Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I did the Austin Powers Name Generator

Brian "Excitement" (Last Name Withheld to Protect My Parents From Embarassment)

People speak your name in a whisper since exciting things are always centered around your presence. These wanna be-hangers on are just there to enjoy the ride!

Vital Gear
Includes a substantial line of credit at the best casino in town to play craps and roulette all night long.

Darn..tres boring....however, if I use my first name (since I go by my middle name -- my parents made that choice not me) I become...

Christopher "Audacious" (Last Name Again Withheld)

People are always looking at you with awe and can't believe they just saw you do what you just did. You push the bounds of society's rules and you love the attention it gets you.

Vital Gear

Includes a loud tie, an open tab at the bar and a way with words.

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