Thursday, June 13, 2002

I'm back on my soap box again and I'm not happy...

I just read this article about this couple that is suing MTV over emotional distress they suffered during a stunt pulled on them for an upcoming MTV show called Harrassment that producer, host, and star of That 70's Show Ashton Kutcher is doing.

In the stunt, these two people checked into the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and when they got to their room they found what appeared to be a mutilated corpse in the room. These people were held in their room (with the supposed corpse) by actors pretending to be security guards) until Kutcher came out and said, "Ha, ha, ha -- it's all a joke" (or something like that...who knows what he really said).

That is not funny! I don't care if it's all in fun or whatever but there are some things that aren't funny. Granted I am not the biggest fan of Saturday Night Live but when their season opened everyone wondered how they would handle the tragedy of Sept 11. Not only did they handle it with grace and dignity, they became an example of how to handle what happened with humor and not make it crude, distasteful, or disrespect those that lost their lives.

If this had happened to me I would be filing suit as well. This just isn't funny. Death isn't funny. Fake mutilated corpses are not funny. MTV has been known to push the envelope on more than one occasion but soon they have to realize that the envelope has been ripped in half and some people just aren't going to enjoy the joke -- no matter how funny YOU think it is!
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