Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Shauntey Hinton becomes only the third Miss USA to not make the semifinals at the Miss Universe Pageant. This happened in the 70s when Minnesota's only Miss USA Barbara Something-or-Other didn't make it and in the 90s when New York's Kimberly Pressler failed to make it. Kimberly beat out this KICK ASS contestant from Tennessee (I think Morgan Tandy High, I think her name was) and I said as soon as she won that she would not make semis at Miss Universe and I was RIGHT!

Oh well....Canada made it and so did Cyprus....Miss Cyprus is GORGEOUS! I am so rooting for her -- tall, gorgeous, and let me just say BABY GOT BACK. Also there as a judge is Oswald from The Amazing Race who, like I said before, is just devastatingly handsome in person. I was wondering where Danny was...they should be judging together.
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