Thursday, June 20, 2002

Not too long ago I did a post about Taxicab Confessions and how people do some pretty odd things in the backseat of these cabs and then sign away the right to have it publicized. The last time I watched it, there was a couple who had sex in their cab. I mean we're talking FULL PENETRATION sex.

Well, we got some more tonight.

Tonight, this woman started playing with her nipples while her husband started to finger her. Now before I go any further, let me state that these two were illegally married as they were married to other people at the time they eloped -- their divorces weren't final yet. ANYWAY...she made a comment before that she can only achieve orgasm when a man is "eating her out." So after he fingers her they adjust their positions in the backseat so he can go down on her....and he does....and they show whatever they can show without turning it into a porn film.

Let me ask this yet again -- DO PEOPLE HAVE NO DECENCY ANYMORE? I mean you have sex in the back of a cab. I can live with that. I am sure it happens more often than I care to think about given the number of cabs I have taken in my life (and after seeing this twice in two episodes I am tempted to bring Lysol with me to disinfect the back of these things when I ride in them). But you have to actually sign a release when you leave the cab to give these people permission to use your ride in their program. Now, you've just had sex in the back fo this cab. You know it's on the camera. And you consent....

It's boggles my imagination....and those of you that know me well...mark this day. You know how rarely this happens....
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