Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Return of Nasty Mess

Last night I took in my first ever performance of a show through the the New York Musical Theatre Festival. It was doubly cool because I got ot hang out with my friend Lisa for the first time in almost 2 years since our schedules never seem to coincide to give us the time to actually SEE each other and because the director of the show is a friend/performer that pretty much dropped off the face of the planet and the last time I saw him was in an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

[title of show] is pretty much about 2 guys who are trying to put together a submission for the New York Music Theatre Festival (or whatever it's called) and is pretty much just rife with insider theatre jokes (of which I am scared to say I got most of) and some pretty clever tunes ("Die, Vampire, Die" being one of my favorites mainly because I loved watching pretty much everything that the actress singing that song did (yes, even Retarded Girl, which I'll get to...well I'm getting to it now...)

The only part of the show that I didn't like involved the "Retarded Girl" reading. Basically, they were reading through an old performance piece that two of them had done years ago (whether or not that part is true, I dunno, but part of me wants to say it is true since all of the cast was being called by their own names...well sorta...I can't explain that last part)...the performance piece was about a retarded/mentally challenged/whatever girl who had fallen down a well and went through a "journey of time and space." Now, mind you, I wasn't really into the whole thing because I think making fun of such people isn't right but what made me giggle was the voice used by the actress playing this character. My friend Lisa really didn't find this funny at all and when I would giggle at the voice being used, she would tell me to stop laughing. Well I couldn't help myself. I find odd things funny. Sue me.

There was another reason why I didn't like this entire section was because it brought down the entire action of the show. What was light and funny became...well...just wrong and slow and dragging...and, at times, a wee bit uncomfortable. What made it even worse is that the next scene was more "dramatic" shall we say and it just seemed that was a fun frolic through the world of writing a musical in three weeks for a festival turned into a rejected scene from Rent. But when it finally got back on track to the point of the show it was pretty good.

The highlight for the majority of us was hearing one actress' name mentioned in one of the songs. This actress has a habit of taking on roles that really and truly just don't fit her or that she really can't play that well. She's a good dancer and singer but she's taken on parts where...for the most part...she's just not right. We've come to name her "Nasty Mess" and whenever we would see her name listed on the replacements board before a show, we would all groan with, "Oh great, Nasty Mess is in tonight. This should be fun." Lisa would even take her understudy slip from from the program and rip it up during one of her numbers (and would still do it after she learned that the actors could see what we were doing in the front's just one of the many reasons why I love this woman).

Of course, seeing my bud who directed it was pretty good (although he never seems to remember my last name given the last time he opened in a show I sent him a gift basket and he actually had to confirm it was from me since he couldn't remember my last name...then again maybe he just thought I was stalking him and was opting not to remember my last name...hmm...something to think about) was great seeing him since he had pretty much just dropped off the face of the planet but it seems that everything is back on track (which is a very good thing) and his super fine butt (which is what all butts should aspire to look like) is still in prime condition. I would love to have him star in the play that I'm working on now because he would be perfect for the son role and I would get to see that butt on a more frequent basis. I'm telling you it's a butt of have to admire it because it's just that damn beautiful. Nothing sexual at all I assure you (even though he's a very attractive man)'s a butt to behold.

As for me and Lisa...well...I adore this woman. It's odd how you are just drawn to people and how you connect, etc. That's how it is with me and Lisa. We have our own language where all she has to say is one thing and it immediate invokes a response from me...almost Pavlovian if you will. Everyone else can say the exact same thing but it only works when Lisa says it...don't know just does. I mean, who else on this planet could I do a huge fake orgasm groan on the street with? No one. Just Lisa. No one knows how special the phrase, "Ooh, baby, ooh, baby, ooh. I'm just a sucker for man-woman sex," is to the two of us...

God I love that woman....

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