out. I mean it's not like that I won't have the money for the new rent amount, but the problem is gonna come when I have to pay the other bills. I still have to pay the cable and cell phone bill. The cell phone may have to be turned off for a while until I get this new rent increase under my belt....ugh I hate not having a real permanent job....I hae the fact that I was unemployed for almost three months....but as they say, that which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Okay all you NYC-ers out there, I am doing some research on my own but if anyone out there knows the answer please let me know.

I got home tonight and there was a letter from my landlady (who lives downstairs). She is raising the rent by $200 effective JULY FIRST! That's only ten days. Is that legal? Doesn't she have to give us more notice? I'm looking into it but if anyone knows the legal ramblings and such, please let me know. so know you want to comment on this one....if only the cutie knew about this one...

Looks like someone else agreed with me regarding my "accessory during/after the fact" rant of not too long ago...

Full Coverage
In-depth coverage about
Catholic Church Abuse Scandal
Related News Stories
· Grand Jury Weighs Case on Cardinal - Associated Press (Jun 19, 2002)
· A grand jury is said to weigh case against Law - Boston Globe (Jun 19, 2002)
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Opinion & Editorials
· Lagging Arthur Andersen on ethics - Boston Globe (Jun 19, 2002)
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· The bishops balk - The Economist (Jun 17, 2002)
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· U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops - official site that has a special section on the abuse scandal.
· Letter to Priests for Holy Thursday - first public comment from the Pope on the child sex abuse scandals within the Catholic priesthood. From the Holy See, March 21, 2002.
· Catholic Bishops and Sex Abuse - database of the nation’s 178 mainstream Roman Catholic dioceses that reveals where accused priests have been protected by bishops or others. From the Dallas Morning News.

Grand Jury Probes Cardinal Law
Wed Jun 19, 1:13 PM ET
By DENISE LAVOIE, Associated Press Writer

BOSTON (AP) - A grand jury is looking into whether criminal charges could be brought against Cardinal Bernard Law and other church leaders in the sex scandal that has engulfed the Boston Archdiocese, a law enforcement source said Wednesday.

The grand jury convened by Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly has been investigating for weeks whether Law and other leaders broke the law in allowing priests accused of molesting children to remain in positions where they could continue to abuse youngsters.

A source who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the chances that charges would be filed against Law or other top officials are small because of the statute of limitations and the difficult standards for prosecuting someone as an accessory.

The scandal rocking the nation's Roman Catholic Church began earlier this year in Boston when it was disclosed that the archdiocese had moved priests from parish to parish despite allegations they had molested youngsters.

Nationwide, at least 250 priests have either been dismissed from their duties or resigned since the scandal erupted.

By law, Reilly cannot confirm whether a grand jury investigation is under way. But Reilly told The Associated Press on Wednesday that his office is using "every investigative tool available to us, including interviews and demand for documents and records."

"We have an obligation to look into this," Reilly said.

Reilly said in April that he had not ruled out bringing charges against Law.

The Rev. Christopher Coyne, a spokesman for Law, said the archdiocese was preparing a statement but had no immediate comment.

Reilly and various district attorneys have said that under state laws on conspiracy, obstruction of justice and being an accessory to a crime, it would be difficult to charge someone for putting another person in a position to commit a crime.


I think this is an interesting first step. If Cardinal Law is indicted for an accessory crime, it may open the doors for similar cases in other diocese. I guess for me the issue isn't that they are trying to get an indictment on the basis that they were "putting another person in a position to commit a crime" as much as I think they should be tried for KEEPING them in a position to keep committing the crime or even having knowledge that such acts were taking place and not reporting them to the police. Sadly, I am not up to date on Massachusetts law statutes regarding such provisions so I can't fully state why the angle I think the prosecution should take is different than what they are currently doing now.

The main question I have (and many others) is when did these people actually know (through documentation or whatever) about the actions of their employees. I don't care if you don't think priests or nuns or monks are employees but when you think about it they really are. They are working for a diocese or a church or whatever. Such actions are punishable by dismissal and even criminal action in normal corporations (if there is such a thing as a normal corporation). Why aren't they in a church?
This taken from MSNBC's Jeanette Walls' Scoop column...

"Hate those monthly deadlines. In July’s Elle magazine, which is just hitting newsstands, Jennifer Lopez gushes over Cris Judd. “I will say we are really happy, ” she gushes. “I love my husband very much.” . . . Meanwhile, Judd has gone back to his family in Niceville, Fla., while his heart mends. J. Lo’s former spouse and back-up-dancer has been spotted helping out at his Mom’s not-upscale Chinese diner there called, we kid you not, Eggrolls Are Us. Judd was born with a club foot, and, reports the Mirror, his childhood calipers are hung on the walls of the eatery. . . "

Calipers on the wall. Wow. Now that is down home decorating. And so appetizing to look at as well.
Blogapalooza -- The After Effects

Okay, Blogapalooza wasn't that long ago and I find myself delving more and more into some of these blogs. Some of these are perhaps some of the most refreshing reads with insightful commentary and analysis of world and economic events. Some are just sheer laugh riots that bring smiles to your face. Blogapalooza is making me read more...and I think that's a good thing.
The Today Show is doing it's summer wedding series. I voted for couple number three and it wasn't because they were from NYC. Just goes to show that friends can become lovers and more.

