Friday, May 17, 2002

I am addicted to watching HBO's Taxicab Confession however I think the first segment of the episode I saw went just a bit overboard. In the first segment, there was a couple with a slight age difference (about 10 years I think) and at one part, they were talking about all of the odd places they have had sex. Okay, maybe it wasn't odd as much as public. Airplane bathrooms and elevators and such. Now that's kinda the standard fare of a taxicab confession.

However, this one was not the standard fare.

First and foremost, the guy unbuttons his pants and zips them down and his girlfriend is giving him a handjob in the back of the cab. Now if I was the cab driver, I wouldn't care how much HBO was paying me, I would have been more than a litlte freaked out. That was gross. Sure enough, a few minutes later, she is straddling him in the back of the cab and they are going at it like wild animals with full grunting and groaning and everything in between. Now if that wasn't bad enough, the cab driver ADJUSTED THE MIRROR so he could see it better. She wasn't that great looking and neither was he (and neither was the driver for that matter) but the fact that they just went at it in the back of the cab and then CONSENTED to have their ride (both in the taxi and sexual sense) aired on national TV was just a little sick -- even for me. Unless there was some serious editing involved here, it took a whopping minute for the man to achieve climax.

All of this makes me wonder what kind of people would do this? I mean I enjoy reality TV and things like this.. It's a unique form of cinema verite and it can be enjoyable but this wasn't enjoyable. This was just scary. If I was these people and I had just done this, there is no way in Hades that I would have even considered signing the waiver to have that aired. You never know who is going to be watching something like this and do you you really want people to think that you are nothing more than sexual freaks.

Then again, most people know enough about Taxicab Confessions that they should think twice before they even open their mouth inside one of these cabs. By now Rita should just retire from this gig because more than enough people know who she is that she just gives it all away when she starts asking them questions. Then again, the woman just rocks. She can get people to tell her just about anything.

Rita, if you are out there, and if you are reading this....I *HEART* YOU....

And then there is this show Cheaters where people call them up to see if people's mates are cheating on them. There is something about airing your dirty laundry in public not only on TV but in front of a bunch of stranger who are just watching these people's lives get exposed in front of everyone. You just know that they are running to their cell phones or to their computers to tell all of their friends what they just saw. To top it all off, this one girl, Vanessa said she never meant to hurt her boyfriend, but my question is why did you do it? Did you just want the attention because you are an emotionally needy bitch? She says she wants to be with her boyfriend but if she did then why did she cheat on him? She even admitted to having slept with his friend and coworker four times. Once is a fling, twice you like it, but FOUR TIMES. There is something going on there. I think he was right by making her walk home like the dog she is....
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