Monday, January 26, 2004

Weekend Recap

Let me see if I can get through the remainder of the weekend (plus other random thoughts going through my head) since the Saturday morning threesome offer...

Saturday, I spent most of the day in the apartment alternately cleaning and watching the Game Show Network. I'm sorry, there's just something about old Match Game reruns that get to me. I dunno if it's the fashions, the hairdos, Charles Nelson Reilly's toupee, or the ribald sense of humor...but it cracks me up.

Went to Marie's Crisis later Saturday night with some guys from the rugby team. It took us FOREVER to get a song that wasn't written back in the 1950s played. After a litany of songs from Oklahoma (one of the dreariest, boring musicals ever written, IMHO), My Fair Lady, and a barely tolerable montage from West Side Story (not really that the show isn't tolerable because it is but rather the people singing some of the solo parts that made me want to kill). Highlights from that excursion was running into my friend Scott who I hadn't seen since the Tony Awards, a lovely rousing chorus of "Ring Them Bells" by Maggie (who oddly enough I ran into the following night while walking home), and my big solo (if you can really call it that) during "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago. After wasn't really worth being there because there were way too many people in the very tiny bar and I just wasn't in the mood to take another elbow to the ribs so I went home. I did turn to one woman who was pushing me to get a better view/position/something despite there being plenty of room in her other direction and said, "Look I'm not moving so stop pushing."

SuitMan called during the festivities at Marie's Crisis. I invited him to come along and left him a message on his cell phone while I was cabbing down that I was heading for some merriment with the ruggers. He didn't get my message until close to midnight and as he lives on the Upper East Side, getting down to Chelsea would have been a bit of a hike for him. He really wanted to join us but given the weather (really cold) and as he's about 90% recovered from his illness he didn't want to risk it and frankly I don't blame him.

We made plans to get together the following day which bombed out. He knew I was attending a book reading (more on that in a moment) that evening and really wanted to spend some serious time together. However, with me getting to bed way too late and him having to run some errands that took longer than expected it just never happened. I decided to take the plunge and ask him if he would want to see a movie or something later in the week and he said that sounded perfect.

You have to understand the implication of him agreeing to this -- I've asked him this a few times before and he's always turned me down. I'm taking this as a good sign but tempering it with the fact that I know he's most likely moving back to Colombia. I know, I know...I'm most likely setting myself up for a big heartbreak should he ultimately move, but what's that line about the best way to love is to love as if you've never been hurt...or will never be hurt. Okay...not saying that I'm in love with him but you get the picture. I think the best part about this (if this can even be considered the best part) is that I know what the most likely outcome is going to be but I'm still willing to take the risk and isn't that what life is supposed to be about -- taking those risks?

So...back to the non-philosophical part of the weekend recap...I went to a book reading last night at the Revelations Theatre. It was for Dennis Hensley's book "Screening Party" (link to it on Amazon on the right). Now, this book came out in 2002 and I went to a reading for this book around the time that I started playing rugby. My friend Maev was with me that evening (as well as last night) when he both starting uproariously laughing during the reading's more humorous moments and were declared by the author as his favorite audience members ever. I found pictures of the two of us that he took at the 2002 reading (one of which I posted somewhere on this site with a followup after pic) and was just shocked at the difference. I even shot the author an email with before and after pics to show the difference and got a very complimentary note back from him.

Well, guess who else was shocked -- the author! I purchased a new copy of both of his books as mine are so beaten up from continuous re-reads (because they are just that damn good) and he said to me at the table during intermission that he would sign them for me after the show (which was fine with me) and I settled in for the second half when I wished he was doing the Flashdance chapter but we got the equally satisfying Glitter chapter at the end. I only wish he had kept the "Mama's Family" reference in there. Then again, I probably would have liked them to do the Sound of Music chapter as well but we all can't have what we want.

After the show, I dutifully stood in line to get my books signed with my friend Maev when it registered in his head who we were (because hell, I wasn't going to say, "By the way do you remember me?") and he was grabbing cast members from the last reading to remind them of us (which I don't think they did but seeing him that happy kinda made me happy so oh well). I only wish he had grabbed the guy playing "Ross" because I thought he was cute in 2002 and he's still cute in 2004 ("In your pussy?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....oh you just have to read the strippers chapter to get that reference people...). Anyway, I got some nice inscriptions in both books and a hug from the author (who wanted to see a "before" pic if I had one on me -- my work ID of all things) with the promise that he would send me the file to have my own Gregory Harrison iron on (again, go to the strippers chapter).

With that I walked back to the apartment where I ran into Maggie from Marie's Crisis and I chatted with her for a moment (she was walking her dog at the time) before dashing home to watch the remainder of the Golden Globes (which wasn't nearly as entertaining as Dennis Hensley's reading -- which incidentally is happening again tonight as well) and eat a very late dinner before curling up in bed and going to sleep.

So...that was my was yours?

Oh then I took this quiz....and here are my results...I'm kinda happy since I think he's kinda least it wasn't Carson...

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