Ya know...I'm going back to kick myself for saying that....
A new episode of (646) Guy is up....
Let's give my fellow NYC Blogger Caryn Solly a big salute. I had a few people email me to say that the whole Starbucks thing was a hoax. Well, Caryn found the link that proved that it was all true....
Picture of the Day

The caption for this picture from the website I found it on is quite appropriate. "He just had to touch it..." And come on...look at it! Wouldn't you want a touch, too?
Well...the laptop is still dead but now I have this cheap monitor which for a cheap monitor isn't that bad at all. The only bad thing is that I have gotten a bit too used to the REALLY fast processor of my laptop and now I have to deal with this pathetic processor and pray that this piece of crap doesn't blow out on me as well.

Now comes the quandry. Do I save my money to get the laptop repaired or do I chunk it all and go for a new CPU or a new laptop? The worst part of all is that all of my mp3 files with all of the holiday music that I was planning on using to make holiday CDs is on my old laptop. I was going to attempt to burn a master of each one so I would have it to use and wouldn't you know that I decided against it two weeks before the death of my laptop. I am sure that I can go through and download the files again but I would have to remember the forty some odd files that I used.

Sometimes life just ain't fair.

I missed the Nickelodeon program last night. I really did want to see it but I was out having a nice long leisurely dinner with my friend Amy at Cafe Loup last night. Amy had the steak and I had the pasta (with lots of pesto). I have to say I was kinda surprised. Beets and goat cheese make a nice combination. It was one of those "let's talk about why you screwed up and didn't talk about what you needed to talk about when you had a chance to tell the guy that you like how you feel" kinda talks. Sadly it was all the things that I had heard before. I was even talking with my friend Amberly last night and telling her that she needs to move to NYC and just buck up and take a few chances in life because things aren't handed out to you on a silver platter. That's when I got really nauseous applied to me all too well.

Amy and I also got to see our dear friend Jim who likes it when I call him a "goddamn motherfucking cocksucker" and actually insists that I call him that at least once whenever I see him.

I have weird friends.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

This one comes from my roommate who thought this would be a nice addition to the here's to you roomie!

Thought you might like to post this article on your weblog. Perhaps encourage some of your readers to email Falwell and tell him to get a life or come out of the closet. This situation frustrates me on so many different levels. The first, and most obvious, is the hatred demonstrated towards homosexual. The second is this: Why do people assume kids are retarded and cannot think for themselves? Why avoid putting an issue in front of them and allowing them the opportunity to make their own decisions? Could it be because Jerry Falwell and the pricks at are afraid that kids will choose to be open minded and decide that homosexuality is not wrong?

NEW YORK (AP) -- Despite a staggering 100,000 e-mails and phone calls in protest, Nickelodeon will telecast a special for children about same-sex parents on Tuesday night.

The half-hour report, produced by Linda Ellerbee and featuring Rosie O'Donnell, includes comments from the Rev. Jerry Falwell -- who later joined conservative activists in urging Nickelodeon not to air it.

The Washington-based Traditional Values Coalition has spearheaded the campaign against "Nick News Special Edition: My Family is Different," sight unseen. There were so many e-mails Nickelodeon had to set up a separate address to avoid a computer crash.

"It is a cover for promoting homosexuality for kids," said Andrea Lafferty, the coalition's executive director.

Nickelodeon said that's not so. Ellerbee, in the show's introduction, says, "The following program is about tolerance ... It is not about sex. It does not tell you what to think."

Ellerbee, who won a Peabody Award for a Nickelodeon special that delicately dissected the Monica Lewinsky scandal for children, said she conceived of this show upon reading that the word "fag" had become the most common schoolyard epithet.

O'Donnell's public acknowledgement that she is a lesbian put the subject in the news, Ellerbee said.

The program, which airs at 9 p.m. EDT, is largely a discussion. Although it also features a gay school principal and a gay New York City firefighter who is a father of three, children are the focus.

Some children with gay parents talk about feeling uncomfortable about what other kids say in school. Other children discuss their objection to homosexuality.

"It is never a wrong time to talk about hate," Ellerbee said. "It's just not. That's all our show is about. It is not in any way about the homosexual lifestyle. It's not even introducing the subject to most kids. They know. But quite frankly, many of them know it from a hate standpoint without even knowing what they're talking about."

But Lafferty said, "They keep saying it is not about sexuality. It is about sexuality."

Parents are upset because many thought they never had to worry about Nickelodeon's content, she said.

"They have been led to believe that Nick is a safe harbor," she said. "Now they've been exposed. The skirt has been lifted and Nick has been exposed."

Lafferty was asked by Nickelodeon if the Traditional Values Coalition would recommend children to be included in the special. She refused.

Falwell agreed to be interviewed, however, and is quoted expressing his opposition to homosexuality on Christian grounds. He also said it's important to respect other points of view and not react with violence.

