Thursday, May 23, 2002

There's a new episode of (646) Guy for you to enjoy. Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock guest star.

A couple of things about work today....this chick who started work (permanent not temp) on Monday RESIGNED EFFECTIVE TOMORROW! That means there is an opening in the department i am working in. Perhaps I can finagle my way into the position. There is this cute French guy whose name sounds like Hiri or a French version of Harry or something....anyway....he's ADORABLE. Totally not my type but he's adorable.

Anyway, bravos to Shawn Green for his four home runs in his game against the Brewers. Only 14 men have done it and now he's one of them

Also, bravos ot the judge who refused to let Cheney get away with quahsing the motions to reveal the inner workings of his energy committee. Of course there are rumors that Ken Lay, a HUGE Bush supporter and one of the men who helped bring down Enron, was a member of this commission which was supposed to be composed of only federal employees.....
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