Friday, January 09, 2004

Last night was our first fundraising bash of the year held at the Balls, Boards, and Blades event at XL. We brought in around $377 just from selling raffle tickets alone for some nice prizes and the place was packed on the second level with people milling about, drinking, and generally having a great time.

One of the more interesting moments of the evening came when two of the guys I've been dating arrived a few minutes apart. Thankfully in this case neither of them knew each other unlike Halloween when I stressed over the Kik'e/Chad meeting and then even more so when I realized they knew each other and then three beers later I was over this case it just involved some successful maneuvering from one portion of the bar to the other. No, the other man wasn't SuitMan even though this guy was in a suit as well. SuitMan, sadly, is still sick but at least he's sounding better.

I did get to see Crash's new love interest. Didn't get to see the kissing he alluded to on his blog but the guy is very cute and I didn't do anything evil (at least that I remember) in front of SoccerBoy. For the most part, I was on my best behavior.

About midway through the event, I got really nauseous. I don't know if it was because there were so many people crammed into the small upstairs space or because I haven't been feeling well for a while or what have you but about halfway through I really needed to get away and sit down. Sadly, all of the couches in the upstairs area were taken or covered with coats (um...COAT CHECK PEOPLE???) and the bar stools are so oddly shaped and so small (after all it is a Chelsea bar) that only one butt cheek could comfortable fit on it which meant that I ultimately had to go downstairs and sit on a bar stool for a while and just chill. I don't think it was an anxiety attack or anything but all of a sudden I had this overwhelming desire to sit down. Sadly I didn't stay sitting for long enough because when I was leaving to catch a cab my hamstrings were tight and I could barely run let alone walk to the cab and poor Jorge had ot stand there with the door open until I could run up and get in. This morning my legs are so incredibly sore -- more than normal which makes me think that I should do some more stretching or something and see if that relieves some of the pain. At least I'm hoping it's a stretching issue...

Last night, though, I did get a good night's sleep for the first time in a while. Yeah I woke up once I think but compared to the past few months that's a good thing.
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