He said later, in an interview with The Associated Press, that he is sorry Nickelodeon feels the need to "indoctrinate" children on homosexuality.

"Nickelodeon should stay away from endorsing lifestyles that are generally not accepted by the American public," Falwell said. "It turns a children's network into something parents feel a responsibility to edit and carefully filter."

Asked how he reconciled his participation in the show with a call not to air it, Falwell said, "I've often said I would preach in hell if they promised to let me out."

Ellerbee said she was disappointed by Falwell's later comments.

Most of Ellerbee's Nick News programs air at 8:30 p.m. This show has been pushed back a half hour -- to a time when the network usually runs old sitcoms -- because of its sensitivity, said Herb Scannell, Nickelodeon's chief executive.

Lafferty claimed advertisers wouldn't touch the show; Scannell said the plan was always to be commercial-free. Some other Ellerbee shows, including the Clinton discussion and one about AIDS, also contained no ads.

Scannell said he had no hesitation about airing the special.

"I thought it was in a territory that we've been before, in terms of looking at the world from a kid's point of view," he said. "The whole philosophy of Nick is that it's tough to be a kid in an adult world."


Now time for my comments...long, I don't have any comments. Not yet at least. I guess I will have to watch the program and make my determinations from there. Nickelodeon has a strong background of doing programming that handles such issues on a level that kids can understand and comprehend the message. I hope they do the same here.

I have to agree with my roommate who said that parents don't think that their kids can think for themselves. I am reminded of a middle school in Jacksonville, Florida, (where I formerly lived) that was to visit Disney World on the same day as the unofficial "Gay Day" (for the record, "Gay Day at Disney" is not an official event sponsored by the is generally observed on the first weekend in June). The parents insisted that the school CANCEL the trip to Disney rather than have their children attend on Gay Day. The children (yes, the children) stood up for themselves and the gay community and basically said, "We know what the deal is. We're going to have gay people in our lives and they do exist. Let us go and have fun." One little girl even said that we're supposed to like and respect the differences in each other so why aren't we supposed to like and respect them.

Sometimes kids surprise you.
Who was the moron who decided that having a picture of two tall Starbucks iced drinks standing side-by-side with a plane buzzing above them in the distance was a good thing? And who was the moron at Starbucks to approved it?
bad news laptop died and thankfully i have my old PC but I don't have my old monitor since it was a piece of crap. So I have to buy a new monitor tonight because early estimates on fixing my laptop put it at the price of a small third world country. Ugh...

Anyway...first news....Beverly Brewer-Irons has been found due to my own sneaky sluething. She and I had a great talk last night. I miss that woman.

Second news, I think I am going to have to change my name to "646 Guy" or at least adopt it as my new moniker as I have been referred to as the "646 Guy" in two members blogs since Blogapalooza...I think I can handle this duty.

News Story of the Day

Players Combine Golf with Sex

Mon Jun 17,11:54 AM ET

NORCO, Calif. (Reuters) - A private golf tournament in Norco, California, added a new hazard to the game -- getting arrested for prostitution.

Police said they arrested six people at the Hidden Valley Golf Club on Friday after receiving a tip-off.

"As part of the golf tournament, sex acts were offered to participants for a fee," said Lisa McConnell at the Sheriff's Department in Riverside County, east of Los Angeles.

"There were tents set up around the course, where people could pay for sex."

Police detained 100 people at questioning and arrested three for pimping and pandering, two for prostitution and one for possession of a controlled substance.

The name of the group sponsoring the tournament was not disclosed and McConnell said it was not clear if the owners of the golf club knew of the paid sex.

A man who answered the phone at the club Saturday said the club had no immediate comment.

Now more of me ranting on the Diane Whipple thing...I was watching the Today show this morning (Matt Lauer grow that hair back this instant!) and I learned that even with his four year conviction, Robert Noel will serve about six months in jail for his crime. I think that is pretty sad. Six months for the death of a woman that he could have prevented had he followed the directives of the dog's breeder and vet. Nedra Ruiz probably still thinks that it's all of the dog's past victims that are responsible for Whipple's death as they did nothing to report it.

Nedra Ruiz, you know what I think of you and I hope you get the karmic backlash of your life.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Have you seen this woman?

Her name is Beverly Brewer-Irons and last I knew she was in the Seattle area (but I would just say all of Washington state)...would love to get in contact with her again...
The second degree murder conviction against Marjorie Knoller for the death of Diane Whipple via her two large Presa Canarios has been set aside. Now, many people believe that this was going to happen anyway given the circumstances that no one had ever been convicted of a murder committed by their animal. Even I was surprised at the verdict. I had expected a manslaughter conviction which sadly would only draw four years of prison for the heinous crime.

I also think that Nedra Ruiz should be disbarred for some of her comments and actions. Clearly this woman was all histrionics and dramatics and no substance at all. Blaming Whipple's death on her partner (while her partner was on the stand no less) was cold, callous, and showed no feeling whatsoever for the crimes that were committed. Even more salacious was Ruiz's claim that Knoller was covering Whipple's body to protect the woman from getting attacked even more. Given the condition of Whipple's body after the attack, Knoller should have also suffered serious wounds from her dogs as well and not the minute scratches she received. Where are her bite marks, Ms. Ruiz? Why weren't her clothes ripped off like those of Diane Whipple? Why didn't she do anything more than try to "call them off" instead of dragging them off of the body and throwing them in her apartment?

