Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Picture of the Day

I dunno there's something about this picture that makes me laugh...

News Story of the Day

Man Strangles His 107-Yr-Old Grandfather

HANOI (Reuters) - A Vietnamese man has been sentenced to death for strangling his 107-year-old grandfather, a court official said on Monday.

Tran Van Khoa, 48, was sentenced to be executed by a firing squad after a one-day trial on Friday at which he pleaded guilty to murder, the official at the People's Court in southern Binh Dinh province told Reuters.

Khoa returned home drunk in early February and started shouting to his grandfather, Tran Vinh, the official said.

"You have lived too long and seized all the luck which should have gone to your children," the official quoted Khoa as telling the court of his last conversation with his grandfather.

Khoa told the court he then strangled the 107-year-old with his hands.

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