Friday, May 17, 2002

Today I added the ability for everyone to leave comments about my lovely little anecdotes and opinions and so forth. So please feel free to elave me a message and say, "Brian, I think you are just full of it and this is why....."

So I saw on the news today, NBC decided to interrupt Sally Jesse Raphael (or SJR as she likes to be known) and show us President Bush complaining that people (specifically Democrat congessmen and senators) were second guessing him since it was revealed that he received information (no matter how generic) that there was the potential for an attack or a hijacking through the use of planes and additionally, an FBI office in Arizona even said that they alerted someone who later told the President that thre may be some active terrorists attending flight schools in the United States. Now, if there was the chance of a hijacking I think I would have liked to have been told or warned or something. I mean, my father does a lot of flying around the world.

So there he was telling everyone that the finger pointing has to stop and that if he knew he would have said something. Well here's my opinion, he might not have known what specifically was going to happen and I am sure that he hears plenty about possible terrorist activity within the US and I am sure he has to pick and choose what gets announced and what does not get announced. But I think there were more than enough clues from various sources that, if in the right hands, could have been pieced together to say, "Hey there is something going on here." No, I don't blame the president for the 9-11 incident because I don't think that anyone could have suspected what was going on or what was about to happen. However, I do blame him for our economy being in the crapper for the past year or so and that there are people who can't even get jobs (myself included) because he is more focused on fighting in Afghanistan instead of people here in the US who need jobs or an economic boost. It's sad.
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