Monday, January 05, 2004

Monday Meltdown

Okay let's his the meltdown trail. There's a lot to cover and I've got a little time to do it in so here goes nuthin'....

Pete Rose finally admits he bets on baseball. Good. I still say keep him out of the Hall of Fame. It's bad enough that he bet on baseball but it's even worse that he lied about doing it, denied it for so many years, and is now only coming clean when he's on the tail end of his eligibility to be voted into the Hall of Fame (expires in 2005) before he has to get voted in through the veterans committee. Personally, I think that's all he wants. I think he could care less about anything else. He's lied about it ever since it happened and just because he comes clean now we're supposed to go, "Oh, that's okay Mr. Rose. Here's your plaque for the Hall of Fame that we've been storing in our warehouse just in case something like this happened." Fuck that.

I went to The Donkey Show on Saturday night with my friend Gina. It was good because I hadn't seen Gina in a while and it was just a night to let loose and have some fun despite all of the hell I had been going through in the month of December. For those not in the know, The Donkey Show is a disco version of A Mid-Summer Night's Dream. THe show starts off with you dancing for about 45 minutes or so with the "fairies" who are basically these really buff guys in disco hot pants and boots. One of them was this really humpy Latino guy with these chocolate brown eyes that made you just melt when he looked at you. Well...most of the people in the place weren't in the dancing mood I guess because no matter how hard they tried to get the audience involved there were some people who were just standing around doing absolutely nothing. But there was me and Gina just dancing like we were on Dance Fever and hoping Donny Most would give us a 75. The fairies were coming up and dancing with Gina who passed off her purse and bottle of water to me each time because hell...she got to get in and get physical with the guys and frankly I was a little jealous. The highlight though came when they played "It's Raining Men." During one moment, I dropped down to my knees while in beat to the music and started doing some dancing at Gina's feet including me arching my back to wear my head was maybe two inches from the floor and gyrating like a mad man. Gina's comment -- the dancing fairies had no idea how to handle that moment but over Gina's screams of delight, I could hear someone behind me going, "Yeah, boy! You go!" That night legs were killing me for that move....

Steve Irwin -- WHAT A FREAK! First he takes his newborn child out to a crocodile feeding and then says that it was just being a good parent since he lives in crocodile country. He's on the Today Show this morning and was just freaking out and demanding that Matt Lauer play the alternate footage of the same scene but no matter how hard Matt Lauer tried to get him to shut up so they could play the clip Steve Irwin WOULD NOT SHUT UP. He kept going on and on and on and would not admit that was even a remote possibility that something bad could have happened if for any reason the animal made a sudden movement or he fell. Matt made the great point that Roy Horn thought he had the tiger under control that mauled him as well and it turns out he didn't after all. I guess what really gets me here is that Steve Irwin was acting pretty much like an ass during his interview and really and truly didn't come off that well at all.

Britney Spears getting married. She says it was a joke that just went too far. Hmmm...yeah a joke. Not a publicity stunt. I mean when you hear that you have to get a marriage license when you first go to explore the possibility of this "joke" and then you actually go and get the marriage license...well that's when it's really not a joke anymore. You're actually going to go through with it. A joke gone too far? Yeah the joke is you thought you could tell that lie to the media and get away with it. Puh-leeze Britney. We're smarter than that....

I need to get back to the gym. I'm under doctor's order to stay away for one more week before getting back into the groove and it's gonna drive me nuts if I don't get back in there sooner. Sigh. Oh well...what can ya do?

I start my Series 7 licensing classes today. It's three weeks of intense study in order to take a test that 1) I don't really want to take and 2) I will most likely fail. I've never really tested well to begin with and frankly it's not like I really need the Series 7 license to do my job but should I get laid off it would help me get a job in the financial industry should I pass the test. I'm not really enthused on taking the class or the test but I'll make it work.

No news yet on the impending arrival of my nephew. My sister went to the doctor and the amnio came back stating that his lungs needed to develop more before they could do the C-section.

I want sleep.

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