Saturday, May 18, 2002

I must be really bored today because I am sitting here watching the entire MTV Road Rules/Real World Battle of the Seasons. I'm up to the episode where they have to keep their hands on the ice sculpture of the car and if this was me, hell, I don't need it that bad (considering that I don't drive). I would have had my hand off of there so fast and been sipping down a few adult frozen blender beverages instead of freezing my body off.

Anyway, we're at the point where I just can't stand Holly anymore. At first she was all about voting out the team that was the biggest threat and then when her HUSBAND (aka Chadwick) was in the same position, she tried to jockey and make everyone think the first round was just a fluke and that they should play the game with honesty and integrity. Well, Holly, honey, you blew it when you voted out the fourth place team in the first round. should have thought about that beforehand. You set the rules and now you want to change the rules to save your husband. That is not a Christian attitude, woman.

And then, when your hand wasn't fully on the block of ice, you decided to sit there and pitch a fit and complain and bitch and moan (yet another non-Christian attitude). Your attitude sucks woman. Here you go talking about God and your husband and God and your husband and you are the biggest hypocrite in the world. You lost. You already won plenty before hand. I think the proper attitude would be, "Hey, I lost. Not a problem, it's about time someone else won something." But get all uppity and pissy. I think Theo should have bitchslapped you or at least asked for a new partner.

Now, I need some clarification. Is Dan gay? Did he come out? I know Theo is totally straight and he has the straight man's crush thing but Dan is just freakin' me out. First and foremost, he looks like he should be in an early 80s gay porn film with his hair and moustache as they are right now. But his partner thought that he would admit to a crush on Timmy when he admitted to a crush on Sean and said he liked married men. I am so confused.....someone, anyone, please help me out here....
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