Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Just a few housekeeping details....

We have a new link for you to go visit. This is blog belongs to this cool guy who lives on the same subway line as I do in Queens. I found him after joining up with NYCBloggers and his site is a joy to read. We both like the whole Algonquin Round Table idea and of course, we would be flanking Ms. Parker. So go check out Cucalambe: Oyeme in my links section.

I am so tired because I spent most of last night cleaning my apartment because my landlady is bringing up a guy to check out the radiators. For the past two years, she has complained that there has to be water coming into the building because the light downstairs has a electrical short and the paint up there always cracks and peels. Well I suggested an electrical short for the light but I dunno about the water damage. So she's going to bring this guy up today. So here I was running around cleaning up as much as I coudl as fast as I could. I think I did a nice job. No, I'm not the world's neatest person but I did my best. If she complains she can lick my ass...yes, lick....why kiss it when you could lick it....

Odd News Story of the Day

It was a tough call as there were three worthy nominees for today but I think the title of this one is what helped put it over the top...

When Croquet Goes Bad


CALGARY, Alberta (May 29) - Three men were sent to hospital after being hit with mallets and nine people were arrested following a vicious brawl between croquet and softball players in this western Canadian city. One man was in a hospital trauma center with life-threatening head injuries following the melee at a Calgary, Alberta athletic field, police and paramedics said on Wednesday. Alcohol was said to be a factor.

"I didn't realize croquet was a contact sport," said Det. Dean Vegso of the Calgary police.

The incident began late Tuesday when a softball team, which had just wrapped up a game, and the croquet players, who had been using the same field, began hurling what police described as "childish" insults at each other.

"For whatever reason, the two groups got into a verbal argument, which turned into a fistfight, and then they began hitting each other with the wooden croquet mallets," Vegso said.

Police and ambulances soon arrived on the scene, and nine of the brawlers were arrested, he said. Three of seven people who sustained injuries in the fracas were transported to hospital, paramedics said.

Horrible Question of the Day

And here's today's newest thing....Direct from The Book of Horrible Questions by Smith and Doe it's..well...The Horrible Question of the Day. The rules are that you must actual think about this question and not fear any karmic backlash based upon your decision. Remember the money amount is fake but you must consider the impact it would make on your life should you choose yes...and here's the question...

Here's a tame one for today....

For $10,000, would you run across the diameter of Central Park completely naked while screaming "Viva la France, Viva la France!" at the top of your lungs. Of the 813 people to whom Smith and Doe asked this question, 24% said they would do it.
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