Thursday, June 27, 2002

So I was wrong on the school voucher decision. I still think this is the wrong thing to do.

If parents are concerned that their children are not getting the education they deserve in public schools, I have no problem with them sending them to private schools. However, I do feel that taking money away from a failing or struggling school system is wrong. The government should authorize more tax dollars to protect our public schools from failing and not giving our children the education they need and deserve. It is a sad reflection of society when our government CUTS education dollars. That only cripples the education system more and does not allow new books to be bought for libraries, new text books to be used for children to study, new materials bought in order to have an effective learning environment. This decision's only positive is that it is a wake up call for school districts EVERYWHERE to buckle down and start to turn their schools around. If the teacher's aren't effective or doing their job -- TOSS THEM OUT. If a teacher is doing wonders in the classroom -- REWARD THEM! Work to make a positive difference in these children's lives. I only fear what is going to happen in the Cleveland school system if more than enough parents took their children out of it and put them in private institutions.

Additionally, for parents -- school is not a babysitting service while you are at work. You are just as responsible for making sure that your children are doing their homework and actually getting something out of school beyond being eight hours away from the TV, the computer, or their Playstation. If you think that your children are just going to learn by sitting them in front of a teacher, then you are wrong. You have to take an active part in their life. Education is a two way street and I wish the parents would learn that.

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