Saturday, June 22, 2002

I just woke up this Saturday morning and I have so much to do. I think the ten hours of sleep that I got is more than enough to power me through the day. I have lots of cleaning ahead of me and a few more things to scan in so I can get my eBay collection up and running so I can make some spare cash.

Interesting to note, I got home last night and there was a call from my main agency to tell me about a job. My only concern is that I am heading to Florida in July and they might not take me because of that. And I would feel a little bad about leaving the people at Credit Lyonnais since there were talks about me moving on to a possible permanent position. However, if the other position involves me doing something in my field of expertise (and no its not porn or Broadway theatre) of Human Resources. God I hope this trip to Florida doesn't blow it for me.

And while I am at it...Handy Andy from BBC America's Changing Rooms is adorable...Too bad I am not his type...or at least that is what I have been led to believe...

Right now my classmates are all gathering in Jacksonville, Florida, for a weekend of fun and reminiscing....wish I could be there....perhaps in five years....

News of Note

Court: Students Can't Sue on Privacy

Now don't let that title mislead you. The court ruled against Ru Paster in favor of Gonzaga College based not on the actual actions of the college but on the failure of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, to grant students any individual actionable rights within the wording of the law. Therefore, Gonzaga University, or any university for this matter is allowed to release whatever information it may have about you without your consent. While attending Gonzaga, an unsubstantiated, unproved allegation of sexual assault was filed against Paster. When he was applying for his teaching certification, this assault claim was released with his record and he was denied his teaching certificate. Although he lost this part of his claim under FERPA, there are other things that Paster sued against (such as defamation of character) which were not contested in this trial.

What concerns me here is the "unsubstantiated" portion of the claim. The college obviously failed to properly research the claim (or even to research it at all). I think Justices John Paul Stevens and Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a very good point that this piece of legislation does not allow for any claims to be filed against it. The absence of accountability with the exception of the withdrawal of federal funding does not seem to protect the student as much as it does the college.

Sex, Whips, and Chains Grounds for Divorce?

Did you expect me to pass over a story like this? I think it needs no comments.

And what is it about baseball teams from South Carolina and copping feels. This is the second picture of a Gamecocks player getting more than slap on the butt after a homerun. So that makes the score Gamecocks 2, Clemson 1. Come on Tigers. Are you going to let them beat you again?

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