Tuesday, September 21, 2004

So what's the point?

Last night I did a little shopping with the money that my mother gave me for my birthday. Since I haven't really bought new clothes in what seems forever, I went to Old Navy to stock up on a few of the basics starting with pants that actually fit me rather than have me swimming in them followed by a few more long sleeve shirts for work. After that, I stopped by the Duane Reade before heading to the chorus rehearsal where I picked up a Diet Dr. Pepper and some deoderant since my latest stick kicked the can that morning.

Now, normally, my shopping exploits are of no interest to you but something happened at both stores that really made me wonder, "What's the point?"

At both store, the door alarms that are used to prevent shoplifting went off and the "guards" did nothing. Hell, one guard was even standing next to the door when one lady went through and the alarm went off and he didn't even budge from his position.

So really now...what's the point in actually having these devices which are supposed to prevent shoplifters from absconding off with merchandise if you're not going to be doing anything about it? Hell, I feel like heading back to Old Navy and picking up a few more shirts and pants and just walk out the door with them. Maybe I'll get that nice jacket I saw as well...too bad they don't have any leather there just yet...it would be interesting to see what Old Navy leather would be like...

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