The main contention here is the California law that states that one person cannot be charged of a crime (such a manslaughter) and then charged for the same crime under a higher statue (such a second degree murder). However, there is a provision that states that if this does happen that the more serious of the two charges will stand. What the judge in this case was to determine that there was not enough evidence to convict of second degree murder by stating that Knoller had no idea that her dogs would kill when they left the apartment that day. However, he did not let Knoller and Noel go unpunished when he called them the "most despised people in the city" and that he did not believe much of Knoller's testimony (as did I, most people watching the trial, and the jury). He did say, however, one reason he was tossing out the verdict was because Knoller's husband, Robert Noel, did not face a similar charge and, in fact, he was probably more culpable than his wife.

What irks me here is that there were numerous witnesses who testified about the dogs lunging at them or feeling threatened by them. A vet testified that he felt that Bane, the larger of the two presa canarios, was a walking time bomb and that one of the dogs had lunged at a small boy while being walked. The dog had also previously bitten Whipple. I believe that Knoller and Noel knew that capacity of the dogs and the way in which they were raised. They were not raised to be house dogs but more of guard dogs -- to protect their owners. They knew that their dogs had bitten other people and were capable of attacking and causing serious harm. That knowledge alone should have told them that if these dogs could attack others then they could also kill. Despite my misgivings about the prosecutions chances to win a conviction of second degree murder, I think that both Knoller and Noel should have been tried for second degree murder as they were both culpable for the way these dogs were raised and for not taking preventive actions to ensure that these dogs behaved well around others. At the very least we're talking about criminally negligent homicide....

Personally I can't wait for the civil trial where those two will get the stuffing beaten out of them...

Nedra Ruiz -- rot in hell you skanky ass bitch.
I'm stuck here at work doing some incredibly boring data entry. I've just gone through and looked for any job whatsoever that looked like I could do it without having the pre-requisite of extreme bladder control or lack of drooling. It's not that I don't like being a consultant it's just that I'm not enjoying my work anymore. I've managed more projects than I care to count but none of it is leading me towards getting a permanent position. I mean there have been two long term jobs where it was hinted at rather heavily and I worked my butt off at both of them (because let's face it, if you want the job then you have to prove that you can do it and are dedicated to doing it) the end of it all, my hard work is for nothing. And to be kinda pisses me off...
I took a weekend off from doing (646) Guy...but he's back and he had a run in with a certain Canadian....
For the record...Laura Linney is 38 years old. The woman, up close and in person, looks like she is 28!
So it's Monday morning and let me give a huge salute to the US soccer team for their 2 - 0 win over Mexico early early early this morning. My laptop was acting up again (and not in a good way which makes me VERY VERY VERY scared) so hopefully it will be functional when I get home....

Anyway, things are somewhat better than what they were yesterday when I was beating myself up. I didn't sleep much although that was more to do with having taken a six hour (or something like that) nap in the afternoon and waking up just in time to catch the season finale of Queer as Folk.

Provided that my laptop is up and running tonight I am going to start work on writing another play. I have been promising myself that for too long and I need to do some more. I haven't written a new play in about 3 years so I need to get in there and now I think I have the story I want to tell...I think...

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Oh....and of course, in true TV terms, Emmett and Ted wind up making out at the end of the episode forging through with a potential relationship. It's incredibly unrealistic. Yeah, I mean it happens all the times where friends fall for each other all the time but it rarely if ever turns to anything. At the very least, I have him as a friend and that's more than what I had before I met him so why complain, eh?
Okay....this is just torture...what happens to be tonight's episode of Queer as Folk -- Ted starts to have feelings for good friend Emmett. Someone run me through with a knife... :) Big difference though -- Ted actually said how he felt...and yeah, I know it's a script and it's supposed to come out that way but please...anything short of taking Mr. Man on Maury Povich and telling him there or getting completely drunk...well, you can finish the sentence...
Thanks to everyone for their kind words and so forth regarding last night's...well....actions (or inactions) so to speak. I was really hard on myself last night and beating myself up about it. Rejection is always something that I have feared when it comes to asking people out. Now, I know that it's part of life that you are supposed to face rejection in these instances and I guess that might also be why I don't date as much as I should or could. It's sad to note that since I have moved up here over four years ago, I have been on exactly one date (I don't consider fuck buddies to be dates). Part of me isn't looking for a relationship and part of me would like to have someone to curl up next to in the morning or fall asleep in their arms. Of course, the only way that is going to happen is if I put myself out there and actually look for someone.

Maybe I just need a good kick in the pants...
Okay...I failed myself. I am so pissed at myself right now's just a rough rough horrible thing.

