Tuesday, May 21, 2002

I think I have had my fill of teacher-student sex cases.

Remember Mary Kay Letourneau -- the Washington school school teacher who had sex with her twelve or thirteen year old student and claimed that he was her soul mate and that they were in love? Well Vili Fualaau and his mother sued the school district and the police department for not doing anything to stop it from happening. Poor Vili now feels inadequate when he dates girls his own age and can't even get a job. Their lawyer described the relationship between himself Letourneau as "torture."

I don't know how this can be considered torture when he repeatedly had sex with her -- even when she was in jail. At the age of 12 or 13, he should have known that was he was doing was wrong (or at least illegal as there are statuory rape laws that do apply to women as well) and is just as culpable as she is for what happened. Heck they even wrote a book together professing their love for each other. How can their lawyer, Cyrus Vance (didn't he defend Charlie Manson as well?) come out and say that this kid was TORTURED when he has already stated that he was a willing participant. If Vili feels "guilt or shame" as his lawyer claims, then it's because he has been vilified (pun intended) by the press and the public. The kid tortured himself.

Even worse, the family (who I think was just out for money since they have been ignored by the media for far too long) screed themselves over. In the original trial, the mother of Vili said that her son was not a victim, yet now they are claiming something else altogether. Yes, the affair and the media attention afterwards may have had some psychological impact on the kid, but to blame other people for it is something else altogether. I just wish people would take responsibility for their actions instead of pointing the finger at others.
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