Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Well...the laptop is still dead but now I have this cheap monitor which for a cheap monitor isn't that bad at all. The only bad thing is that I have gotten a bit too used to the REALLY fast processor of my laptop and now I have to deal with this pathetic processor and pray that this piece of crap doesn't blow out on me as well.

Now comes the quandry. Do I save my money to get the laptop repaired or do I chunk it all and go for a new CPU or a new laptop? The worst part of all is that all of my mp3 files with all of the holiday music that I was planning on using to make holiday CDs is on my old laptop. I was going to attempt to burn a master of each one so I would have it to use and wouldn't you know that I decided against it two weeks before the death of my laptop. I am sure that I can go through and download the files again but I would have to remember the forty some odd files that I used.

Sometimes life just ain't fair.

I missed the Nickelodeon program last night. I really did want to see it but I was out having a nice long leisurely dinner with my friend Amy at Cafe Loup last night. Amy had the steak and I had the pasta (with lots of pesto). I have to say I was kinda surprised. Beets and goat cheese make a nice combination. It was one of those "let's talk about why you screwed up and didn't talk about what you needed to talk about when you had a chance to tell the guy that you like how you feel" kinda talks. Sadly it was all the things that I had heard before. I was even talking with my friend Amberly last night and telling her that she needs to move to NYC and just buck up and take a few chances in life because things aren't handed out to you on a silver platter. That's when I got really nauseous applied to me all too well.

Amy and I also got to see our dear friend Jim who likes it when I call him a "goddamn motherfucking cocksucker" and actually insists that I call him that at least once whenever I see him.

I have weird friends.

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