I promised myself that I would at the very least ask out the object of my affection on a date. Not a friend get-together type thing but an actual date. I mean we're talking dinner, maybe a show, or a movie or something. Sadly, my attempt came out more like a friend thing than a real thing. Even more so, I don't think he's as interested as I deluded myself into believing. Maybe it's just me but if he was interested in pursuing something he would have at least responded that we should get together sometime during our hiatus and that didn't happen so...all in all it was a great night because the show was pretty amazing (not to mention Laura Linney looking absolutely fabulous) but it ended on a real downer for me.

Maybe I'm just being a bit hard on myself. Or maybe I need to just suck it up and realize that he's not into me and I need to stop deluding myself.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

I am exhausted. I am tired. I have done more in the past three hours than I ever plan on doing again in my life. I still have to iron my tuxedo for tonight at Carnegie Hall and somehow manage to keep ym sanity....I need a long nap first
No question/news/picture of the day...I have way too much to do!

There are some works of literature that are so great that they shouldn't be changed when they are made into a movie. I'm sitting here watching Psycho Beach Party (one of my favorite Charles Busch plays) and I am not impressed with how they changed the story. I mean I know there are certain esthetics that would not translate well onto the screen, but there is something to be said for keeping true to the source. No one died in the original play version -- they just had shaved body parts. They added extra characters that really don't add to the story or plotline. They played DOWN the YoYo/Provoloney relationship and gave it a different spin -- I mean they are still ultimately going to become gay lovers but the build up to it and the inside jokes regarding it are totally lost... just can't have it all...
I went to Blogapalooza and met some really great people. If I remember correctly (and if I don't, I beg those who were there to remind me), I was in this small intimate room with Meghan, Jim, Max, Andrew, See Solly, Phil, and other people....we were having some great conversations about our lives and backgrounds and even politics and economics. There are LOTS of Ivy Leaguers with blogs in this group....everyone was really down to earth and I have to say it was kinda refreshing to meet some new people who aren't psychotic...LOL

I've linked in a few of the blogs from the people I remember meeting tonight. Fellow bloggers, if I have forgotten to include you, please email me ( and let me know your URL and such....I'll link ya in!

Additionally, the Tales from the City store has been linked in as well. I'm upgrading this site in the next few days with it's own URL (you can still use the blogspot account but I want to have my own URLs) and to blogger pro and so forth. To pay for all of this, I have created the Tales from the City store at CafePress. The link is at the left....

Friday, June 14, 2002

Okay...I am so ready to leave is Blogapalooza...I have clothes to change into and then I have chorus rehearsal tonight....and I have 2 days to tell my crush how I feel or ask him out...well less than 2 days....tonight and tomorrow....
Life is kinda funny.

Yesterday, I wrote on here about my Southern heritage and how it includes my grandfather who had a Dutch father and a Chinese grandmother. I never ever thought that writing about that would come back to me later that day.

I’m on a W train heading home from work (and I do wish that they would make that W train express in Astoria again) and we get the stop just before mine. I’m sitting next to a door and I hear this woman turn and whisper to her friend, “I just don’t like Asian people. You know what I mean?”

Well that pissed me off. I stood up (not planning to get off where I was but I did anyway) and stood behind the woman and her friend. That’s when I got up on my soapbox.

“Ma’am, I couldn’t help but overhear you say that you didn’t like Asian people. For the record, my grandfather was Chinese and a very good man. You really should be more careful about saying things like that because you never know who is right next to you.”

She looked at me for a second, got very embarrassed (probably because I was making a scene on the train), and stammered out an “I’m sorry.”

“You’re right,” I said. “You’re a very sorry person. And, just so you know, I hate frumpy white women who don’t like people like my grandfather.”

Then I really enjoyed that walk home.
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Oh and I got my first response back from this quiz I took....apparently it now records how people are compatible to ME! Compatibility Test

Your match with Michael Young
you are 76% similar
you are 72% complementary

How Compatible are You with me?

Also I am going to be moving Tales From the City to it's own URL soon. If you want your own Tales from the City wear...hey you know where to click!
Oy vey....I am so far behind today....I have so much to do....I have to get to my bank early so I can deposit my check and have it appear in my account tomorrow, I have to drop my timesheet off at my agency (although I am tempted to mail it but it might not make it to them in time), I have to run to the UWS to attend a little bar gathering for Bloggapalooza and then I have to run over to the NYCGMC rehearsal at City Center then I have to come home and clean my apartment...can i cram anymore into one day? Okay, let's get the morning ritual going..

News Story of the Day

This from News of the Weird...

H. Beatty Chadwick, 65, has served more than 6 1/2 years in jail in suburban Philadelphia for contempt of court for not being able to produce $2.5 million that he was supposed to split with his divorced wife. He was scheduled to be released in February, but a federal appeals court blocked that order. (The U.S. record for contempt is believed to be held by a Chicago man who was released in 1997 after staying in jail for 10 years in order not to reveal the whereabouts of his daughter.) Chadwick said he lost the money in a bad investment, but his ex-wife believes that the money was not lost and that Chadwick is willingly sitting in jail in order to protect its now-multiplied value. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 1-8-02]

Question of the Day

What annually televised sporting event is an absolute must see for you?

