Friday, February 13, 2004

Hmmm I thought I had posted this in here but I guess not...a recent conversation I had with a friend in California...

Friend in CA: So tell me more about SkiGuy.

646Guy: What do you want to know?

Friend in CA: Well, is he serious about this relationship?

646Guy: Serious in what way? It’s really only been three days and some phone calls.

Friend in CA: Phone calls count.

646Guy: Whatever. It’s not like we’re rushing to move in with each other.

Friend in CA: But what is he looking for?

646Guy: In terms of…?

Friend in CA: Ugh you are so difficult sometimes. Does he want you for a friend or is he interested in something a bit more long term?

646Guy: I’m not a lease. I don’t know what he’s really looking for okay. His profile listed everything from friendship to getting it on within three seconds of meeting each other.

Friend in CA: So what do you want?

646Guy: You know what I want.

Friend in CA: Long term, right?

646Guy: Exactly.

Friend in CA: So shouldn’t you make sure that he’s after the same thing? Especially with you?

646Guy: Gee, you make me sound like such a catch.

Friend in CA: You know what I mean.

646Guy: Yeah I do.


646Guy: But is only three dates and a few phone calls enough to bring up something as heavy as that?

Friend in CA: You’re both probably wondering it.

646Guy: Yeah but the timing of it all…

Friend in CA: You gotta find out sooner or later.

646Guy: Yeah but I would hate for that to be our dessert conversation you know. What a mood killer.

Friend in CA: Listen to yourself. All you’re saying is “yeah but”! Enough with the buts!


646Guy: Well I am a butt man.
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