Thursday, January 29, 2004

Last night SuitMan and I went to the movies (as I already pointed out earlier). Actually Crash passed by me unexpectedly as I was waiting outside the theatre for SuitMan to arrive and had he waited maybe 45 seconds more he would have gotten to meet him.

When we took our seats in the theatre I either had my arm around him or we were holding hands for the entire length of the movie. It made some of the dance sequences really romantic between us (especially the number in the rain out in the park). There were times when either of us would squeeze the other's hand when it was a particularly beautiful or moving portion of the choreography. Like I said...visually stunning but the story line was nonexistent at all.

Maybe the through line was the constant playing of "My Funny Valentine" in various forms?

Anyway, after the movie we kinda hung around for a while and then shared a long........hug and a few short kisses outside the theatre. Yes...still trying not to get too emotionally involved....but I also think we're both holding back....
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