I know some of you are just dying to have me say the World Figure Skating Championships but I'm not. I love Wimbledon. There's something so cool about the traditional playing of tennis on grass in all white (or mostly white) outfits. After that, I would have to say the World Series....

Picture of the Day

You know how I loves me rugby players...

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Ya read someone's blog and you take a test about them and find out your 76% compatible to him.... Compatibility Test

Your match with Michael Young
you are 76% similar
you are 72% complementary

How Compatible are You with me?

And for the record (and this is not referring to Mr. Young from the above referenced test)...if you are a gay man and over the age of 25, you cannot call yourself a boy (or even a boi -- I hate it when people spell it that way). You are a MAN...M - A - N...I'd rather have someone who was all man than someone who thought he was still a boy...
I'm back on my soap box again and I'm not happy...

I just read this article about this couple that is suing MTV over emotional distress they suffered during a stunt pulled on them for an upcoming MTV show called Harrassment that producer, host, and star of That 70's Show Ashton Kutcher is doing.

In the stunt, these two people checked into the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and when they got to their room they found what appeared to be a mutilated corpse in the room. These people were held in their room (with the supposed corpse) by actors pretending to be security guards) until Kutcher came out and said, "Ha, ha, ha -- it's all a joke" (or something like that...who knows what he really said).

That is not funny! I don't care if it's all in fun or whatever but there are some things that aren't funny. Granted I am not the biggest fan of Saturday Night Live but when their season opened everyone wondered how they would handle the tragedy of Sept 11. Not only did they handle it with grace and dignity, they became an example of how to handle what happened with humor and not make it crude, distasteful, or disrespect those that lost their lives.

If this had happened to me I would be filing suit as well. This just isn't funny. Death isn't funny. Fake mutilated corpses are not funny. MTV has been known to push the envelope on more than one occasion but soon they have to realize that the envelope has been ripped in half and some people just aren't going to enjoy the joke -- no matter how funny YOU think it is!
New episode of (646) Guy is up!

Also, there are four new links to the left....

Please welcome Useless! Worthless! Insipid!, Matthew A. Murray's live journal, The Invisible Woman (a fiction blog), and the hysterical Dogs, Tattoos, and Porn!
I am a Southern male. (Pause as the shock sinks in to readers across the world.)

There are so many connotations that come with the term “Southern.” Some people think that there are confederate flags flying everywhere. Some people think of Gone With the Wind. Some people think of mint juleps and family retainers. That’s not to say that they don’t exist in the South, but they aren’t as common.

I was talking with my colleague Beatriz (who is from Brazil) who asked me about my family and our background. For the record, my father’s side is kinda hazy. I know that on my father’s side there is a nice Irish side (based upon my own research) and most likely a Germanic side (my grandmother’s last name being Snipes). My mother’s side is far more unique. Her father was half-Dutch and half-Chinese – a true Eurasian. Her mother’s side is, most likely, Germanic as well. With the exception of my maternal grandfather, my family has their roots in the South. My paternal grandmother has lived in the same town all of her life.

With my paternal grandmother (my paternal grandfather either died before I was born or I was still a baby when he passed away – which one I am uncertain although I am leaning towards dying before I was born), presentation is everything. She is truly a Southern woman who is set in her ways. She will get dressed up to go the grocery store or to take the garbage to the dump. She thinks “hell” is a curse word. If I ever told her I was gay (and I might just for shock value one day), she would say that she knows I’m gay – after all, I’ve always been a happy person.

In the South, religion and going to church is a big deal. One of the first questions you get asked when you move to one of these towns is where do you go to church or what religion do you practice. It’s their mission to get you to come to their church and become a member. Sometimes I wonder if people in the South believe in God or do they believe in religion. If you have to ask what the difference is, let me explain – religion, in my opinion, involves the pomp, circumstance, and events associated with the church. Whether it be communion, prayer, confession, etc., that to me is “religion.” God (or whatever you want to call the “greater being”) is the actual deity to whom you put your faith and beliefs. So do you want pomp and circumstance or do you want God?

For me…I’m a guy who was raised in the South (and have a slight accent on certain words otherwise you would never know). When I came out, I had a hard time reconciling the religious beliefs I was brought up with and my sexuality. Thankfully, someone directed me to the “gay” church – St. Luke’s Metropolitan Community Church. For the first time, I could worship God without hearing the rhetoric that God hates gays or we should hate gays or anything like that. I was one of those people who loved the contradictions in the Bible. You’re supposed to love one another but hate gay people. I never understood that concept.

What am I trying to say…I have no idea to be honest with you. I just needed to get that out…I’m sure there will be more ramblings like this in the future.
Well the store is coming along rather nicely. I have finished all of the zodiac symbols and added in my first gay/lesbian themed item with a shirt that says "Token Lesbian." Coming up tonight is Token Gay Man and Token heterosexual. I am shooting for a July 1 formal launch of the store. You can go ahead and buy items now even though we haven't had a grand opening...the minions and I are busting our butts off to get stuff done. There are about 30 - 40 additional graphics I need to add to shirts and stuff so I really have my work cut out for me.

