Wednesday, June 12, 2002

MAJOR NEWS! I now own the rights to and my minions and I are working on the redirection url stuff so it heads to the right account. My next round of shirts will say "token lesbian", "token gay man", and "token heterosexual". I love cracking myself up with these things...and while I am at it...why are all of the pre-tourney favorites falling by the wayside? First France and now Argentina...both out of the World Cup....if the USA wins I will run naked through the streets of New York and convert to heterosexuality.

News Story of the Day

Maid Faces Murder Charges After Inferno

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A fire at a Singapore office has turned into a grisly murder case with charges being filed against an Indonesian maid for stabbing her employer and her employer's daughter before dousing the room with petrol. Sundarti Supriyanto, 22, was arrested Monday after she left a hospital burns ward and will be charged formally with two counts of murder in court Tuesday. If convicted, she faces the death penalty.

"Her case is being mentioned this morning," a court official told Reuters. "The charges will be read out to her."

Firefighters found the bodies of Angie Ng, 34, and three-year-old Crystal Poh as Sundarti clutched the woman's 18-month-old son Leon outside the burning office late last month, local media have reported. But stab wounds on the bodies of the woman and her daughter, as well as evidence of a deliberately set fire, quickly pointed police to a murder investigation. Television stations have broadcast surveillance camera footage of a woman buying a can of petrol at a nearby service station three hours before the blaze.

The father, Drake Poh, was away on business in Myanmar.

Singaporeans and expatriates in the wealthy city state employ thousands of domestic helpers, most of them from Indonesia and the Philippines. Criminal cases against maids are relatively rare. Usually it is the employers who face charges of physically abusing the hired help or putting them in perilous situations where they injure themselves or fall to their deaths from apartment ledges.

Question of the Day

You must bury a time capsule to be opened 200 years from now. What three items would you put in the capsule to give people of present day life?

First things first, I would put in a laptop computer that has been loaded with great images (with captions of course) to let people know what life was like. Second, it would be a Yankees jersey because I can't let the greatest sports team of the 20th century go unheeded. And finally, I would put in a box of plays so they could appreciate of the fine works of theatrical art.

Picture of the Day

Click here and pay close attention to where that hand is being placed....I've heard of copping a feel but this is ridiculous!
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