Friday, May 17, 2002

Did Rosie O'Donnell blow it for all of the Survivor fans? On her show today, she said she was hoping Kathy pulled it out an then said she had watched the final episode at Mark Burnett's insistence and pretty much knew who the winner was. So right after she mentioned Kathy, she had this "oh crap I blew it" look on her face. As my friend Peg said.....

"Well she said " I think Kathy is going to win it" then she said ( to sean) I saw it, I know who wins, but I cannot say anything, then she paused and put her hand on her mouth like Oh shit. I just did.

Just remember, Rosie blew the ending to Matthew Broderick's murder mystery play "Night Must Fall" that he did when she gave away the ending.
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