Later today I will weigh in on some things that have been on my mind as of late. There is a woman at Credit Lyonnais with whom I have been having some wonderful conversations about regional differences in the country (North vs. South) and it has really made me take a look at my heritage. But that's for later today....for now..

Question of the day

Everyone hears discussions they consider boring. What topic can put you to sleep more quickly than any other?"

Science. Most science subjects just bore me to tears. Now, there are some topics in forensic science that do intrigue me. I read a book about how they found the bones of the Romanov family but they had to do DNA testing to prove that the bones actually were the Romanov's. Then they did DNA testing on Anna Anderson, the woman who claimed for YEARS to be Anastasia, the daughter of Czar Nicholas and Alexandra. It was a truly fascinating read. But for the most part...biology, chemistry, physics....YAWN.

News Story of the Day

Helene Bahn, Terry Bahn v. A.J. McLean, Backstreet Boys Inc.

Looks like the Backstreet Boys showed one fan the meaning of being mauled by a horde of teenage girls.

The question, however, is: Did they know these rabid Backstreet fans would tweak a woman's neck in the process?

That's the gist of a lawsuit filed by an Orange County, Florida, woman, who claims she was seriously injured when Backstreeter A.J. McLean stripped off a Tampa Bay Devil Rays jersey during a concert and tossed it into the crowd, hitting her and sparking a near riot among the fans around her.

Helene Bahn, 44, was with her teenage daughter at the February 24, 2000, concert when McLean's jersey somehow became wrapped around her neck. A teenybopper tug-of-war ensued, causing Bahn to suffer a hurt disc. The injury purportedly required surgery, which she underwent last April.

"It ended up causing substantial injury to her neck," says Bahn's lawyer, David Heil. "She's had surgery to repair the damage. She's doing better, but she's still having problems."

Those problems include "bodily injury...pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of the capacity for the enjoyment of life, extensive hospitalization, medical and nursing care and treatment and the loss of earnings past and future," according to Bahn's lawsuit (available for viewing at The Smoking Gun).

The multiplatinum popsters, she claims, "knew or should have known that the throwing of an object such as a jersey would result in a melee breaking out over the jersey and injuries [would] occur." Bahn is seeking $15,000 in damages from McLean and Backstreet Boys Inc.

A rep for the band, meanwhile, calls the claim "meritless."

Photo of the Day

This picture comes from the Colombia University website. Here are two members of their swim team who, apparently, are very comfortable with each other.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Holy mother of God! One of the agencies from hell called me and wanted to know my availability. It wasn't even the bee-atch I had been working with before but this really nice guy named Joe. I told him I was going to be out of town in July and he was like, "Fabulous...make sure you let us know when you are going to be back in town....blah blah blah...." Oy vey how shocking!
More drama about the futon...found a guy who would have worked out however scheduling is a problem. Dee and her husband won't be home until 8-9pm and that's a little too late for most movers. Oh well...the futon is being donated to a benefit garage sale...i'm gonna look elsewhere...someone told me when I first moved here that I should look on the upper east side on trash days to see all of the furniture that is being dumped out. I've been told I could make a fortune....
Okay...some guy just quoted me $125 to take my friend Dee's futon from her apartment in midtown to my apartment in Astoria....something is just a little wrong with that! Someone...anyone...HELP!
Because I am a sucker for these things...

take the death quiz.

and go to laura = great.

This one though...REALLY SCARED ME...and it should scare you too!

take the cher test.

and go to because laura isn't cher.

Super short episode of (646) Guy today...

On a stream of consciousness note...I am trying to find someone to help me move a futon from my friend Dee's apartment to my messy abode (I need to clean AGAIN!). I am looking into hiring one of those "man with a van" guys but I would rather find a friend with a spacious car to help far all of my friends are not available tonight and tomorrow night or their time schedules don't correspond with just sucks....
New blog of note -- Adventures in Dating has been added to the links section. This was such a funny and delightful read that she's now one of my daily stops on the web...
MAJOR NEWS! I now own the rights to and my minions and I are working on the redirection url stuff so it heads to the right account. My next round of shirts will say "token lesbian", "token gay man", and "token heterosexual". I love cracking myself up with these things...and while I am at it...why are all of the pre-tourney favorites falling by the wayside? First France and now Argentina...both out of the World Cup....if the USA wins I will run naked through the streets of New York and convert to heterosexuality.

News Story of the Day

Maid Faces Murder Charges After Inferno

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A fire at a Singapore office has turned into a grisly murder case with charges being filed against an Indonesian maid for stabbing her employer and her employer's daughter before dousing the room with petrol. Sundarti Supriyanto, 22, was arrested Monday after she left a hospital burns ward and will be charged formally with two counts of murder in court Tuesday. If convicted, she faces the death penalty.

"Her case is being mentioned this morning," a court official told Reuters. "The charges will be read out to her."

