Friday, June 07, 2002

It's weird....I've never been this prepared so early in the morning for the question, news story, AND EVEN PICTURE of the day....

News Story of the Day

Woman Loses 'Bin Laden' Hairstyle Case

HONG KONG (June 6) - A Hong Kong woman lost her case for compensation against a hair salon which she claimed made her look like Osama bin Laden when she wanted a hairstyle like Hollywood actress Julia Roberts.

After the judgment was handed down, she refused to leave the Small Claims Tribunal and had to be taken away by ambulance following a standoff of more than an hour with court staff, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday.

Chu Ieu complained her hair was seriously damaged by two perms she had done at the New Idol Hair Salon last July and August.

''Do you mean you did not get the Julia Roberts look after the perm?'' adjudicator Yuen Chun-kau asked her during the Wednesday hearing.

''Not just that. It was like a broom. Every hair struck out and it looked like an open umbrella which could not be shut. It was horrible. I looked like Osama bin Laden,'' Chu replied.

Yuen dismissed her claim for HK$50,000 (US$6,410) in compensation as she had offered no evidence to prove her hair had been damaged. ''You've only shown the court that the hairstyle did not look good,'' he said.

But Chu said that Yuen was not sympathetic to her claim.

''He's bald. Of course he would not know the pain of having damaged hair,'' Chu fretted, sitting on the floor of the courtroom in protest against the judgement.

Question of the Day

As usual, our question comes from Smith & Doe's Book of Horrible Questions and this one is truly horrible -- it falls under the category of Torture. Remember you must pick one of the two options.

How much do you revere Mother Nature?

A) A helpless seal is bashed over the head and then hung up and skinned alive, while it's three newborn pups look on squealing,"Mommy! Mommy!"


B) You are tied down and at the mercy of a chimpanzee with pliers who is convinced that there is a banana up your nose.

Of the 813 people who answered all of these questions I have presented so far, 86% would chose to see the mommy seal killed in front of its pups while 14% would get a chimp engineered rhinoplasty. Personally...I have to agree with those who chose A. There are very few instances where I like being tied down...

Picture of the Day

This one is just for Walt who said he wanted to see some swimmers. Now, is it just me or should these guys be considered for the next International Male catalog...Enjoy Walt...

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