Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Okay, I totally hate one of my temp agencies now. I was talking with this guy who reads the same online newsgroup that I do and he told me that where he is working is always needing people and he got it through one of the agencies that I signed up with. Even worse -- he has the same placement counsellor I do! She was telling me for weeks that there was no work...that bee-atch! I'm calling them up and seeing what I can do because this guy has a long term temp gig that I was looking for....he has that and I don't....good news is he's leaving to do some theatre so that job will open soon!

But still...it just peeves me off that she's been saying there's no work all this time when there was work. And the only times she did call with work was when I already had something lined up and couldn't get out of it.....UGH! PISSED OFF doesn't even come close to how I feel!
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