Wednesday, June 05, 2002

For all of the Madonna fans out there...I sincerely hope she doesn't try to take this show to Broadway...this from

Madonna still hasn’t figured out how to ad-lib on stage.

At Monday’s performance of “Up for Grabs” in London, her character’s cell phone rang. The singer/actor fumbled for the phone and dropped it. “The phone broke in two and as she attempted to piece it back together, Madonna started to laugh, then covered her face,” according to The fan-filled audience applauded in approval, but pros were less impressed.

“Mishaps like that occur all the time on stage,” a source tells The Scoop. “If she were a seasoned actor, she would ad-lib around it and make it seem like part of the script.”

A few weeks ago, Madonna’s blouse came unbuttoned on stage. Her co-star skillfully ad-libbed to Madonna that she should “cover yourself up,” but the singer shrieked when she saw that her gray bra was peaking out of her blouse — though she later tried to slip in an ad-libbed line.
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