Wednesday, June 19, 2002

This taken from MSNBC's Jeanette Walls' Scoop column...

"Hate those monthly deadlines. In July’s Elle magazine, which is just hitting newsstands, Jennifer Lopez gushes over Cris Judd. “I will say we are really happy, ” she gushes. “I love my husband very much.” . . . Meanwhile, Judd has gone back to his family in Niceville, Fla., while his heart mends. J. Lo’s former spouse and back-up-dancer has been spotted helping out at his Mom’s not-upscale Chinese diner there called, we kid you not, Eggrolls Are Us. Judd was born with a club foot, and, reports the Mirror, his childhood calipers are hung on the walls of the eatery. . . "

Calipers on the wall. Wow. Now that is down home decorating. And so appetizing to look at as well.
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