Saturday, June 15, 2002

I went to Blogapalooza and met some really great people. If I remember correctly (and if I don't, I beg those who were there to remind me), I was in this small intimate room with Meghan, Jim, Max, Andrew, See Solly, Phil, and other people....we were having some great conversations about our lives and backgrounds and even politics and economics. There are LOTS of Ivy Leaguers with blogs in this group....everyone was really down to earth and I have to say it was kinda refreshing to meet some new people who aren't psychotic...LOL

I've linked in a few of the blogs from the people I remember meeting tonight. Fellow bloggers, if I have forgotten to include you, please email me ( and let me know your URL and such....I'll link ya in!

Additionally, the Tales from the City store has been linked in as well. I'm upgrading this site in the next few days with it's own URL (you can still use the blogspot account but I want to have my own URLs) and to blogger pro and so forth. To pay for all of this, I have created the Tales from the City store at CafePress. The link is at the left....

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