Monday, June 03, 2002

I just got home from the Tonys and this year I was working with Anne Heche who looked GORGEOUS in person and her dress was to die for. I mean it was FABULOUS.

Some quick Tonys gossip and then I am off to bed because I really need to sleep before I go to work....

Kate Burton wins the drama queen of the night award. She arrived and was very nice to everyone -- until she saw her script. Apparently she had requested several changes and even sat down to work with one of the writers before the show to get it right. The changes were not in the script she was provided. She got bitchy and huffy and pretty much made an ass of herself demanding people left and to come down so she could mention the two directors she worked with that year who led her to Tony nominations despite the fact those directors were shafted for a nomination. When she arrived at the theatre at night, she was to be taken to the green room where she would relax and then head out to present her award. Well, she didn't want to do that so she sat in the audience. She completely ignored her talent escort which was rude and pretty much became a diva. I'm glad she lost both awards because she was acting rather childish.

Whoopi Goldberg -- lovely woman. Someone was pushing or pressing from behind and she even said, "Look we can't move until these people so don't even think of pushing me. I can only go so far..."

Hugh Jackman -- very sexy in person. Even made one woman cry she was so thrilled to see him. He spooned me as he went by.

Anne Heche -- so overwhelmed by the $11,000 gift basket that she was I don't need all of this in my hotel room. She even mentioned about giving things away to people (I should have asked for that lamp....Anne, if you read this I want your furry lamp). My friend Lisa (who was working with Bill Pullman) jokingly said, "Well I could use the $4,000 gown," referring to the gift certificate for a custom made beaded gown that would cost $4,000. As we were taking her bag of stuff out to the car, Anne goes, "Where's that girl who wanted the dress..." AND ANNE GAVE LISA THE DRESS GIFT CERTIFICATE! Lisa freaked out and was so thankfulo and grateful. I only wanted the lamp.

Cutest guy -- Paul Rudd. You could put him on a cracker and eat him.

Worst dress -- Cynthia Nixon...what was she thinking in that outfit. UGH! Cynthia, honey, if you're pregnant I understand. If not....UGH.

That's enough for now....going to bed....later....
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