Friday, May 24, 2002

I've been contemplating parenthood as of late.

No, Will & Grace has nothing to do with this sudden burst of feelings. But I have to admit I wonder how good of a father I would actually be if I were to have a child (through adoption or otherwise). Part of me would like to be a father but the other part of me knows how little patience I can have with small children (or children of any kind for that matter). Then again, I know I can't raise a child alone, so I would need to have a partner who was also looking to be a father as well. Part of me can admit to being a little jealous of my sister who has a son -- someone to look for and care after and raise to be someone who loves and cares for others.

I'm still young I tell myself. And I don't know if the man I have my eye on is keen on having children. We both have a strong sense of family so there is the chance that he might want to try parenthood. Well you can't "try" either do it or you don't. I hope he does.
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