Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Here's today's news story of the day....enjoy....

California Stripper Mom Poses Nude for Playboy

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A California woman who quit a stripping job so her 5-year-old daughter could return to her Christian school has now posed nude for Playboy's Web site, although disappointed church officials said the child would not be expelled this time.

Christina Silvas, 24, drew international headlines when her daughter was expelled from kindergarten two weeks ago at Capital Christian School in Sacramento on grounds her mother's job as a nude dancer violated the church's "Christian Philosophy" agreement.

Silvas, a single mother who has said she needed the job to pay the monthly $400 tuition, initially refused to quit the strip club but relented so her daughter could finish the year at the school some 90 miles from San Francisco.

Since then Silvas, who is now working at a local radio station, has received numerous job offers including one from Playboy, which this week published the photo spread. Silvas said she flew to Chicago last week to pose for the photos for an undisclosed sum.

"Before all of this happened I was extremely interested in posing," Silvas said in an interview posted on the Playboy Web site. "I have the utmost respect for the entire company, and I believe posing for Playboy is the American dream for a woman."

But officials at the church, part of the 4,000-member Capital Christian Center and one of the largest Assemblies of God churches in the country, saw things a bit differently.

Pastor Rick Cole told the San Francisco Chronicle Thursday that he was disappointed Silvas again violated an agreement she had signed but said her daughter would be allowed to finish school.

"This is a big disappointment and a big setback from the path that we appeared to be on," Cole told the newspaper's afternoon edition. "She knows full well what she's doing and understands it's contrary to what we agreed to."

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