Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I absolutely hate taking money from my parents.

Since I was out of work for nearly three months and no agency out there could find me much of anything, I had to rely on the savings I had stockpiled, my tax return, and whatever else I could get work wise (all legal thank you). So when my parents send me money I feel very guilty in taking it. I know they would rather have me move back to Florida than to leech off of them. But it's not like I wasn't looking for work. I was looking every single day. The job market here is VERY rough and still hasn't fully recovered in the post-September 11 world. I am competing for jobs with people who lost their's a long time ago. An estimated 100,000 jobs were lost in NYC due to that terrible day's events. I am thankful for their help -- I just hate asking for it. Hopefully this temp gig, boring as it may be, will lead to something a bit permanent. Even if it drives me nuts.
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