Saturday, June 22, 2002

My friend wants to set me up on a blind date.

(insert b-movie scream of death here)

According to Mel, she thinks that I am not dating enough (in my case pretty much not at all). She thinks its time that I put some love and romance into my life. She also knows the whole story of me and the chorus cutie and is tired of seeing me pine away for someone -- especially after my quasi realization that most likely nothing is going to come of my crush. So, she's going through her "rolodex o' men" and trying to see if she has a match for me. At the same time, she had the great idea (no, really Mel, it's a great idea....really, I think it's great...yeah....great....heaven help me) that my reading public should join in the search for a date.

So here's the I want to open up my love life for the humor of the public....

I just might....
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