Firefighters found the bodies of Angie Ng, 34, and three-year-old Crystal Poh as Sundarti clutched the woman's 18-month-old son Leon outside the burning office late last month, local media have reported. But stab wounds on the bodies of the woman and her daughter, as well as evidence of a deliberately set fire, quickly pointed police to a murder investigation. Television stations have broadcast surveillance camera footage of a woman buying a can of petrol at a nearby service station three hours before the blaze.

The father, Drake Poh, was away on business in Myanmar.

Singaporeans and expatriates in the wealthy city state employ thousands of domestic helpers, most of them from Indonesia and the Philippines. Criminal cases against maids are relatively rare. Usually it is the employers who face charges of physically abusing the hired help or putting them in perilous situations where they injure themselves or fall to their deaths from apartment ledges.

Question of the Day

You must bury a time capsule to be opened 200 years from now. What three items would you put in the capsule to give people of present day life?

First things first, I would put in a laptop computer that has been loaded with great images (with captions of course) to let people know what life was like. Second, it would be a Yankees jersey because I can't let the greatest sports team of the 20th century go unheeded. And finally, I would put in a box of plays so they could appreciate of the fine works of theatrical art.

Picture of the Day

Click here and pay close attention to where that hand is being placed....I've heard of copping a feel but this is ridiculous!

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Okay....I have two more zodiac symbols to load into the store which I will be doing tomorrow as well as some more shirts. I need to update that redirect tag for all of the other stores to link them altogether....sigh...lots of work...lots of fun
i have always been addicted to reading graphs in newspapers...i dunno why i just always have been...sometimes they are fun but this one i saw today was kinda sad and depressing and says far too much about how the media and advertisers can make young people incredibly self-conscious about themselves:

42% of first through third grade girls want to be thinner.
81% of ten year old girls are afraid of getting fat.
The average American woman is 5' 4" tall and weighs 140 pounds.
The average American model is 5' 11" tall and weighs 117 pounds.
Most fashion models are thinner than 98% of American women.

These came from today's (at least I think it was today's) New York Times and the stats come from the National Eating Disorders Association.
apparently i was on some pretty good crack when i was adding links to my site before...i never hit and truvy have been added for the second time...let's see if they stick around this time....
p.s. to a fellow blogger -- camping + rain + gay men = really bad time....

p.s.s. the store now has more stuff up...i have more slogans to work in over the next few days....there should be a major upgrade tonight...even bigger if i can work something out with some more web experience friends...i have a few plans i am working on....
so here i am sitting at my job typing in all lowercase letters and i am trying to give myself a pep talk but to some extent it's just not working...i recently saw my cutie and got my standard hug and kiss and all that...but I didn't get a chance to make a move...there was the opportunity but got in the way and i never got the chance...even when i saw him leaving there were too many people between us to really flag him down and i didn't want to be conspicuous or anything...i am working on a plan however...all is not lost...even if i only have five days left to do something....
A new episode of (646) Guy is up...highly dramatic...highly amusing...
Picture of the Day

I dunno there's something about this picture that makes me laugh...

News Story of the Day

Man Strangles His 107-Yr-Old Grandfather

HANOI (Reuters) - A Vietnamese man has been sentenced to death for strangling his 107-year-old grandfather, a court official said on Monday.

Tran Van Khoa, 48, was sentenced to be executed by a firing squad after a one-day trial on Friday at which he pleaded guilty to murder, the official at the People's Court in southern Binh Dinh province told Reuters.

Khoa returned home drunk in early February and started shouting to his grandfather, Tran Vinh, the official said.

"You have lived too long and seized all the luck which should have gone to your children," the official quoted Khoa as telling the court of his last conversation with his grandfather.

Khoa told the court he then strangled the 107-year-old with his hands.

I didn't get to add much more to the store last night. I plan on adding in as much as possible within the next few days. Ugh it's going to be over ninety degrees here in NYC today with major humidity. This is going to be one of those days that I totally dread. I do not do well with heat whatsoever. This is what I hate about NYC weather during the spring and fall -- it's so erratic. Two days after hitting 90+ we're going to be back down in the 70s. That's just cracked up...

Additionally, France, the defending World Cup soccer champions, have been eliminated from the current World Cup competition. Sadly it really does make their victory four years ago seem like one really big fluke. And, of course, since I work with a lot of French people, it's going to make work oh so interesting today. Too bad I just can't fake sickness...

Monday, June 10, 2002

Sigh....don't you just hate it when fuck buddies get into relationships and can't play anymore? It's a damn shame too...he knew how to push pretty much all of my buttons....oh well.
Since some people have asked when my store will formally be open for business, the answer is I don't know...I'm adding it to the links collection and you can go ahead and start shopping now. Please note that I am still adding items in so please be patient...also if you have suggestions please let me know by emailing me....

Also I am sure you have heard about ABC and the Jesus bleep incident. Here's my take on it so take it or leave it...isn't one of the ten commandments that "Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain"? I mean I can understand why the conservative Christians are upset about it but it's hypocritical given one of the major tenets of their beliefs. I think ABC did something respectable by bleeping it out during the west coast airing. Imagine if networks allowed shows to use the word "Jesus" as a euphemism for "Oh shit" or something like that...isn't that worse than the bleeping?