Wednesday, May 22, 2002

So the United States is going to sue Florida over voting irregularities stemming from the 2002 elections. Screw Palm Beach County....they need to look at Duval County where thousands of black voters were either denied the right to vote or were cast aside when they had questions regarding the ballot.

In Jacksonville (aka Duval County), the ballot for president was two pages. One page had the first list of candidates and the second page had the remainder. Some minority voters questioned if they were to vote on BOTH pages and were told to just read teh rules and figure it out for themselves. Well, if they were asking the question, then apparently there was SOMETHING there that they didn't understand and had the right to file their own vote accordingly, correctly, and properly. But, because there was confusion on the Duval County ballot, some people voted on BOTH pages meaning that their entire ballot was invalid.

I don't think this case is going to make it through the courts in time to impact the 2002 congressional elections though. Personally, I kinda like my voting gizmos here in New York were you have to pull the handle and then turn the dials and then pull the handle back and it's counted right then....I like that. Maybe Florida should look into those or even look into those touch panel things. Something to make it easier. I never liked punching out those holes.
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